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I enjoy writing guides for Path of Exile. Not a streamer, but I do have a YouTube channel that I update now and then with new builds I'm trying.

This post is to have a spot for centralized links to the various Path of Exile content I've created.

Most Recent Update: September 17, 2020.

Full Build Guides

Hexblast Ignite Trickster (3.12)
- Testing out the new skill in 3.12!

Hateful Glacial Cascade Totem Hierophant (3.11)
- Uses Supreme Ego and lots of increased aura effect on Hatred to deal tons of damage with Glacial Cascade.
- Medium budget, great boss killer. Good survivability.
- Has link to full video guide.

Cold-Conversion Animate Weapon Necromancer (3.12)
- Triad Grip Gloves convert all minion physical damage to cold, which is scaled by Hatred.
- Cheap league-starter with only the one required unique.
- Many people had success with this during the Delirium league! Includes link to video guide.

Holy Flame Totem Hierophant. (3.10)
- Uses Avatar of Fire for full fire conversion and scales damage with Herald of Ash
- Friendly for new players, league-starting, and SSF due to very easy gearing.

Blade Vortex Divine Flesh Pathfinder (3.10)
- High damage, high defenses, high budget. Great delver and speedy mapper that won't die easily.
- Includes link to video guide.

Build Review Videos

Short videos for ideas I've tried, but that weren't quite deserving of a full writeup.

- Blade Vortex Triple Herald Scion (3.10) - herald stacking, done poorly.

- Fire Trap Chieftain (3.10) - actually a great build.

- Glacial Cascade Totems (3.10) with Hatred Aura effect stacking. High DPS glass cannon. (Has been improved and turned into a real build!)

Leveling Guide

Rather than repeat the same stuff in each guide, here are some universal tips that may be helpful.

Generic Speedy Leveling Tips

  • The best hand-me-down items for a new character: 2 Normal Quicksilver Flasks.
  • On entering town, check vendors for boots with movement speed or linked items in your desired socket colors. Vendors reset each levelup.
  • To proceed through early zones quickly, focus on only killing magic (blue) monster packs and skipping most of the rest. Being 2-3 levels under the zone is ideal.
  • Wearing a chestpiece or shield slows movement speed - avoid wearing these early on.
  • In Act 2 within the Caverns, the first crafting recipe is Increased Movement Speed. Use this craft immediately if no better boot speed options yet.
  • The next tier of Increased Movement Speed craft is found in the Chamber of Innocence (Act 5).
  • Getting your first 5-link in a league: trade for the Jeweler's Touch prophecy to save time and frustration.

Useful Vendor Recipes:

- Magic Caster Weapon + Orb of Alteration + Ruby/Topaz/Sapphire Ring = Weapon with Fire/Lightning/Cold Damage to Spells

- Rustic Sash + Whetstone + Magic Weapon = Increased Physical Damage Weapon. Higher rarity Sash gives better damage.

- Life Flask of Animation + Orb of Alteration + Magic Helmet = +1 Minion Gem Levels Helmet.
(Bone Spirit Shield + Orb of Transmutation + Any Life Flask = Life Flask of Animation)

Useful Early Uniques

At Level 1:
- Tabula Rasa. Instant 6-link.
- Loctonial Caress Gauntlets. Attack/Cast Speed, plus P/F/E Charges.
- Goldrim Cap for resists.
- Lifespring Wand for casters.
- Redbeak Sword for melee.
- Silverbranch Bow.
- Araku Tiki Amulet (life and fire resist)

Level 5:
- Karui Ward Amulet (move speed and projectile damage)

Level 8:
- Crest of Perandus good defensive shield.
- Wurm's Molt Belt for life/mana leech with attacks.
- Asenath's Mark Circlet for move speed.

Level 9:
- Briskwrap Armor with movement speed.

Level 10:
Axiom Perpetuum elemental spell scepter.

Level 12:
- Victario's Flight 25% move speed boots.

Level 14:
- Aurumvorax Rapier for easy resists (62 Dex req).

Level 22:
- Praxis ring, fixes mana issues.

Level 24:
- Le Heup of All Ring (damage, all attributes and resists).

