Crash to desktop during Blight encounters

Vihermaali wrote:
I'm 90% sure the crash occurs when you build multiple (2 or more) towers at once without Cassia being immediately in their range. Once you have two or more towers "pending construction", game crashes.

Happened to me several times, and always when I was building multiple towers.

Workaround: only build one tower at a time.

I crash all the time on blighted maps. I have noticed that when I try to build too fast I crash. I'll keep this in mind and try it out.
Same here, so sad
Thank you for the reports, we're aware of the issue and will get this fixed up as quickly as we can.
I can confirm that only setting up one tower at a time does not cause crashes. it is indeed while creating 2 at the same time that the crash occurs.
Not that this is causing the crash, but this suggestion would be a nice QoL change for most of us average joes.

Let us change the time the corpses we see disappear after a few seconds after death.

With the all the mobs and 4324234324324234432 corpses im certain if they just naturally disappeared to clear up the clutter on screen (I imagine this would help with loading/cpu time) that it would free up a lot of issues and increase performance/stability.

An option, or some sort of timer to delay the decay of the corpse would be nice for us who don't want to see 342342432423234 corpses everywhere.

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