3.10.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

please fix splinter drop rate, 4 splinters for full clearing a t16 cant be intended and the problem is not on the known issues list yet
Thank you for fixing this!
definitely wasn't introduced after 3.10 lmfao, been since metamorph
Skydogg5555 wrote:
definitely wasn't introduced after 3.10 lmfao, been since metamorph

Since Legion or Blight, now they cranked it up to 11 so the issue is more obvious.
And I bet not really fixed cause dev skill is really questionable at this point.
This hotfix has fixed all the issues patch 3.10.1 has brought for me
I cant download the update for some reason...
I keep getting "Error: recieved HTTP 404 while downloading"
Patch fixed my issues. Thanks, GGG!
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I'm patched, but in-game freezes frequently. Restarted several times and behaviour is the same...
It's a little better but I still have to wait for assets to load while entering maps. There have been times when I'm fighting invisible mobs. Before anyone asks, no I don't have a SSD, but I have been playing the game for years and it has only recently become a problem.
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After 3.10.1 the game was unplayable for me, but this actually fixed the stuttering, not fully as I still get a lot when I activate Delirium encounter and sometiems in the beginning of the map, but it's "okay" now.
Note however that I'm using a very old setup with i5 2400, 8 gigs, HD5770, SSD and Win 8.1

It's weird because before 3.10 stuttering didn't exist, even on HDD, textures took a while to load, but there were no freezes unless it was Betrayal folks spawning.
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