[3.10] Self-Cast Ball Lightning Trickster (Cold Conversion)

Build is hella cheap and nice
2 call of brotherhood its like 3 ex, other items worth nothing
Hey, any particular pantheons to use?

My version of it. It's the end of the league and a lot of items are quite expensive and it's somewhat min-maxed. But could be min maxed a lot more ofcourse. I crafted everything myself, and some items cost a lot of currency, others I got lucky.

Repathed some of the passive tree and incorporated custer jewels. First i used large and mediums and in the end i put some megalomaniacs in there, but that was mostly because I hadn't really used them so far. Really not needed, but I do think it allows more for freedom in gearing and pathing.

Gotta say I really like the build, props for making it like this. Probably gonna league start this next league and get the required stuff (the 2x call of the brotherhood and the wands along the way).

I could make a video, recently got a new setup and can play pretty smoothly. But I have no clue what to use to record and how to put it on youtube etc. If someone has a link to a guide for something like that I'd be happy to put a vid up.

(for the guy above me, pantheons are personal preference, I use solaris for bossing along with yugul/shakari depending on the boss and lunaris for mapping mostly)
Shrine + Elder Guardian:


Ill try to get some more videos uploaded to this post. Ive done all content with it, and recording is fine, uploading takes ages on my internet though. Therefor quality is a bit shit, but should serve it's purpose. Ill try for some better quality ones in the future.

Elder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfW4W1Wn2H8

Pier + Veritania Conqueror: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvEGEUiTaZ4&t=95s

T16 Minotaur map + guardian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omOnFi7qGaI&t=29s

Worth to do it as eternity shroud and try to get more shaper items?
Corsair545 wrote:
Worth to do it as eternity shroud and try to get more shaper items?

Imo 'worth' is the keyword. Good chance you would get even more damage for sure. But would also make the build more expensive, especially if you consider theres 4 uniques in the build atm. Even though im pretty sure you could replace em.

Also ive got some more videos on the upload. Gonna take a while because om my bad upload speed but at the end of the day there should be an Elder, Minotaur and Veritiana Conqueror up.
added some more videos in the post above; elder/mino/veritania
nvm ignore this
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Nice build, but

raikkou wrote:
Aevra wrote:
how are you sustaining charges on bosses?

The critical charge to keep up are power charges, which you get through Power Charge on Crit via Orb of Storms. Due to our high crit chance they're basically always up. For frenzy charges, I though about swapping something for Storm Burst but honestly you're better off using the time to DPS with Ball Lightning anyway. Cast Speed for both BL and Dash without Frenzies is good enough against bosses.

Your PoB doesn't have "power charge on crit", replace bonechill?

Also what do you think about Farrul's Fur for charge sustaining?
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