Hollow Palm Technique . Frenzy Up to 27M DPS Shaper. Non-Crit And Crit Build [3.10]

What would you recommend for "The Pantheon"? or did I miss this in the build like a dummy?
hornbegd wrote:
What would you recommend for "The Pantheon"? or did I miss this in the build like a dummy?

Because Pantheon is for situations, I really don't want to allow you to use it by default. But I will update you of the best Pantheon choice of all situations.

And the better way for Pantheon is :

For Major God: " Soul Of Lunaris ".

For Minor God: " Soul of GruthKul ".
Could you write up show version of leveling ? that would be helpfull
dest_da_best wrote:
Could you write up show version of leveling ? that would be helpfull

I will sir. Thanks for the reminder
Update New POB - Cheap Gear in POB
HANLAP wrote:
Hello exile,
I follow build Hollow palm Mathil and now i have some upgrade, may be that good cause DPS is scale about 10M with 5k life in level 95 for more survival.

Changelog (Last update 24/4) - Read this to know how i change.

Last update: 24/4


Now is 3 option for build : Cheap - Dodge - Armour Convert

- Cheap : We have about 13M DPS Shaper (Non-Awakened gem) and 5k life in Level 100. We can give up some life point for low level.

-Dodge : Normal is Dodge. Use Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics. We have about 18.5M DPS Shaper (None-Awakened gem) and 5k3 Life in level 100. Consist of 9 Impale Stack.

-Armour Convert : Convert to Armoury. Use Molten Shell. DPS can higher than Dodge about 18.7M DPS Shaper(None-Awakened gem), 5k6 Life and 59% Phys Reduced.

Update more Gear Section.

Have 2 option. Expensive Gear and Unique Gear.

I think all are same but hard to cap res with unique gear. Lol.

But i have been know another jewel can cap res.

Last update: 17/4


We have 2 option to go in passive tree.

We can have 6K Life and 13M DPS shaper or we take all damage for about 18M DPS.
All Level 96. Will update leveling soon.


Huge damage.
Dodge + Evade
End Game.
Uber Elder killed.
20 Wave Simulacrum.


Need Skill
Clear map is not good ( 2 ~ 3 at rate 5. But can use more Dancing Duo Sword for Mapping. Just Mapping. )
Lowest Mana ( waste 1 slot mana flask )
Reflect Physical.

Okay Let's go Build.

1. Hollow palm :
-> 60% attack speed

-> 14 - 20 phys damage per 10 dex

-> Count Dual Wielding

2. Frenzy :

-> Frenzy has 5% more attack damage and speed per frenzy charge. and more 9% damage per frenzy charge when have enchants.

Gear section:

Helmet :



Crafting or Buying ?

Crafting is the best choice we do for this helmet. Frenzy skill is rarely in Trade. Almost 100% res and T1 life. But you can try to find. I think about 4 ex -> 8 ex for this Helmet.
So how we can Craft this?

First thing , we buy helmet level 84 with enchance Skill. ( can chose lower level but 84 we can take T1 res 48% )


Play with lucky.
- Lucky 1 : Slam chaos and waiting for magic coming. ( I always do this for helmet , lol )
*Note: Slam chaos and always limit your chaos can slam. Dont slam ALL CHAOS.

- Lucky 2 : Slam Essence. Easy 1 option surely need. ( use Life, Res Essence )

" I realy want to share you how to crafting helmet and another item with Alteration and Exalted. But share that will spend almost time i have. I will consider later. "

Amulet :


Try to get alot of Dex and 1% increased damage per 15 dex.
Life is more best option.
Try to anoil Tribal fury for get more damage from gem.

*If not enough currency, use Astramentis Onyx Amulet is still fine. Just Decreased DPS about 700 - 1M DPS shaper.

Crafting or Buying ?

This Amulet is not for crafting. ( huge currency spend )
Buy it is easy way. I buy this with 5 ex and anoil more 1.5 Ex.




Try to get curse in 1 ring.

Stats looking for Dex, Str, Res, Life

Crafting or Buying ?

hm... I have favorite thing in this game is slam chaos. So all ring i always slam chaos , lol .

I think u can try to slam chaos. And take your lucky. What if you're lucky?

