[3.10] Tanel's SCION "MOM" BLADE VORTEX - Great Build for 20 Wave Simu, A8, Uber Lab, T16 Maps!

That felt disturbingly good!

A quick 30minute video showing the build in action and covering MOST stuff later on with a
T16 Corrupted fully sextanted scarabed map clear
Be sure to watch in 4k (3440x1440).

Awakener 8 (My first EVER A8)
Simulacrum ALL 20 Waves (First try, second try in league) Overall very easy, just didn´t know the Wave 20 boss mechanic at first but once I learned it on the fly it was very easy to react to.
Awokener 6 (One of the easiest fights ever for this build):
Uber Lab farming:
iLvL83 Mastermind fight:
T16 100% Delirium, 20% Qual, Rare, Fully Sextanted, Scarabed, Beyond, Einar map..
(There is still gear that I can improve here and add awakened gems):


Hey everybody!
My name is Tanel -
I´m a casual PoE player from the Eastern Front.
The only real game I play is PoE and I always try to find new and interesting builds to play around with..
So this is my second build this league I´ve tried to work on and it has come together very well. Taking use of MOM on a very high mana pool that also has great recovery rate and damage depending on how much mana you have!
So together with MOM, PHASE ACRO, Archmage and Arcane Cloak this build is VERY tanky even though we have a pretty low life pool atm.

Build is very tanky and deals decent amount of damage at the same time. We are ALMOST at MAX ATTACK & SPELL DODGE chance. It is also a pretty fast character if needed, like for example to farm Uber Lab. Clearspeed is pretty okey taking into consideration that I am using CONC EFFECT instead of AOE and AOE cluster jewels! But ofcourse this can be expanded just as I just mentioned. Main thing is, it will clear all endgame bosses with pretty nice ease, Wave 20 Simulacrum is very easy and Sirus aswell.. so great for farming endgame at a decent budget build

The clearspeed while fine is nowhere near amazing as something like.. Tornadoshot. Single target is okey but not amazing. We don´t have any real Physical mitigation so some bigger physical hits might be painful, BUT.. they rarely happen

PoB - https://pastebin.com/pSgYw45d - Feel free to test out Cluster Jewels, more AOE maybe, or mana and life or Mana Recovery Rate which could be even more amazing.. there is a ton of new passive nodes on cluster jewels to tweak and make it even better! Also feel free to add life nodes like Constitution etc.. but at this point at lvl93 it will be very tough grind for more points.
Use Path of Building FORK:

If you are reading this in the future, always use new gems or items if they feel to fit this build better then right now!

Vaal Blade Vortex - Unleash - Archmage - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction - Lightning Penetration
Feel free to add Awakened versions here in the late endgame!
Also feel free to chance Conc Effect to Increased Area Of Effect if you feel like it.


Arcane Cloak - Arcane Surge - Increased Duration - Second Wind
Great setup here to boost our lifepool AND damage!
Kinda reminds me of Molten Shell.

Dash - Second Wind - Enduring Cry - Vaal Righteous Fire
So as we are using DASH as our main move ability the Second Wind comes in great handy here, giving us MORE cooldown recovery speed AND giving us a crucial +1 charge.. try to get both Dash and Second Wind lvl21\23 gems in the end to feel proper Usain Bolt.
Now Enduring Cry, you can annoint "BATTLE CRY" on the tree to have it under LEFT mouse click and never think about it ever again.. but it is pretty easy to just hit the button whenever you see your Immortal Call procing. So we always have full endurance charges, makes our Immortal Call last LONGER and helps us with vital resistances.
Now with Vaal Righteous Fire the funny thing is that we can actually keep the REGULAR Righteous Fire turned ON all the time with this build.. the mana recovery will be a bit slower.. BUT we would have PERMA 28% MORE Spell Damage :)

Spell Totem - Wave of Conviction - Culling Strike AND unlinked Clarity
Another great tactic to have with our Ascendancy we can have two totems down near tough fights which might take a little heat off us but also apply Elemental Exposure thanks to Wave of Conviction AND totems will have Culling Strike which comes in great hand with big endgame bosses!

Cast When Damage Taken - Storm Brand - Power Charge on Hit
A simple yet effective way to gain full stacks of power charges to give us a nice crit boost AND give us MORE damage per Power Charge we have!

