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join the darkside, brother
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Not bad. I do have one problem though. All of the shots look like they were taken by the same person, only capturing the dark element of the game. The few actual combat shots are just someone dabbing on an invuln boss phase, borderless after a WinPaint washing. Where is the fun, danger, and glorious hack n slash combat of the arpg genre? Hopefully you guys will highlight some combat screenshots, or actual delirium gameplay shots, as opposed to only highlighting more photoshopped hideout poses or "here's another one that is just so Game of Thrones".
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Ydoum wrote:
The first one on this list CLEARLY used cheat engine to change the available camera angles. I thought this wasn't allowed?

It isn't. The rules clearly state this.
But apparently GGG is not interested in being consistent with their own rules in this competition. Surprise surprise.
"It's okay to use photoshop to fix tiny problems with the image, but please don't manipulate the screenshots to the extent that they look different than the game does."
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thank you GGG
Thank you GGG!
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