<Retired> [3.10] One With Nothing / Unecumbered Gladiator | Non-crit

Even though I had a bunch of fun making this build, I think the other guy's build is simply better. Here's the link to his build if you want a more min/maxed version.

Prelude for the build you're about to look at
This build is a work in progress and I am still making adjustments to it. I started this build with JUST the One with Nothing (OWN) jewel, back when it was 30c, and went from there.

I also figure I should mention the fact that there is another OWN build that runs crit, which this build does not. If you're looking for stupid high DPS with almost no defensive ability, you should check that out. This was my take on the OWN build. I initially wanted to play Dual Strike because that's one of my favorite skills. Assuming GGG decides to actually put the functionality in (they decided they were too lazy to do so), I'll play the build again but with Dual Strike and update this.

This originally was a Slayer build but now it's a Gladiator build. I think Slayer has it's own benefits, though Gladiator simply clears faster than I expected.

+Very high damage
+[Gladiator version] Very tanky. Fort + 65 attack/spell block.
+[Slayer version]Relatively tanky. Fort + 40% overleech/sec
Uniques not required until high-end content (for Slayer).

-Clear speed is a bit slow (can only use dash)
-Gearing can be quite expensive depending on how many uniques you're using
-Starting the build is expensive now (OWN is now 120c)

Current Gear

Gearing Process from Shitter to Winner
Depending on what tier you rank at will depend on what you need to do next in the gearing process. Your goal is the POB gear, but not everyone will have that kind of money. Each tier assumes you've met the requirements of the previous tiers (e.g. Tier 1 assumes you have the OWN jewel, Tier 2 assumes you have an Astrementis, etc.).

Tier 0: I only have the OWN Jewel
Your goal is to focus on getting a bunch of dex on your rings and amulet. Resistances should be super easy for you. You don't need a 5 link for a long time (t5 maps). Don't go out and buy gear, craft your own and identify gear you find on the ground.

Tier 1: I have an Astramentis
All of your stat requirements are now null and void, making gearing a lot easier. Your goal is to start getting your resists in a place where you can swap in a Cyclopean Coil and Garukhan's Flight later. Don't rush this, both of these are expensive items and finding a good helmet/chest/rings to fix your resists can be quite difficult. Try to roll your 5/6 link (that you will get) to have solid resists and life before using it.

Tier 2: I got my 5/6-Link
Your damage problems are (still) non-existent, but now you can do higher-tier maps without any issue. Your end goal with your chest rolls are:
-Open prefix to craft %maximum life
-T1/2 life
-A couple of resists
If you have a bunch of extra passives and don't know where to spend them, put them into a large and medium cluster jewels. I recommend a large with Dual Wield damage and a medium with Channeling damage. On the large, look for the +1 impale hits notable if you're rolling it yourself. Might be pricey if you buy it from someone else.

Tier 3: I got my helm enchant and have a good helmet now.
At this point, you should be able to kill anything you encounter with ease. Look to get more life on your gear. If you haven't already, make sure you're ready to swap out both your belt and boots for uniques that won't give you resists.

Tier 4: I got a 13-15% attributes Cyclopean Coil.
At this point, you're going to have to spend a lot of currency to continue gearing the character. Garukhan's, Voices, 3 medium cluster jewels (channel damage), and 2 small cluster jewels (life) will run you roughly 6-7 ex in total (current market price). You can go into red maps pretty easily with this build, but you might be squishy or not do a tremendous amount of dps to the boss (but still kill him quick).

Tier 5: I got a Garukhan's Flight.
You have quite a bit more life than before, but you are likely still under 5k (6k as a slayer). Here's a list of things you should look to upgrade to:
-Your chest can have (up to) 19% increased maximum life and 110-119 flat life.
-Voices unlocks the ability to get 2 small cluster jewels with life.
--In addition to buying Voices, you will need to buy 3 medium cluster jewels with
-20% attribute quality your Belt and Amulet.
-20% resistance quality your Rings.

Tier 6: I have Voices (5 passive variant)
[This tier is now obsolete (mostly). I logged in today to see that a 5 passive Voices is now 13 ex, basically making this a ridiculous goalpost. I will update the build to accommodate for this.]
With this Voices, you want two things
-3 Medium Cluster Jewels (Channel damage & 5 or less passives). If you're gladiator, you want at least Stoic Focus on each one for 12% block. If you're a Slayer, look to get at least Rapid Infusion on each jewel so you get a bit more movespeed to map with.
--Additional mods you might want to look for are: Enduring Focus, Hex Breaker, or Rapid Infusion. You only need one Enduring Focus and Hex Breaker.
-2 Small Cluster Jewels (maximum life & 3 passives). If you're a gladiator, you want either Surging Vitality or Feast of Flesh. If you're a slayer, you want Adrenaline.
--Additional mods you might want to look for are: A resistance (All res might be expensive), 25% increased effect of small nodes, +X dexterity on small nodes (in order of most importance).

Tier 7: What do I do now?
Grind the game.

Gladiator Version

Gladiator version is still a WIP, but I think it is superior to the Slayer version now that I've played with it for a while now. If you're planning on playing this build with a budget (literally just the OWN jewel), go Slayer first then Gladiator later. Gladiator really needs levels.