Level 28:
- Lakishu's Blade for 1H Melee.

How to Make Currency

This is intended for relatively new players, or players wondering about how to afford the necessary items for a particular build. Experienced/already rich players probably won't get anything new from it.

My perspective: I want to engage the trade system as little as possible, but still get whatever items I need to complete my build. This is all stuff you can do, starting from just a build in maps, and gear it up to wherever you want to be.
General Currency-Creating Tips

Item Management:

- Rares picked up in white and yellow maps are almost always worthless because they can't get the top rolls. If your builds tend to stall out around level 80-85 then you are never getting access to top tier items.

I had this experience many times: my build felt "meh" going into red maps, so I re-rolled. Spend a day leveling, but that's a day of getting zero valuable items and so the next build was also "meh" because it was under-geared. Re-rolling characters is the surest way to not make currency.

- Managing your loot: Very Strict loot filter to not pick up bad bases. Throw your jewelry and other potentially good items (high ilvl boots, gloves, jewelry etc) into a dump tab then ID and price them all at once when you want a breather from mapping.

- Chaos Recipe: personally I don't bother, as vendoring bad rares for Alteration Shards seems just as profitable and takes less time.

Item Pricing:

- 90% of your currency comes from 10% of the trades you make. The big ticket items. Maximize your chances to get the big stuff! Small trades of 5-10c are worth doing but I think of that more as community service than actually building toward items I want.

- Don't price any items below 2c at league start, or below 10c once the league is established. Not worth your time. Low-valued items are also most likely to have buyers who message 5 people, then if you don't reply in 3 seconds say "already got." And your time was wasted. Don't bother.

- Uniques: if it is a popular item, check for high rolls on its attributes. If they're near perfect, price it at some high amount (10-25+ chaos depending on item). Otherwise vendor. No one wants a crappy rolled unique item and selling them for an alc is waste of time.

- Don't try to be the lowest priced on Chances are that is a price fixer. I usually price about 20% above the lowest price, and if it hasn't sold I reduce it slowly. If you get a really good item (e.g. 3 or 4 tier 1/2 rolls) it's better to overprice at first and then slowly lower it down.

- Trade tabs: I have them at 10c, 15c, 25c, 35c, 55c, and everything else. If you have less tabs, don't bother with lower valued trades. If something doesn't sell in 24 hours I'll drop it to the next lower tab, when the lowest tier is full I vendor all of it.

If you get a message within 1 minute of listing your item, chances are you underpriced it. Not obligated to sell to someone just because you triggered their trade alert!

Trading Jewels and Jewelry


1. Unique jewels that are sometimes used: Vaal orb them. If you hit "cannot be afflicted with corrupted blood" that is a 50c-1ex item right there. Corrupted blood is part of endgame mechanics so everyone wants immunity to it. "Cannot be silenced" is also good as every caster would like to have that. However, corrupting rare jewels is generally not worth it.

3. Jewel with life and 2 good damage mods = 50c or more. 3 damage mods = 10c. 4 good mods including life = 2ex. Anything else = vendor. Pricing can be more complicated than that but price-checking in depth isn't worth the time so I just use that method. Knowing the meta, what is popular, and what is useful helps a lot.

Jwels with minion damage tend to be easy to sell as minion builds use a lot of jewel sockets. Critical Strike Multiplier is valued higher than any other damage mod on jewels.

4. Abyssal jewels of ilvl 80+ are always worth rolling with some alts and regals. Crappy rare ones are worth scouring and then rolling. You can easily turn 10-15 alts, some regals, and 2 minutes of your time into 25+ chaos this way.


Some of the hardest items to price/sell. Early in a league, life and some resists will get 10c. Later in the league, those are worth maybe 3c and hence not worth selling usually.

1. People want high DPS from their amulets so if it doesn't have some great offensive stat (particularly critical strike multi), it probably won't sell. However, good amulets easily go for a lot and you shouldn't price them less than 80c or so. High life and damage = 80c, high life, damage and resists = 1.5ex+.

