[3.10] Barrage Ice shot VoidFletcher Pathfinder - Fast clearing all contents

Hi I would like to showcase my Barrage Iceshot Voidfletcher build I made in Delirium league 3.10. This build is capable doing all content in the game. However, this come with a currency investment. The more you invest in this build the better it become. I personally invested about 50ex into the build and the only content I'm struggling is a rare t16 100% Delirium map. Maybe with higher investment I could easily complete those maps but I'm kinda done with the league now with 36 challenges completed.

Build Introduction
This is a more expensive version of Deadeye version of the build where you find Esoro or Mathil have done. Deadeye excels with this build on a lower budget as you get free +1 proj and AoE with tons of accuracy and speed from tailwind. When playing as a Pathfinder, you do get speed but at a lower rate from Nature's Adrenaline and we have to achieve +1 proj and AoE from getting AT LEAST 50% FLASK EFFECTIVENESS with tailwind from our boots (decent ones go for 5ex+). The good thing about Pathfinder is that we sacrifice a bit of speed but we get back most of the utilities from Deadeye through gear and we can have permanent flask up-time even against Sirus.

If you are looking for a budget bow character then unfortunately this is not the one for you :( Gear will be expensive as we need to look for expensive utilities on gear (tailwind) alongside keeping high life roll and capping resist (including chaos resist). This build also require decent game knowledge as you would build on core items and then decide yourself the upgrade you need along the way, thus might not be suitable for new players

This is not a league-starter as well due to the unique gear requirement and high rare gear level

Videos - please note that the video description has different pastebin due to gear update over time. For the most current gear please see the pastebin uploaded in this guide.
Sirus lvl 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZC2IYZhARo&t=5s
Could have dont deathless but I was noob on dodging. Also the insane lag always secure 1 death from meteor from Sirus for me :( This was my first attempt on Sirus 8 on this build. Was using 2 Awakened gem lvl 1 for barrage. The set up during this fight is in the pastebin in the video description.
Wave 18-20 of Simulacrum (Deathless): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyWEt4Ap7o8&t=54s

Path of Building
The PoB does not show our true damage. Firstly, I only use 2 lvl 3 awakened gem in my barrage set up and that is a 1-1.5m decreased in damage compare to lvl 5 or 6 gem with full awakened gems. Secondly, I always shock chilled enemies from Cold Conduction node in my cluster jewel. Right now I have no idea to calculate this shock as it could be applied by Void Shot from Voidfletcher which PoB does not have dps.

Build mechanic
The build scales heavily through increasing projectile. The benefit of having more projectile are:
- Barrage scales insanely well with more projectile
- Helps Iceshot clear faster
- Each Voidshot charge from Voidfletcher contains 1 "explosive arrow" at default. General projectile increases from gear also increase the number of "explosive arrow" per Voidshot charge. This effectively x2 x3 the damage of Voidshot


Please note that you need at least 111 strength (preferably 142+ strength for Steelskin lvl 18+) and 73 int in total for our build so keep that in mind while gearing. Some of the stats requirement will be cover in our tree but not all

Mandatory gear

Voidfletcher is a must. Ice shot is the king of clear skills but Voidshot can single-handedly carry our dps against tanky rares and bosses.

Dying Sun is a must as we scaling mainly from increasing number of projectile fired

Arborix Bow is by far the BIS bow for our build:
- Easy to find with decent dps (~ 365pdps for a good roll one)
- +2 projectiles
- Cheap (Got mine for 65c unlinked)
- a 30% more multiplier at close range for 8s every 16s interval. This stack with Point Blank for a whooping total 60% more multiplier. This make this bow competitive for any rare bow with less than 500pdps

Death Opus used to be a solid choice. But with the nerf of 100% to 50% critical multiplier, Death Opus is nowhere comparable to Arborix

If you have the currency get the one corrupted with a useful implicit. The natural pierces implicit of Voidfletcher hinders clearing a lot as projectile will pierce up to its limit before chaining. Replacing Voidfletcher "pierce" implicit will greatly increase clearspeed as well as increasing dps. These are the desirable implicits:
- Adds xx to xx Cold Damage to Bow Attacks
- Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow - Extremely expensive but best single target dps increase for corrupted implicit
- Skills Chain +1 times - Extremely expensive but best clear speed increase for corrupted implicit
- Projectiles deal xx% increased Damage for each time they have Chained
- Gain xx% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage
- Point Blank