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Blood Rage
So a pretty old and simple defensive setup.. can actually lose Blood Rage and use the yee old Increased Duration here if you feel like it BUT Blood Rage is pretty nice buff give us 12% MORE damage with 3 charges

So for gear, MOST OF THE STUFF atm is not very expensive at all, considering it can do ALL 20 Waves of Simulacrum, ALL endgame bosses, T16 maps.. everything. Just NOT zoomzoom oneshot Sirus damage or Tornado Shot clear.

There is stuff that could be improved aswell, I still havent bothered trying to craft a better proper belt or one of my rings.. could also quite possibly get better cluster jewels!! Feel free to tinker around with gear/jewels if you feel something else might work better!

A quick TIP. Early on you will not have 10EX to get the Asenath's Gentle Touch gloves. So instead get 2x Obliteration wands that give us "Enemies you Kill have a 20% chance to Explode", which will make the clearspeed much better. The trick is to WEAPON SWAP lol. I know it sounds bad but it aint that bad when playing. Whenever a mob comes across that doesn´t wanna die just weapon swap back to your damage Scepters and kill it, then weapon swap back to go into speed clearing.
Instead of the Asenath's Gentle Touch gloves use something like CORRUPTED ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS Kalisa's Grace that give us great Crit Chance and the Ele Weakness mod right now is just 30C!

Everything else is pretty straightforward, try to get MANA RECOVERY RATE, MANA REGEN RATE and LIFE and Resistances :)

Mana Recovery rate as found on the belt and some jewels is a GREAT mod that helps us recover our mana pool up in no time.. I might even buy some more Cluster Jewels with the Recovery Rate mod on them to stack them.. and see if I can make my Mana come up in an instant.. proper immortal mode then I think.


Aim for T1 Maximum Mana, T1-3 Increased Spell Damage and Increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells and or Lightning Damage.
Can try to fossil craft some Shapers Scepters!

So the idea is to use these Obliteration wands BEFORE you get the currency together to buy Asenath's Gentle Touch gloves which cost about 10-12EX.
Asenaths will give us the explotions but before that you can use these wands and weapon swap in fights. Trust me it aint as bad as you think. Just start the map with Obliteration Wands on, run through the map, if anything comes across that doesn´t wanna die, swap to main DPS Sceptres and then back to Obliterations when you kill whatever was stopping you.


Gives us MOM with great amount of flat Mana, Damage taken from Mana and so on.. You can buy the cheapest version, then use 5-Link Prophecy to start farming and maybe a Divine Orb or two later on :)
6-Links are pretty cheap so just buy them already 6-Linked if under 3-5EX otherwise just try to link them yourself ofcourse


Helmet that drops from Sirus so might not be available early in league but is always like 1-5C. A great way to get 21% Increased Maximum Mana and Life + A nice damage boost thanks to Transfiguration of Mind!


Asenath's Gentle Touch gloves are BIS. 10-12EX. BUT you can use other gloves like CORRUPTED ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS Kalisa's Grace Gloves for 30C and for clear you use the Obliteration wands that never cost over a few chaos each.
So the idea is before you get the money together to buy these gloves you weapon swap mid fights. Use Obliteration Wands for clearing and if something doesn´t wanna die, you quickly weapon swap, boss dies, swap back and go onward with your journey. Easy :)


Omeyocans are very good boots for us. They give us a ton of MANA, nice movement speed AND great Attack and Spell dodge!
Thanks to these boots we are ALMOST capped Spell and Attack DODGE CHANCE.


Just get a rare belt with as much MANA, Mana Recovery Rate, Life and Resists as possible. Recovery rate of Mana is a key feature of this build and what I am trying to get even better with some Cluster Jewels next.. still improving the build :) and yes my belt is pretty bad but I haven´t bothered changing it out as I rarely ever die in endgame. DO NOT FORGET TO CATALYST IT LATER FOR MORE MANA\LIFE OR RESISTANCES.


For the amulet there is nothing better then a proper Atziri's Foible! It gives us great amount of flat mana and great regen rate. Again, don´t forget to catalyst it for eve more stats!


So for rings aim for T1 Flat Mana and Life with T1-2 Increased Mana Regeneration Rate. Also try to fix your resistances with them and catalyst them for more resistances or mana modifiers!


So first of all, one simple Abyss Jewel with Fire Damage to Spells so we gain the 10% MORE damage buff from Cinderswallow Urn flask for burning enemies.
One of the jewels is a Watchers Eye which gives us VITAL Mana RECOVERY RATE, which is amazing with this build! If you are rich then ofcourse get a double Mana mod or something that works good with this build :)
And we do use a single Militiant Faith jewel with "High Templar Venarius" mod on it that will give us "The Agnostic" KEYSTONE! A great node for this build to further increase the survivability!

