[3.10] MinMaxed Cold Snap/Vortex Life Based Staff Build Guide | All Content | Video | League Starter

This build is a life based occultist that uses both Cold Snap and Vortex jointly linked in a 5 link to both deal damage. The overlapping damage of the two 5 linked spells is far greater than what a single 6 link spell would provide. I use Arctic Breath to apply Bonechill. I also use a staff with an additional 6 link. In the staff I use Orb of Storms with 2-3 curses on hit, also used to proc elemental equilibrium and elemental overload for a massive damage boost.

I have league started with this build 3 times, going for a staff very early every time. I have iterated the build to be better and better over many leagues, in Metamorph league min-maxing it to near perfection.

My video covers everything in depth. Gear, Gems, Tree, and detailed League Start Leveling Guide.


3.8 million Shaper DPS with 4 curses. Path of building does not factor in timeless jewel or awakened curse on hit for 4th curse. Vaal Cold Snap does not have uptime in end game boss fights so it is not included in the DPS calculation.

Min-maxed Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/Jm336sA5
Leveling Trees Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/3dWvwXvk

Min-Maxed Gear


Vortex + Vaal Cold Snap + Efficacy + Awakened Controlled Destruction + Awakened Elemental Focus + Awakened Swift Affliction

Orb of Storms + Frostbite + Despair + Awakened Curse on Hit + Awakened Chain + Increased Critical Strikes

Arctic Breath + Faster Casting + Bonechill

Flame Dash + Faster Casting + Arcane Surge

Enfeeble + Awakened Blasphemy

Clarity / Malevolence / Enduring Cry / Vaal Grace

May add more to this later.
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Would you recommed this builod as a starter ?

Thinking about obliteration bane - ed .
Yes absolutely, a large portion of the video is dedicated towards how to league start with this build. This was my league start build for Synthesis, Blight, and Metamorph.
well i would be starting with your build, first to be a fan ! :D
:D good luck, have fun!
I am guessing that this is not made for Hardcore play, only SC as you only got 4k life?
I have 6k life on this character at level 100. It could be 6.5-6.6k life if I grabbed the scion life wheel over jewel sockets. I do play SC though and sought to maximize damage over survivability, but I believe this build is absolutely playable on hardcore.
Fantastic build!

Can you please add text descriptions in the thread the way Toaster does here in his 1st (top) post in the below link? Especially the way he lays out Progression & Skill Tree


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Thank you very much for your guide. Love it.
Just had to login to say job well done for the amazing video guide. I find it hard to play life-based witch in SSF but I appreciate the approach and the fact that it's not a cookie-cutter build. Cheers.

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