[3.10] Delirium N1koee's The saviour Frost blades 4m+ boss dps [Videos]

I managed to buy the saviour at this early league and give it a shot as raider frost blades. I did Saviour impale lacerate build last league :


So, this will be the real test if elemental based attacks can fight against those insane impale builds around. atmwe are running at 4.5m shaper dps and pushing it higher. This build will need lots of currency and it can take the hardest content in the game but you will need to invest lots of currency to do that




i swapped the gear to berserker double strike
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Lol I cannot believe you, already getting saviour going! Kidding aside, great job. If I am done with messing with hollow palm I probably come back to saviour lol
updated pob, been joking around with new cluster jewels but i really really need to find out something to play with

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