[3.10] MinMaxed Cold Snap/Vortex Life Based Staff Build Guide | All Content | Video | League Starter

is there a specific flask set up anywhere in this build guide or that is optimal for this build?
Obviously we have to know the numbers, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts on maybe using Wintertide brand instead of Cold Snap. Since Wintertide Brand applies a stacking DoT, it seems mechanically that it'll end up doing more single target DPS than cold snap. And brands are mechanically good for bosses anyway because they can't move away from it.

I'm particularly interested in your life-based tree because by going life you end up only 5 points away from Runebinder, so life based is uniquely positioned to make this switch.

Also I'm looking at your PoB and it shows you taking Arcane Vision and Elegant Hubris / Supreme Decadence. I don't understand; you only have 600 ES, why are you taking these? These seem like ES nodes.
Fascinating build, thanks for the detailed video guide!

Delirium was my first league, and poe was my first arpg since the first Diablo. I had a blast fumbling around with an ED/C trickster that carried me to 94, but I'm looking for something different for Harvest, and this might just do it. Fingers crossed for the patch notes, it seems those are big deal in this game. :-)
What about the usage of Cluster jeweles? Any recommondations? Must be insane....
Good guide and nice litte twist in this build. Good job!
gz on that build. I'm not sure I can handle all this on league start, but it sounds great.
Will you be updating the PoB to 3.11? since we lost alot of crit multi and they added new nodes? Thanks in advance
Any changes to this build? Thoughts on Wintertide?
Any updates for 3.12?

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