U can find that ring. Not base unset ring with dex and curse and some life is 2ex. More life more currency.

Another one ring, if want melee damage, life dex, about 1ex for that.

Body Armour :

If you want to increase more clear speed. Try to find option Explode in base Crusader.
For Cheap budget. Get high dex and life, no need to try get Increased Attribute. We just lost about 70 ~ 80 dex if dex armour is 50.

Crafting or Buying ?

Also Body armour. I buy this base with 4ex. And spent more 4 ex for this Body. Have some lucky when slam ex have % life tier 2.



I have been use this belt. Just for life and some % attribute. If can, you can find 2 Res and % attribute. 1 life tier 1 and 1 % life tier 1 and Increased damage craft. Hmmmmm......... Just a dream for that. Luxurious

Crafting or Buying ?

Belt is a bad thing i craft.
buy base for 3ex. Spend more 10Ex and have this Belt. Not Worth

Try to buy Another Belt. Find Attribute + Life + Res. About 6 ~ 8 Ex. (No need % Life if dont have alot of currency).
Craft if you have alot currency and u have bigger ball.



Looking for dex, Res, high life and movement speed. Nothing much.

Crafting or Buying ?

Crafting ?? Nope.
Buy this with 1ex. And craft Cant be Frozen ( 1ex).

Core Jewel For Scale Damage.

Must Be Have This.

Option: U can scale base damage or find Deep Cuts for Stack Impale

You can use more this jewel for more dex :

If you have alot of money, try to find WE with implict 2 impale and increased damage affect by Pride.



Gem Setup:


Body - 2 Green - 4 Red :

Single Target:

Frenzy -> Impale -> Multi strike -> Fortify Sp-> Brutality -> Melee Phys Dmg Sp.

Good If have Awakened Brutality and Melee Phys. Huge damage.

Clear :

Frenzy -> Impale -> Multi strike -> Fortify Sp -> Ascentral Call -> Melee plash SP.

If you have anoil Tribal Fury in Amulet. Change Brutality to Ascentral Call

Another Gem :


Cast when damage taken -> Immortal Call

Movement :

Dash -> Second Wind SP.

Aura :

Dread Banner - Pride - Flesh And Stone.
Option Aura: Vaal Haste (Faster Boss Killer) - Vaal Grace (More Survival).

Better if other ring is unset ring. We will done with those setup. If not , just use Vaal Grace. No need Vaal Haste. DPS is huge enough.


Choose Avatar Of Slaughter and Avatar Of Chase


Pastepin (24/4/2020) :

New Pob also scale DPS Shaper to 22M with awakened gem and full 75% Res. Now be easily to upgrade gear.


Pastepin (17/4/2020) :


Pastepin (12/4/2020) :

DPS: 12.3M Shaper.
Life: 5k3
Phys Reduction : 35%.

Videos :

Crusader : https://youtu.be/bvaUg1-rC34

Redeemer : https://youtu.be/zxIN3r02tTI

Warlord : https://youtu.be/QMSVyEkiP8A

Hunter : https://youtu.be/iNVOTnP1EY0

Shaper : https://youtu.be/iPwoEo3rf68
Shaper (update pastepin) : https://youtu.be/iPwoEo3rf68

Uber Elder (not Deathless) : https://youtu.be/Q0thSZ8uFMI


How much for all gear ?

I spend about 20 ~ 30 ex gear for 12M DPS

Why we use Taste of Hate ?

Cap cold res.20% les Cold daamge taken and 20% phys taken convert to cold.

Why dont use Unique Armour ?

Unique armour still nice item to choose But u cant cap all life for that.DPS is slightly increase, life is low cause dex lower than Rare body.

But if you dont have enough currency to buy or craft rare armour. That unique armour is best choice.

Pantheon is :

For Major God: " Soul Of Lunaris ".

For Minor God: " Soul of GruthKul ".


These Pantheon just use for almost situations. But if you go with map Burning Ground, Hunter Conquerer .... You need to change Pantheon Accordingly with content map you have.

For all, Ty everyone to saw all my build. First time create post so i dont know how to include item on. GLHF
thanks for the guide, I made this my league main. Turned out really well so far I can't think of many more upgrades I would need.


If anyone is interested. Took me a while to craft my belt with sorrow essence xD

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