A rare one with one of the following enchants
- Barrage fires an additional Projectile - Best option
- Dash travels 100% increased distance - Movement skill utility is always good for any build
- Ice Shot has 60% increased Area of Effect angle - If you are a fan of speed clearing

BIS option is to get a Redeemer ilvl 85 base so that you can get the suffix - cold resistance of surrounding enemies. Or you can buy an ilvl 85 uninfluenced base with the desired enchant and slam a Redeemer exalted orb on the base. Both options were too expensive for me so I did not get one :(

Body armour
By far my favourite one is Hyrrie's Ire. Insane flat cold damage and additional attack and spell dodge for defense but at a cost of no life roll.If you don't like this chest, any decent rare body armour is good enough

Any rare gloves is fine enough but you need a SPARE PREFIX for the "Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage" crafted mod. I personally go for the one with temple mod "increased Damage with Hits against Chilled Enemies" with a spare prefix.

No compromise - TAILWIND BOOTS
If you have a fat wallet, go for Tailwind and Elusive boots, preferably with resist. I got mine with no resist as I managed to get a ring with insanely high resist to cover me. Boot enchant is anything you want

A stygian belt with high life roll, reduced flask charge used and resist. My belt is only a mediocre one but I'm too lazy to upgrade it. Remember to get one with a SPARE PREFIX so you can craft "Flask applied to you have x% increased effect" so that you would get >50% flask effectiveness for +1 proj from Dying Sun

A pair of Mark of the Elder ring and a Shaper rare ring is my set up. Mark of the Elder gives a lot of flat cold damage and % attack damage increase as well. For Shaper ring I get one with a curse and as much resist as possible. I bought mine for 4ex

Get one with high life roll, t1 crit muliplier, resist and if possible an accuracy roll as we tend to lack accuracy on our build. Annoint the best possible life node you could afford.


Atziri's Promise flask is a situational flask for me (replacing Quicksilver) for Hunter-influenced maps or against hard maps (such as Last wave Simulacrum or t16 Delirius maps). You can slap a Bottle Faith but I don't think we need that flask

Cluster Jewel
This is a bit freestyle for people as you could get anything I would like for this build. Below are the one I use. The most expensive one for me are small cluster jewel which each costs me 4-7ex. A remind that the more insane cluster jewel you have, the better dps the build will get

Normal jewels
We will need:
- Watcher's eye: BIS would be a Hatred crit mod and crit multi precision mod but I dont have money for that. I spent 12ex for my hatred mod jewel
- Rare jewel: a life roll with crit multi. I get one accuracy roll to ensure my accuracy is over 3000
- Abyssal jewel: for Stygian belt. Get one with life, accuracy roll (these 2 are must)and crit multi (if possible)
- Intuitive Leap: For the jewel socket near the ranger area
- Lioneye's Fall: For claw leech and crit nodes applying to bow

My current gear

Alira if you struggle for resists. Aim for Erimus (skill points) after you manage to cap resist without Alira.

Gem set-up

Ice shot


Awakened gems are not mandatory but help scaling our damage decently

Utilities set-ups

The reason CWDT is not there is because I assign Steelskin to be my left-mouse click. So as long as I am moving around I would be constantly activating Steelskin. This trick won't work when you are stationary so I also assign another key for Steelskin to activate when I need to stay still and focus fire

If you have any more question feel free to post it here. Many thanks
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Hi, thank you for your guides.
Can you recommend this guide for league starter? And can you give us some ideas of leveling this guide?
I'm thinking of giving this guide a shot in 3.11.
nam9xz wrote:
Hi, thank you for your guides.
Can you recommend this guide for league starter? And can you give us some ideas of leveling this guide?
I'm thinking of giving this guide a shot in 3.11.

I would not recommend this as a league starter due to starting a league as a bow character is quite painful without proper gear.

In addition, Voidfletcher is a carrying item in our build. Without the item. single target will get harder starting from t15 onwards. This is an expensive item very early and will only drop price after like 1 week into the league.

For leveling I used the Hollow palm cyclone all the way into lvl 75 80. I then respect into a bow character as seen above with pre-purchased gear and roll my character from there.

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