Loss of elemental resistance due to a permanent application of elemental weakness.

Resistances without gear, passives are bringing them to above -60%

Resistances with gear, and this is the 2nd time I have permenantly lost max resistance.

I was playing less than an hour ago at max res with close to 90% res across board in brackets. I did a red map, finished it, and logged off. I am now just coming back on and noticing this. There is very much something wrong. My gear did not change since before or after the map.
Also, I have noticed that the number in brackets for my chaos res keeps changing after every red map I do, it started at -60% when I took Chaos Inoculation. It went down to -50% when this first degradation of resistances occurred. It is now -40% in the brackets.
Zutaradimus wrote:
I joined a friend of mines game to get a belt off of him, the map he had opened had elemental weakness applied to it. My character went from resistance cap to nearly half what it was originally. This is very clearly a bug. I fixed my resistances again but a permanent loss of resistance due to being in the same instance as a map that was opened with elemental weakness is clearly not intended.

Thanks for your report, I had a look at the Resistances that your gear supplies and the numbers add up.

From your gear/passive tree you have:
- 127% Fire Resistance
- 160% Cold Resistance
- 118% Lightning Resistance

When you subtract 60% (from story) you have the values displayed in your 2nd image.
Are you checking your Elemental Resistances WHILE you had your Flask active? I noticed that you have a Bismuth Flask which gives 35% to all Elemental Resistances while it's active.
Thank you for quickly responding, my and a friend of mine were able to track down the issue. What I thought was a bug was infact not a bug but a funky interaction. Thank you for putting up with my lack of understanding and taking your time to explain things.

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