3.10.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

Thank you GGG! For your many fixes to my community
First mini-patch of the many this week. Glad to see the fixes aren't gonna be held to end of week in one patch.
Has there been any reply on the massive lagspike issue?
Because ive been roaming around in the help section but cant find a reply from devs in there.

Bex pls, give us a headsup on that cuz the game is unplayable at times.
Kieren_GGG wrote:
Aitbits wrote:
Still no fix for dual wielding swords?

We're still working on a fix, sorry. We'll try get one out as soon as we can!

Many people even won't notice that their dps is busted due to a bug. You have to either fix it NOW or announce it loudly so people can catch it.
the change to the touch debuffs doesnt seem to work, mine still last 20 seconds (even tryed divining my item)
Thank you for the great job you guys do making this game as fun as it is!!

That said, is there no way to change how the game updates itself on my computer? Even if the patch is tiny in size, it takes FOREVER to install! The game insists on "Checking Resources..." which takes a VERY LONG time, then it has to "Allocate Space...", then finally it downloads the actual patch files which is usually fast and saturates my bandwidth but not always.

No matter the size of the patch, the patching process takes way to long. Is there no way to speed up the process for smaller patches? I have the game installed on my SSD so I don't think my storage is the problem...

Thanks for the great game and all your hard work,
No fix on not getting watchstones after conqueror kill? Happened to me 3 times now, and I'm really losing interest in the league. Why the hell did I plan my league start so carefully if I can't push the Atlas due to a bug? I should be killing Sirus right now but thanks to the bug, still chasing the conquerors around.
zzzz. Still no DW fix in this patch either.
Still "we are working on it".

Screw it.
Morkazoid wrote:
next time start using
try {

} catch (){

to prevent crashes, ty

That won't prevent crashes tho, depends on the rest of the code ... Also yes, can be used to avoid and ignore the issue for the sake of the continuancr,but it would ignore the code problem, continue execution, and might cause issues later, and so on.

Not ideal solution.

Workaround on dual wield bug: do weapon swap and back after you enter a new area. Every. Single. TIME

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