[3.10] Barrage Ice shot VoidFletcher Pathfinder - Fast clearing all contents

Surlyrich wrote:
Surlyrich wrote:
What should I look to upgrade next?

Trying to 6 link so I can add in chain- already have a non-pirce Voideye ready to go once I do that.

Apart from the 6l. There are a lot you can upgrade:

1. Mark of the the Elder ring can be upgrade for better attack and % life roll
Shaper ring could have more resist so that for go resist stats on belt and boots for other utilities roll.
2. +1 Barrage helmet would be nice but a luxury
3. Any other implicit for Voidfletcher other than pierce. The Pierce implicit actually halves your clear speed since projectiles will always pierce before chain. Check my guide for useful but expensive implicit you could buy.
4. Tailwind roll on boots. It is just so useful
5. Weapon elemental attack damage roll and better crit multi on amulet
6. A belt with Weapon elemental attack damage roll and spare suffix for Flask effectiveness craft - Important as I mentioned in my guide

Thanks so much man- really enjoying this build. Clear speed is great. Have made a number of upgrades since my original post, and working towards some of your reccomendations.

Managed to craft a good pair of tailwind/elusive boots- made a huge difference.

Try your best with this build this league. Since the build scales heavily through gear, the insane crafting for next league could be a huge potential buff for the build. This will be one of my build for next league (given I have enough time :( )
Is Arborix still viable for this build in 3.11 given the changes to the bow?
Surlyrich wrote:
Is Arborix still viable for this build in 3.11 given the changes to the bow?

It will be a cheap option but no longer a good GG bow.
Before while having Iron reflex, the damage you get on Abrorix rivals a Mirror tier bow (which is around 550 pdps with a t1 ele damage mod). Now the bow provide more consistent damage but a 30% lost in damage overall. However,a rare bow with 400+ pdps and +2 proj will be an upgrade for Arborix.

This is a ~ 20% damage loss for most of us (as the lost 30% more damage could be compensated for about 10% with a good rare bow). Unless you can get a mirror t1 pdps bow with 550pdps, which in this case your dps will be same as before

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