2. Rings are usually where people fill in missing stats (dex/int/str) and resists. I usually price rings around 15-25c unless they are obviously amazing (100+ resists and life) where they cross the 1ex mark.

Low Commitment Crafting

1. if an ilvl 84+ Vaal Regalia drops, you can hit it with a Dense Fossil. Decent ES roll + crafting bench = 60+ chaos item for minimal effort.

2. Stygian Vises are always worth scouring and hitting with some essences for life/resists. Easy 15c-1ex items result. Essences that add Dex are very good here as otherwise that cannot roll on a belt. Or use fossils to add +% chaos damage, those are highly popular items in this league.

3. Crafting bench. Boots with great resists and life, but no movespeed? Ring with great resists, but no life roll? Slap an extra mod on there. This is risky, as if it never sells you've wasted currency. But it also can make your item show up in searches that would otherwise exclude it. Not always worth doing, but can lead to 10-15c profits on items that otherwise would go to a vendor.

4. Flasks. I make my earliest currency rolling Quicksilver Flasks of Adrenaline/Warding with whatever prefix. 5c each. Later I started qualitying up flasks and selling them at 7-10c. Alchemists, Experimenters, etc prefix on Diamond, Quartz, Granite will typically sell if the suffix is decent. I'm not 100% sure this is cost-effective but it's easy and a kinda fun way to turn alterations into chaos.

Old League Mechanics


A rich area for currency drops. Even if your build is not good at running through dark areas you can target farm the Azurite nodes, go to Niko and buy Chaotic Resonators, then sell them in bulk for easy profits.


I don't think these are usually worth the effort of sealing and selling unless you hit a big money one. Just run them. Other people swear by prophecies to make big $$$ but that is more "high commitment" to trading time than I like.

If you get a fated unique prophecy, often it can be worthwhile to buy a well-rolled unique base from someone, run it yourself to complete the prophecy, and profit. Buying a cheap 6-linked Foxshade or Icetomb (for example) and then getting the fated unique version is usually a 25-40c easy profit.

Incursion Temple:

getting the Apex of Sacrifice room and trading for the appropriate unique + vial to combine can result in 75c-100c profits. (This will vary by league, but some generally good ones: Transcendent Mind, Slavedriver's Hand, Omeyocan....)

Double-corruptions on items like Kaom's Heart are potentially hugely profitable, but it's high-risk high-reward as you may brick your item! Only do it if you can afford to lose the associated currency.

Divination cards:

I make this tab public. Occasionally I get an offer on a card, and 75% of the time it's a ridiculous lowball offer. Once I get an offer, I go check the price and actually price my card for sale.

Never price your div card at the very lowest price. I think these are some of the most heavily price-fixed items on the market (which also makes them pretty miserable to buy).

I wouldn't bother selling cards in the 1-2c range, just pick them up and complete the set yourself. In the early days of a league, selling div cards is a very easy way to get starter currency - later on, less so.


Under-used, I think. Run your Einhar missions and occasionally check if you have any oddly specific craftings available at the bestiary. As a new player it can be hard to tell what these are worth, but price-checking beasts will occasionally land you a quick sale, as there are some people out there who really like beast crafting.

As a Buyer...

- Use (the official trade site) rather than, as it updates more quickly and you're less likely to message people for items that are already sold.

- The people with items listed the cheapest are not worth messaging. Save your time by paying an extra couple chaos and message people who might actually respond. Item is at cheapest price and has been listed 2 weeks? You are wasting your time to try buying that item.

- Avoiding scams: read the item you're buying. If it's linked, run your cursor over the links to see they're all there. Do those two things and you'll never be scammed. Items priced suspiciously low are most likely to be scams and you should be extra cautious.

Useful POE Tools

Not created by me, but some tools that I use personally and would recommend.

- Path of Building and the community updated fork

- POE Skill Tree Tool - the node optimizer is great for finding most-efficient pathings in a build. Supplements PoB very nicely.

- Better Trading simple browser extension to improve interface & save frequent searches on the official trade site.

- to plan out early gems and other choices for new characters.
Other people swear by a trade macro to run while playing the game and easily price items - I don't use one so can't offer a recommendation here.
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