[[3.10]] (22 Aura Support Champion) *Juicier Auras than ANY other Support*

ErickBayne wrote:
I don't understand why you are running Malevolence and Zealotry. Unless you are supporting someone that can take advantage of that. Couldn't you run Empower and Enlighten on your chest instead? Also there are the cluster jewels that give reduced mana reserved for the Purity aura's as well. Not trying to say you are wrong or anything, but as someone who mains an aurabot i was just curious.

You could run empower and enlighten, but we're already short on sockets. And the purpose of this build initially was to get as many auras as possible.

I'm also running Malevolence and Zealotry as I was supporting casters for a fair amount of time. Plus Consecrated ground is actually kind of nice for most builds, as is skill effect duration.

In my updated section I transitioned into almost full cluster jewels, where I did pick up the small jewels with purity cost reduction.

Any recommendations on what to fix on this build i can use all auras but health is trash. lvls might be the problem and missing some notables but it seems if i use the missing ones on pob i get like 3k health and i could be missing some from jewels. I do die pretty easy and it would be great to get your input on this build. Pretty nice build so far Thanks in Advance

I just have 9% physical damage reduction, dying really quick.
How do I solve this?
I dont understand the mana reservation thing is it like just on one skill or what and if so which skill to prioritise?
The mana reservation reduction applies to your character over all. Say you have 2 auras. 1 is on blood magic and takes 50% and the other is on mana at 50%. If you get 1% mana reservation reduction it will take off 1% on both the life and mana auras (total 2% reduced over all 1% per aura).

Hope that answers your question.
This build still good for Harvest 3.11? Was planning on doing this as a league starter when I play with my friends
i just love it one day ill make it

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