Path of Exile Screenshot Competition

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A picture i took a long while ago of a bizarre gathering in act three of random boys in white robes!

>when did you sell your last pants to buy this super brutal sword

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one of the first locations in poe, just welcome to hell

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If anyone knows a good catch its Einhar.
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Purposeful Harlot

I present to you The Amazing Spoderman and his trusty sidekick Einhar The Beastmaster

Good luck to everyone! If I don't win the Gargoyle set, which you guys pretty much made looking exactly as I wanted to with all the effects and all I will probably buy it anyway when it'll be on sale and slap some Dragon Hunter Wings/apparition onto it for that draconic look. Thanks for making Coronavirus outbreak more bearable, GGG. Luvs and kisses <3
I title this one

"please fix arctic armor its been broken for years already"

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