The other three are "FEVERED MIND" jewels to increase the cost of our spells AND give us nice increased Spell Damage as a bonus. The more our Blade Vortex costs the MORE damage it does! I think my Blade Vortex costs about 4500 mana PER cast atm!

NOW, the cluster jewels!
I´ve decided to take SOME mana passives and some other interesting things like the Overshock and Supercharge nodes on my LARGE 2xSOCKET Cluster Jewel!
Supercharge makes our Lightning Damage do LUCKY strikes with NON CRITS. As our crit chance is pretty low but still OKEY this will give us a nice damage boost!
Overcharge on the other hand raises our shocks to 60% MORE damage if our hits shock.. and as we mainly do only Lightning Damage our hits pretty much always shock and non crits are lucky :)
The other cluster jewels have things like Mater of Fear which gives us Unnerved ability with spells, so enemies take 10% more damage!
We also use Liquid Inspiration that gives us very nice mana recovery rate from Mana flasks and some increased mana!
And on the last jewel im using Openness that gives nice flat mana with increased mana AND Mindfulness that gives us 80% Incresed Mana regen rate when stationary with some increased mana aswell.

I mean this is not final, I think there are even better jewels out there for this build.. I need to test them out. Also I think a simple very cheap.. Voices.. jewel.. could be great. With 3 sockets I am going to look how good would Mana Recovery rate stacking make this build.. OR.. more Area of Effect!

Very interesting times for POE!

So.. tbh I didn´t bother with any of this until I was about to fight Kitava.. damage and survivability felt fine when leveling but it is rough as a Scion.
Anyway don´t bother with lab until level 55 when you atleast can get your first Ascendancy. Then do the next two labs when you get your Uber.

But taking
Hierophant and Pathfinder!

The future fun part will I guess be that SCION eventually gets buffed.. but it already is pretty nice in endgame!
Anyway Hiero is a great pick as it gives us nice extra mana and a percentage of damage taken from mana before life. That plus the nice benefit of having two totems out at tougher fights. Our own Arcane surge will overwrite this level 1 Arcane Surge that we would be getting here.
And Pathfinder cause we are pretty flask dependent, specially on the mana flask.. plus nice damage buffs from Pathfinder and ofcourse flasks to not consume charges, flasks gaining charges by themselves and so on.. and ofcourse the chance to start pathing from the Ranger starting zone to instantly take some nice life nodes, mana nodes and get to PHASE ACRO fast!

Alright this kind of concludes the build guide here. Pretty great league so far in Delirium but I do hate the fact nobody has time to pick stuff up and you need to backtrack a lot later on.
Anyway if you have any questions leave them here or under my videos and happy farming!
Mathils actual cat
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Which ascendancy is better to take first?Nice build btw!!!
MrHyperion wrote:
Which ascendancy is better to take first?Nice build btw!!!

I took Pathfinder for me it was THE BEST choice. Thanks to OP for writting full guide for this amazing bulid. Level 97 atm. Been playing this bulid for 2 weeks now. Its a blast. 20/20 Simu is joke did over 2000 waves ( You can check my character current state). 10/10.
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USN Gang
MrHyperion wrote:
Which ascendancy is better to take first?Nice build btw!!!

Pathfinder as we wanna start pathing from there as soon as possible and we get nice quality of life to our flask system and to get to PHASE ACRO quickly.
Mathils actual cat
When we reach lvl 55 ..we must to do at least 3 labs in sequency?Because i got lvl 60 and in this lvl i already have to starting point in the ranger tree,but i can't yet.
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MrHyperion wrote:
When we reach lvl 55 ..we must to do at least 3 labs in sequency?Because i got lvl 60 and in this lvl i already have to starting point in the ranger tree,but i can't yet.

Just skip labs until you can run all three!

Btw I tried to run the hardest content in the game yesterday on this.. still one of my rings and belt is pretty mediocre and I guess I can get even more damage out with some awakened gems.. but..

T16 100% Delirium, 20% Qual, Rare, Fully Sextanted, Scarabed, Beyond, Einar map..:
Mathils actual cat
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how you level up this build? we use BV as main skill from the beginning ?
how you level up this build? we use BV as main skill from the beginning ?

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