[3.10] Poison Miner with every spell - WIP


Hello guys! This is guide is a try, I’ll go as far as I can in end game with this concept: a poison miner with every spell, no Toxic Rain, but can be easily converted to it, if it turns disappointing.


This build is a crit miner build which can poison with every kind of spell
  • Physical
  • Cold
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Chaos

Physical and chaos can poison by themselves, just need poison chance. Elemental spell will use the Volkuur's Guidance Zealot Gloves accordingly to their element.
When needed, poison chance will be obtained with the unique jewel Coated Shrapnel Crimson Jewel.


  • 146% Increased Life
  • Gear and jewels can be easily crafted or bought (not expensive)
  • Poison dps is about 2-4 millions

POB Link: just a showcase

This is just the tree and skills set-up. Only gear present is +1 weapon, Maligaro’s Cruelty and Volkuur’s gloves. And cluster jewels, of course.
The stats of this gear has been modified in order to have only 1 gear piece which matches all the possible combitation of spell.


Talking about dps, let’s see how to calculate it. We can assume that we can rely on PoB Total poison damage (which is poison damage * poison duration) and multiply it for the number of mines detonated
Number of mines is usually 20
Ball Lightning has a differt mecchanic: balls strike every X seconda long their path. The slowest they travel and the highest their aoe, the more often they strike the same enemy. Check this excel sheet which provides the correct calculation of the dps of a single ball: with 0% increased aoe and 49% less projectile speed, considering an humaoid enemy, it'll be hit 13 times.
So damage is Total Poison damage * 13 * number of mines

Now let’s see a few spells and how they behave in terms of DPS against Shaper/Guardians.
But please consider that this calculations comes from the POB link of above: there is only a sceptre with +1 to spell gem + 80% increased mine damage and a shield with only +1 to spell gem. .
Ball Lightning -> 18k total poison*13*20: approx 4.5 Millions dps
Arc –> 110k total posion damage*20: approx 2.2 Millions dps
Blade Fall ->110k total poison damage*20: approx 1.2 Millions dps (but not sure how to correctly calculate volley dps). Just remember to remove Volkuur’s, don’t need it with phys spell.
Firestorm ->30k poison dps per ball landing. Considering the numer of mines and of ball landing, is not easy to give you an average dps
Stormblast mine ->177k total poison damage*20: apporx 3.5 Millions dps
Icicle Mine (with chain)-> 75k total poison damage*20: approx 1.5 Millions dps

Damage seems good after all..


Allira is the way to go


Soul of Lunaris / Solaris
Soul of Ryslatha -> our defenses are not the best, need to rely on life flask


We’ll go Trickster this time, in order to increase our dot dps.
Take this nodes which are listed in order of importance:
  • Harness the void
  • Prolonged Pain
  • Patient Reaper
  • Weave the arcane or Ghost Dance

If using a Chaos skill just skip Harness the void and take both Weave the arcane and Ghost Dance.


Body Armor
Blastchain Mine –Minefield – Deadly Ailments – Unboud Ailments are the base support
To this set-up add your spell and the sixth link can be
  • Vile toxin (for every spell except the following)
  • Slower Projectile (for Ball Lightning)
  • GMP (for fireball, soulrend, and every other projectile spell)
  • Chain (for Icicle Mine)

If your spell is a mine, drop Blastchain for Trap and Mine Damage

Weapon 1
Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (Level 7)

Enlighten – Summon Skitterbots – Herald of Agony – Enlighten
We are not using Malevolence due to the mana required by the mines

Storm Brand -- Curse on Hit - Despair – Temporal Chain (if you can grab a “You can apply an additional curse” piece of gear

Weapon 2
Wither – Spell Totem – Faster Casting

Cast when damage taken (Level 1) – Immortal Call – Frost Wall – Summon Stone Golem


Cluster Jewels
Lets start with the core items of the Delirium League, the Cluster Jewels!
As always remember that the less the number of small nodes, the better it is
  • For Large Cluster Jewel buy a chaos damage one with 2 jewel sockets and Unwaveringly Evil and Wicked Pall. Cost is about 20 chaos
    [li]For Medium Cluster buy two Chaos damage over time ones with Hemorrage and Brush with Death or Unwaveringly Evil plus an additional jewel socket. Total price 15chaos
    [li]For Small Cluster buy 2 life ones non corrupted. 15-25c in Total. Spam alteration until you get “Fettle” as notable – augment and regal. You are done

Weapon and Shield
Tremor Rodi s a cheap 6L (40 chaos) which grants you a 7l gem.
Seventh link gem will make you suffer from mana and overall Tremor rodi s inferior to a 5-6 chaos weapon and shield.
For weapon search for
  • +1 to level of all Lightning/Cold/Chaos/Fire/Physical Spell Gem (according to the spell you choose)
  • %increased mine damage

The above stats (usually mine damage is over 80%) are superior to tremor rod and you spend about 4-5 chaos.

Other useful stats are:
  • Global Crit Multiplier
  • Global Crit Chance
  • %increased Elemental Damage (of the kind of your spell)
  • Damage over time
  • Flat elemental damage to spell (of the kind of your spell)
  • (of the kind of your spell) means that if your spell is Ball Lightning, you must go for Lightning damage, and so on

On shield look for
  • +1 to level of all Lightning/Cold/Chaos/Fire/Physical Spell Gem (according to the spell you choose)
  • Life as much as you can

Spell damage is not useful for poison

Rest of Rare Gear
Focus on overcapp your ele resistance
Life as much as you can
Attributes when need
And Chaos resistance is always welcome

If you lack poison chance, use 1-2 Coated Sharpnel unique jewels
Then look, as always, in your Jewels/Abyss Jewels the following stats
mine/elemental damage
Flat elemental/chaos damage
Flat/Increased life
Damage over time

There are several uniques which help us like
Circle of Nostalig with herald of Agony buff effect
Maligaro’s Cruelty for Frenzy Charges
Cherrubim's Maleficence
But rare gear with life is the most important for us


Still levelling….It’s a Work in Progress after all

My other guides

If you want, you can take a look at my other mine build in delirium, the Knocking Back Miner


Will try to improve this post and the whole build.
Don't hesitate to leave your comments (constructive ones, hopefully) and suggestions!
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How did this end up going my dude
Did it work? I tried that in game with low level stuff and seems not to be much worth doing, since psn is 20% of chaos, it is 20% *multipliers increase, but then you deal with another type of resistance.
So that 20% would need a lot of mods like
Damage over Time
Damage over Time Multiplier
Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier
Chaos Damage
Poison Damage
while still going for lightning dmg & hp/es/mana...

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