The team is working hard on finalizing the 3.10.1d update with further improvements to the Delirium league. We expect the patch to be deployed later this week. We'll continue to monitor your feedback and reports and prepare new patches as soon as we can. In the meantime, we've gathered some concept art of recently released cosmetic effects. Check them out below.

The Balefire Armour Set

The Balefire Back Attachment

The Balefire Portal

The Heartseeker Portal

The Heartseeker Character Effect

The Heartseeker Armour Set and Wings

The Nine-tailed Fox Pet

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Grinding Gear Games
Nice. I love concepts and these are yet again amazing, especially the heartseeker portal
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Wow. Wish that could be in my supporter art book!
Heckin rad, thanks for sharing!
Very cool -- Heartseeker and the foxes are major highlights. I bought both! o_O
nice stuff right here.
Just WOW. That's why I insta fall in love with the Nine Tail.
Wow 9 tails concept art is very original!
Portals are really well done!
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