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Shameful Plug


Hey everyone!

This is a super fun build that was easy to level, and fun to work on. I will post updates on this guide when I feel it is appropriate, otherwise feel free to try it out and ask me questions! If you are new don't be shy! Everyone was new at one point!

If you have questions for me, comment on my YouTube for faster replies!


Created different PoB's for different variations
You will need Spellslinger Helmet Enchant (Skills Supported by Spellslinger have 15% reduced Mana Reservation) to use DD

Necromancer got some nerfs (and a tiny buff):
Corpse Pact:
Removed 30% increased Damage if you have Consumed a corpse Recently

Mistress of Sacrifice:
40% increased Skill Effect Duration (was 30%)
Removed 30% increased Minion Duration

Small Nodes:
Minions deal 10% increased Damage (was 15%)

Overall the build is the same as it was in 3.12. I know that many people place DD inside the links for VD to make it so you do not have to spec into Charisma, but I like the way I have it now. I don't like having 2 5L, and in my testing I have had better performance with my build. The only time I suggest using DD in the links of VD is when you are having mana reservation problems.

Mistress of Sacrifice now causes your Offerings to have 50% reduced effect on you (from 25%).

Spellslinger Support:
Now has a cooldown of 0.6 seconds (from 0.5 seconds).
Now grants supported skills increased cooldown recovery rate as the gem levels, from 0% at gem level 1 (unchanged) to 38% at gem level 20 (from 19%).
Now has 30% Mana Reservation Override at gem level 1, down to 25% at gem level 20 (from 20% at all gem levels).

We have taken a Spellslinger nerf, but lategame should be just as powerful. It will still be a stronger leveling.

The passive tree or skills will need to be changed since the mana reservation has changed. We may need to spec into Influence in order to use all of the Spellslingers.

As for the Necromancer nerf, MoS will still give us 8% (from 14%) spell and attack block at level 20 and it will not last as long. Since we trigger it so often I think it will still be a solid defensive choice in this build.

Take off Vaal Molten Shell, replace it with Tempest Shield.
Divine Judgement is changed and lost the Elemental Penetration I will not be using it but you can if you want to.



VD only:

VD and DD on 6L:

VD on 6L, DD on 4L:


Volatile Dead - Spellslinger - Spell Cascade - Inspiration - Hypothermia - Concentrated Effect

Detonate Dead - Spellslinger - Inspiration

Desecrate - Spellslinger - Spell Cascade

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Flame Dash

Enduring Cry

Option 1: Barrage Setup:
Wave of Conviction - Bone Offering - Combusiton

Barrage lvl 1 - Inspiration - Curse on Hit - Flammability

Option 2: Frenzy Setup:
Wave of Conviction - Bone Offering - Flammibility

Frenzy lvl1 - Barrage Support - Inspiration - Combustion


My Gear


Main things to look for:
Increased Life
Fire Damage
Spell Damage
Area Damage



Adds Fire Damage
Adds Fire Damage to Spells

Increased Spell Damage
Increased Fire Damage
Non-Chaos as Extra Chaos
+1 all Fire Spell Gems
Fire Penetration


Look for a Energy Shield off hand. I am using this one because it is what I found.

Spell Damage
Non-Chaos as Extra Chaos
Fire Damage as Extra Chaos
+1 all Fire Spell Gems


Look for:

Inpulsa's Broken Heart
Crusader Chest with "Enemies you kill explode..."
Belly of the Beast


Look for:
Movement Speed



Nearby enemies have -# Fire Resistance (Fossil or Warlord)
Volatile Dead Lab Enchant
Dexterity (as needed)


Look for:
Attack Speed



Spell Damage
Fire Damage
Non-Chaos as Extra Chaos
+1 all Fire Skill Gems
Dexterity (as needed)


Look for:

Fire Damage
Dex and Strength (as needed)



Flask Effect Duration
Increased Spell Damage during any flask effect (Shaper or Crusader)
Increased maximum Life (Hunter or Elder)
Increased Fire Damage (Warlord)
Dexterity (as needed)


You want bleed, freeze, and curse immunity normally. Wise Oak is optional, but helps a lot with the Fire Penetration.

Atziri's Promise will add a bunch of DPS

Rumi's Concoction will add a bunch of defense

Current Gear

This gear will be updated when I make any noteworthy changes.


Kill all!


You get Spellslinger in Act 3, so before then level with any caster build you like!

My preference:

Stromblast mine + added lightning

Frost bomb + arcane surge + onslaught

Then go into Arc or Storm Brand until act 3 when we get Spellslinger

Also make sure you are buying and leveling Detonate Dead and Volatile Dead on offhand or other links while leveling!



1. Plaguebringer
2. Corpse Pact
3. Commander of Darkness
4. Mistress of Sacrifice

Corpse Pact is the main reason we play this. We get shock and chill on all enemies because we desecrate whenever we cast.


Major: Brine King with Glace or Legion Slayer.

Minor: Shakari with poison immunity.