Gladiator Version (with Voices): https://pastebin.com/KFqBqNw4

Gladiator Version (without Voiceshttps://pastebin.com/g0Eb1PYs

Slayer Version has 10 Ascendancy points allocated. The reason: I recommend leveling with Impact before going Bane of Legends. I would recommend this over Gladiator if you have less money to put into gear. Gladiator is very dependent on both levels and expensive cluster jewels to function.

Slayer Versions
Slayer Version (Initial, Roughly 2 ex): https://pastebin.com/uWQrL3GR

Slayer Version (With Voices): https://pastebin.com/GDiuVgs5

Slayer Version (Without Voices) https://pastebin.com/0N6FYAXL

Ascendancy Choice
tl;dr - Slayer is best for getting levels while still being tanky in budget gear. Gladiator is best after you've invested quite a bit of time into the character and have money to spare.

-Gladiator is the option for doing the hard content. The block shores up quite a bit of the defenses that the build was missing and you only lose a bit of damage. Mapping feels a bit worse than Slayer in terms of generic AoE, but it clears at about the same speed (depending on the map).

-Champion feels like a downgrade of Slayer for this build, but you could squeeze out some more damage from it but it's basically only from the extra impale hits. Really wouldn't recommend..

-Slayer gives anti-bleed/stun, overleech, doubles max leech, and gives 50% inc AoE. It's the best choice for mapping and leveling up. Recommended for budget.

Play the game normally until lvl 16 then use One With Nothing (Rush the large cluster socket). I recommend using Infernal Blow until you can get Cyclone. The rest is a cake-walk. You'll do enough damage to not have issues ever. I used a 4 link even into maps and was still 1 shotting things.

Personal/closing thoughts
After playing around with the idea of making a crit version of this build, I've had minimal success. My plan was to make it different than that other guy's build by making it a berserker but it simply just requires too many levels. You can easily achieve doulbe his damage but you need to be a very high level. I may create that build as well after I get bored of this character.

In regards to the non-crit version: I think Gladiator is sort of the antithesis of what I was initially aiming for. Granted, it's not Dual Strike so all the pieces aren't there, but it shores up what I initially was struggling to fix. 65% attack/spell block with decent HP and additional layers of defense is enough to make this build feel more sturdy than the Slayer counterpart. The Cyclone AoE is a bit small but the fuck load of movement speed more than makes up for that.
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What's your bandit reward ?
Non crit builds kill all.
Erza64150 wrote:
What's your bandit reward ?

Kill all. 2 passives are generally better than any of the bandit rewards unless you're playing crit, in which case Alira could be better.

Purchase wrote:
Non crit builds kill all.

Big number make thing poof.
On my PoB, the keystone is inactive, why ? i have only 2k dps o, POB but not In game
Why slayer, any deeper reason behind it?
Last edited by Suboshi on Mar 23, 2020, 10:29:45 AM
Erza64150 wrote:
On my PoB, the keystone is inactive, why ? i have only 2k dps o, POB but not In game

The keystone isn't coded in yet. You gotta jerry rig it to work with very weak 1h weapons and a pair of gloves with the modifiers from the keystone. If you loaded my POB, everything should already be setup, so idk what's happening on your end.

Suboshi wrote:
Why slayer, any deeper reason behind it?

I talk about it briefly in the Ascendancy Choice section, but I'll elaborate some more here.

Slayer isn't necessarily the BEST option for bossing, even in this build. However, it greatly helps in the case of clearing maps faster than snail speed so you have enough levels to do bosses more easily. Bleed/stun immunity, doubles max leech, overleech, 50% inc AoE, and easily obtainable DPS.

Champion is a direct downgrade for the build. The impale node is good and all but the added damage is supposed to be really strong in the builds that run impale, but we already get so much flat phys it's not so good. The extra 2 impale hits only give us roughly 18% more damage, which just isn't enough to warrant picking it over Slayer for bossing or mapping.

Gladiator is, honestly, the best bossing option. This build can already attain very high DPS without Slayer and Gladiator does comparable DPS if you gear for block. Additionally, block would make you quite tankier which is exactly what this build needs for high end bosses.

I guess I should mention this in the ascendancy choices.
If u have the PoB Gladiator i want it :) actually i have PoB with 45% block chance, but, for ascendy i don't know what i got
Erza64150 wrote:
If u have the PoB Gladiator i want it :) actually i have PoB with 45% block chance, but, for ascendy i don't know what i got

I posted a hypothetical Gladiator setup in the POB section. It relies very heavily on the fact that you have a bit of currency to blow on cluster jewels. You're only at 60 attack/spell block and requires quite a bit of levels, but I think it's a decent alternative to Slayer.

Overleech and Block sort of fill the same role in terms of mitigating damage. It's really hard to get more than 60% block without sacrificing a lot of life or damage, so you might just have to run a Rumi's and use it tactically.

However, I still think Slayer is the best option for leveling by far, simply because of that super easy 50% inc AoE.
You take, Gemini anoint, Is beeter than Lucidity ? :)

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