[3.13] sburmass's Heavy Strike build | 84%+ Double Damage Chance | 100% PHYS IMPALE

Hello everyone and welcome to my build guide.
This is my first build that is somewhat decent and I felt like I made some sort of an accomplishment so I decided to share this build with all you guys... my friends.

You may ask, What is heavy strike, Who is heavy strike? or maybe How is heavy strike? I would reply with "is good".

Heavy strike is a strike skill with very high damage effectiveness compared to other strike skills and it has this very special feature where it has chance to do double damage, so just take any other strike skill heavy strike is 2 times better mathematically.

With what do we pair this divine skill? With berserker of course, Why? Because this skill lacks the attack speed which Blitz charges alleviates and why not a side of damage to go with our damage? Finally, rage gives us the ability to use berserk which negates any increased damage taken and greatly increases our potential in boss fights.
We prefer to use swords here because they will provide us with more APS overall.


With patch 3.13 many buffs to heavy strike and berserker will be coming, making this build even more stronger.
3.13 will include increased damage effectiveness to heavy strike + buffed critical strike chance from blitz charges + 10 to maximum rage from the rage ascendancy nodes

As a result of those changes this is our current DPS


We stack life and armor, life to not die and armor to buff our molten shell and mitigate some physical damage.
Most life nodes are very close for the marauder so this will not be a problem, try to get every close life node possible.

For life leech we use blood rage which is more than enough.
For mana leech we allocate a small node in the passive tree which should be shown in POB

I prefer to use stone golem as it provides much needed life regen and the ability to taunt enemies is priceless when using berserker.

Path of building

https://pastebin.com/7TUgG27y [3.11] NEW

https://pastebin.com/H1dMFcit [OLD]


Almost GG gear, best upgrade would be 600+ PDPS swords

Starkonja is the best all around helmet for this build

Maim support on our chest is important, will slow enemies and increase our damage immensely.

Tailwind might be hard to get, try to get this last but it gives us what we lack which is attack speed.

TRIBAL FURY We don't anoint this anymore, just allocate normally, ESSENTIAL FOR CLEARING WITHOUT IT, YOU ARE A VEGETABLE. [Currently prefer going AOE increase side over melee strike range]
For auras we use:
Precision more accuracy
Pride more physical damage
Dread Banner more impale chance and effect + lowers enemy accuracy
Blood and sand more maiming


We stack 2 of these only because that's the limit, this is the basis of the build it will give us most of our double damage chance


BIS flasks, try to min-max these.

Bandit Choice

Throw them hands up!


Soul of the brine king
Less stuns

Soul of shakari
Shoo away those poisons


Wouldn't recommend leveling with heavy strike, frost blades would be an easier alternative to level with, could switch to cyclone later in the game when it is available.
Molten strike is decent aswell.

Thank you for checking this out, hopefully you leave a wiser exile.
Questions and opinions are welcome.
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Why i'm dying in instances?
lvl 4 map. 3500hp
75% all res
3300 armour
1250 evasion
-7% chaos res
Just getting 1shots

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Zewul wrote:
Why i'm dying in instances?
lvl 4 map. 3500hp
75% all res
3300 armour
1250 evasion
-7% chaos res
Just getting 1shots


7100 DPS is nothing, you need some upgrades.
And you need to git gud and dodge 1 shots, as simple as that.

Most importantly you need more DPS.
how are we combatting the loss of "maim support" being made legacy?
How this build is working in Harvest? Still 20M DPS?
Why not use Multistrike Support?
Still work's with 3.11 nerfs?
wilmistral wrote:
Still work's with 3.11 nerfs?

It actually has more DPS after 3.11 since you can anoint panopticon

I added new link to demonstrations
Added 3.11 notes.
Hope everyone is happy with the build, might add budget version what do you guys think?

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