Celestial Animate Weapon

Animate weapon isn't good enough to nerf, why celestial?
I will wear your ghost and you will die twice, against me and for me.
That is some cold blooded shit to say...
Now that's a weapon Exile!
Nerf incoming
a little bit late,quin deded,opotunity lost.
Fellgrave wrote:
Can someone from GGG tell me whether this applies to the Animate Guardian's Weapon skill from Chains of Command, before I spend points on this?

I think it won't, because you will animate the weapon from the animated guardian. And as long as he doesn't get a nice new MTX like maybe Celestial Animated Guardian, I guess you have to give him a nice unique weapon like Oro's sacrifice (my favorite for that type of build) to have some nice weapons.

But Chains of command Benefits from Animated weapons too because your animated Weapons can also animate Animated guardians weapon... And it still is more weapons to throw at your hostiles... I think I do that build next league when the cluster fuck jewels are no longer the league meta...

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