P.S. This is players choice and not mandatory. If you like something else, then go for it!


+ Easy/Fast Leveling
+ Not Unique Dependent
+ Cheap can go into red maps
+ High Life
+ Block
+ League Start friendly

- Dropping Frames
- Bossing is rough until you get good gear


Q: I don't have enough mana to have all 3 spellslingers. Why?
A: You need to spec the fill Sovereignty wheel in the passive tree.

Q: My Inspiration Support is not working. Why?
A: You must have Inspiration Support linked to VD AND Barrage. For Inspiration Support to work you must spend mana. We do not spend mana with VD so we put it on our Barrage setup where we will always spend mana.

Q: What about the Fire Expose cluster jewel?
A: We are already getting the fire exposure from WoC, and multiple exposures do not stack.

Q: I feel like the VD aren't spawning sometimes. Is there a way to fix this?
A: Yes and no. As you play the build you will find a sweet spot. When you cast too far, too close, or a small area you will sometimes not spawn the VD balls. Watcher where you cursor is and adjust accordingly. Also, spellslinger is limited on cast speed (about 3) so sometimes you will be casting too fast.

Q: Why are you taking minion damage nodes?
A: Because we are using Spiritual Aid.

Q: What is Spiritual Aid?
A: A keynote passive that says "Increases and Reductions to Minion Damage also affects you". We get some naturally from our Ascendancy so why not take advantage of it?

Q: Why are you using Hypothermia?
A: Hypothermia Support says "Supported Skills deal (20-39)% more Damage with Hits and Ailments against Chilled Enemies" as well as other helpful things. As a Necromancer we take the Ascendancy Corpse Pact which has "Enemies near corpses you Spawned Recently are Chilled and Shocked". We always chill because we are constantly spawning corpses. So we will get the 20-39% damage boost (as well as freeze and chill effect) from this gem.

Q: Why are you using barrage? Isn't Frenzy/Power Siphon better?
A: Barrage has a nice effect that allows VD to be cast on the same cast as Desecrate. On other skills this will not happen. So Barrage allows for smoother game play. You may use Barrage Support on Frenzy/Power Siphon if you have enough links.

Q: Why is you PoB so much better than mine?
A: In Configuration do a few things. I check onslaught (from my gem), consumed corpse recently, is enemy chilled (Corpse Pact), is enemy shocked (Corpse Pact), and Exposure Type as Fire (WoC). Your damage should look a bit better now, but our in game DPS is more than this because of things like Combustion Support and other things.

Q: Is this hardcore viable?
A: I do not play much hardcore, but I would say it is. This build is easy to gear for low maps, has lots of HP, and has lots of block. I made my build around softcore so the build may need to be tweaked a little.

Q: Is it SSF friendly?
A: There are no mandatory uniques in this build. So I would say it is a great build for SSF. I enjoy Inpulsa's, Atziri's Promise, Wise Oak, and a Rumi's Concoction uniques in my build but none of them are mandatory.

Q: How do you get frenzy charges?
A: I do not anymore, but there are some ways you can. Use Frenzy instead of barrage, I prefer Barrage but see what you like. Another way is to socket Ice Bite Support to WoC, and you will get frenzy charges while mapping pretty consistently.

Q: What do you Anniont?
A: Most of the ones we like are expensive so I will give a variety to fit multiple budgets. Expensive: Heart of Flame. Midrange: Deflection, Sanctuary. Cheap: Prodigal Perfection. I will be going Heart of Flame.

Q: Best Enchant for helmet?
A: Volatile Dead Consumes up to 1 additional corpse. I went with 40% increased Volatile Dead Damage because it is not too big of a difference, and the one I got was great for its price.

Q: Why did you go Necromancer and not something like Elementalist?
A: Necromancer gives us Corpse Pact and in order to cast VD you need to consume corpses. On top of that we get other great bonuses like scaling minion damage and then using Spiritual Aid, free attack speed, guaranteed chill and shock, and the use of Bone Offering. Overall it seemed to work out better than Elementalist.

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Going to give this build a try. Thanks for putting it together. Any input on what nodes to shoot for first during leveling, as well as particularly useful leveling items?
i think to do this build on DHC i want to make very tanky http://poeurl.com/cNYc

Do we really Need Jewel ( 0,2% elemental damage leech as life ) is not Fire leech on Amulet Enought ?

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Why does this build have barrage, I'm i missing something i don't see a bow anywhere....
Why does this build have barrage, I'm i missing something i don't see a bow anywhere....
Why does this build have barrage, I'm i missing something i don't see a bow anywhere....

Barrage works with wands and bows.
why are you using inspiration since you arent spending mana it doesn't seem to give charges
You get inspiration charges from your Barrage in this case and the other inspiration connected to VD doesn't care where the charges came from.
How do you lower the mana reservation on this build ? with the 3 spellslingers I go over 100% mana reserved (54% + 28% + 24%)
you use a conqueror efficency jewel and sovereign passives

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