[3.10] Winter Orb Occultist 1m DPS. Highest DPS without HH or Herald of Braindead!

Lycan Naryko wrote:
I tested it multiple times and conc effect gets worse the smaller the target gets. On targets like kitava conc effect is the best but on smaller targets it gets outperformed by any other support gem (that actually does something for worb)

On shaper it is extremely noticeable if you use conc effect or not.

Test it yourself - it is worse on smaller targets.

I played worb every league since its introduction and conc effect always felt bad on smaller bosses.

I think I agree with that but for sure I dont have a clear way to test it. Its quite noticeable that the explosion radius is smaller however the number of aoe overlap might or might not change.

While I am not using that Conc Effect for awakened Added Cold damage, I am instead trying to check on bosses the value of LMP vs GMP.

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