The Thaumaturgy Mystery Box

it is funny how context and timing work. if this came out with the previous league i would have liked it. But at the moment i dont like it since it doesn't fit the current league theme at all.
Maybe i'll like it in the future when we get a science themed league again.
On a side note the random portals can we have a option to exclude some you dont like some and a option to include the generic portal in the pool?
i dont want to open boxes at all since im afraid ill open a portal i dont want to use at all.
LOL bleeding edge. Sick burn.
Much wow, that's some neat stuff.
Level 9999 Majin
there needs to be a way to deal with multiples. why exactly do I need 11 pairs of gloves?
IGN: Dundada
Is there a way to buy lab rat directly?
got a freaking wall ... :(
One of the best designed Themes by far!
It´s always a thing that people have different taste, you can love it or hate it, but you can´t say that this isn´t a well done job!
After Polaris theme was boring and uncreative, this is one is realy nice ;)
It´s only sad that you still can get dublicates.
Nobody needs 3 times of the same mtx, especially not when can´t do anything with the dublicates! It´s only wasted money then :( .

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