[3.10] Ice shot DEADEYE, easy content with right investment

-Big damage (up to 16kk shaper DPS with barrage and up to 9kk ice shot map clear DPS)
-Can start a league (with a span of effectiveness increase with the right investments)
-Low hp
-Big investment (hard to get everything in the beginning of a league)



I've tried many bows during metamorph league such as death's opus, chin sol and even reach of the council (lol). Based on my observations and death's opus nerf, arborix is the best in slot.

For the helmet I'm going with the fractal thought (with either attack speed or additional barrage arrow enchant). It's a really good helmet which provides us with up to 40% crit mult and around 50% increased elemental damage with the amount of dexerity we gonna have.

For the armor we are going with farrul's fur (I know pretty expensive but amazing armor). It gives us variety of bonuses that are: frenzy and power charge generation plus free aspect of the cat (crit chance, "invisibility" and attack speed)

Rare boots with enough resistances, life and movement speed (can put elusive on top of that if rich)

Gripped gloves with culling strike, dex, phys convert craft (and +1 frenzy for lucky/rich guys). Remaining affixes up to you!

Belt is a stygian (for socket) with high life, WED, aspect of the cat(which can be on the boots or gloves instead!) and resistances.

For quiver I was using Hyrri's demise with point blank corrupt. It is a very good quiver but it can be switched with voidfletcher if you like!

Amulet is a pandemonius with throatseeker annointment.

Rings are circles of fear, which can be switched with well rolled opal rings with cold damage per frenzy charge, WED etc. (frostbite on hit is really good too!)

For the flask slots we use: Bottled faith, Cinderswallow urn(with crit), Dying sun, Atziri's promise and a diamond flask with anti-freeze. Those flasks provide us with huge damage increase. If you are not feeling safe with this flask setup you can always go for quartz flask etc.

Jewels we need:
-Watcher's eye - with hatred added flat cold and increased cold damage % or cold penetration (we don't need crit because without it we are sitting or around 90% effective crit chance)
-Intuitive leap (has corrupted blood to achieve more DPS with flasks) which lets us save 4 passive points.
-Lioneye's fall for those juicy claw passives
-Rare jewel with needed resistances and/or crit multiplier

Gem links
Everything can be seen in PoB and the items pasted here!

I will probably upload videos during deliruim league ( I was too lazy to make this post during metamorph and that's the cause of not having them now, sorry!

If you guys need any help let me know because it's delirium time and we all want to have a good time!
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What kind of gear is needed for comfortable mapping? What should I buy first? Where can I get solo target damage after acts?
At first you can use death's opus and hyrris demise, you can easily work up your gear from that point.
How do you levelling and gear-up this build? Can you give us a budget option before we can work toward targeted gears?
there's 2 other front page builds for this same thing. I dont know how they compare to this one or what this guy is doing different but i can say this. Iceshot dead eye can be an excellent build, but it can not be understated how much investment is needed for your single target to not feel like trash.

If all you want to do is clear maps fast, this'll do it without too much hassle and i bet if does pretty well at delirium and getting the loot stacks, if you want to clear maps fast AND take down end game bosses. Well, hope you've got some good RNG for drops/currency because you're gonna need it

nam9xz wrote:
How do you levelling and gear-up this build? Can you give us a budget option before we can work toward targeted gears?

You get iceshot like right away and can use it from act 1 onwards, add the appropriate links as you get the skills and sockets for them. Just upgrade your bow often. LMP/GMP until you have enough passive extra arrows to not need it. by the end of act 4 you should have GMP+Chain and that'll likely carry you to maps. Except story bosses will be hard to kill and take forever, probably gonna want some kind of barrage 4 link set up for that
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I was pretty much blasting through the content on a crappy 5 link with a chin sol. Before farrul just use hyrris ire, rings rare and hyrris demise. Get lioneyes fall for that claw leech. Flasks atziri>cinderswallow>dying sun>bottled faith. Switch chin sol to arborix as fast as you can so you can drop GMP from ice shot.
How is 16k and 9k big damage? my ele hit hits for 133k damage.
lsp wrote:
How is 16k and 9k big damage? my ele hit hits for 133k damage.

its kk dmg, so million, you missed three 0s
My Ice Shot Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2660684

Standard Crafting Service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2623978
Hey nice build quick question, are cluster jewels no good for bow builds in general?
IGN: McA_ArcTrap
Which cluster jewels and passive skills are strong for this build? and which talentpoints should I swap to invset in those cluster jewels ?

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