3.10.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

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Is the interaction between Second Wind and Warcry gems bugged? I don't seem to be getting an extra charge.

edit: I have the Battle Cry passive allocated via an anointment and it seems when I take off the amulet I get the extra charge on my warcry. Once I equip my amulet with the anointment it takes away the charge.

An interaction with a fellow redditor, leaves me with the assumption that he has Battle Cry allocated within his tree naturally. He commented that with his setup it is working as advertised.
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dual wield fix asap, its unplayable
Hello, I have seen that there are already people asking, but is there much left to fix the double sword? It is very boring having to be changing equipment to fix it.

It seems like after this patch, it is taking me WAY longer to kill rare monsters and seem to be doing less damage in general.... I have looked at my gear for something causing me to be dealing less damage, but I cant find anything and didn't swap out any gear.... Just seems like after the patch things got alot harder????? Anyone else experiencing this?
I have some really unusual rares too which took me almost 15seconds to kill with 500k dps on some T10 low maps, i don't understand it too, it happen to a lot of rares, maybe i'm stupid, but i should melt them on T8-10.

(And i'm not talking about Delirium ones or "have more life" ones, just regular Rare on maps with 0 delirium, hard to kill as delirium T5 ones)

The last 9 incursions i did i wasen't able to finish them because rares didn't get down at all.
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Performance and lag spikes seem worse than before the patch.
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Just another dual wield sword user who doesnt want to have to weapon swap each zone
the blight pump was kinda annoying, glad it's back will test in the next maps when I can encounter one!
still laggy
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