[3.10] Ice shot DEADEYE, easy content with right investment


you have a spare passive point left side of Herbalism. Just wanted to mention that!

hello, what content have you done with this setup? Thanks
Would u recommend Hyrri's Ire as a budget armor? need a couple more ex to get Fur+aspect of cat boots
For what i use Barrage? I Don't know when i use it, i shoot only with iceshot ..
How did you solve your mana issue? i have the same problem. only 655 mana left, so i cant use my Haste.

Assassin Bow
Unique ID: 6336e8442a8cf2dbc1031165f4bef1048a05754830159aa655b39edf59796d5a
Item Level: 84
Quality: 28
Sockets: W-G-R-G-R-G
LevelReq: 62
Implicits: 1
+25% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Adds 102 to 256 Physical Damage
80% increased Evasion Rating
Bow Attacks fire 2 additional Arrows
Every 16 seconds you gain Iron Reflexes for 8 seconds
30% more Damage with Arrow Hits at Close Range while you have Iron Reflexes
30% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed while you do not have Iron Reflexes
You have Far Shot while you do not have Iron Reflexes
30% more damage with attack skills
//30% increased attack speed

You have 30 % more damage with atack skills - i cant find it in trade ... ?


I have 2 variations of this build, one for MF and one for atlas/bossing.
I'm trying to work with cluster jewels.
Do you have any recommendations?
Seems like ranger can only really use the one jewel slot down at the bottom.
is there a cheap version of the rings?
You will never feel safe with this build, keeps dying getting 1 shot. no defensive layers. and i sunk probably a goot 50 ex into it atleast. waste of time if u ask me unless ur thinking of farming lower tier maps only. cant do a lot of the content. basically its afast moving build but if u ever hope reach level 100 u gotta go slow as fuck in the maps and waste time manually doging evething that comes at u. this is the first time i have done a build and been afraid of a normal tiny mob. there are better build out there i hope u find them.

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