This weekend we launched Path of Exile: Delirium and were really pleased that we reached a new peak in concurrent player numbers. While there were some server issues that were exacerbated by a lengthy DDOS attack, things went relatively smoothly.

Over the weekend, we released two hotfixes and have released one more today. We also released the Thaumaturgy Mystery Box with 38 new microtransactions.

We've been closely monitoring feedback about Delirium since its launch and have been discussing it among the team. We are currently preparing a development manifesto about the main concerns that people have, and expect to post this tomorrow (as we need to take today to investigate what options are available). Thank you for your patience!

Later this week on March 18th at 3pm PDT, we'll launch Path of Exile: Delirium on Xbox One and PlayStation 4! This update will also roll-in as many PC hotfixes as possible.

In the meantime, please report any problems you encounter in the bug reports forum. Thank you so much for your ongoing feedback and support!
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lol dank
Please get rid of the delirium debuffs. They're basically unnoticeable until it's too late and you're about to die.
You say you are listening to feedback but you clearly are not.

Time and time again we have raised the issue of visual clutter, one shots, exploding corpses and visuals that kill out FPS yet EVERY league you continue to disregard our issues and implement them.

How about you actually address why you keep putting these things in every league and totally disregarding our feedback?
Scene-wide one-shots, and after-death perma-dots.

Please do something about them, there's nothing that could be done to avoid that except going 10k-ehp-tank.
Delirium feels a bit unrewarding because in almost every map you do you get the rare armour/jewelery reward type instead of it being more mixed (harbinger, legion, delve, blight etc ..)

The ratio seems quite off
For the life of me, everytime I run through a delirium portal and kill the delirium spawn, nothing drops at all.

I am doing something wrong?
This is super buggy league, game freezes constantly and it's not network-related.
LOVE the mechanic and the challenge it brings... but please for the love of god give us a loot explosion after it ends so I don't have to re trace my steps after the fact for loot or risk dying. Also buff the loot please.
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
and i thought diablo devs werent in touch with their game.

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