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Hi! I am maddingtonbear and i like to play PoE very much. I have tried many things in poe, but only 1 have been truly, truly, truly outrageous,Static strike.
This is my second static strike guide.
I've spent 600+ hours for legion to find out secrets of static strike.
All the information i have digged and tested, i am trying to place it here.
How i see it, static strike is one big mix of for off-meta power, fast clear and really fun play style. There is many different ways you can get this build work, tanky, balanced, high dps what ever we want.
Special thanks to talonaus86's Voidforge Static Strike Slayer who inspired me to make my own guide. And big thanks to players who have played this guide, evolved and made this better. You guys inspire me to continue!

Introduction to static strike 3.10 Delirium edition.
I will try to update this guide much as possible and my playing progress so you will get all the updated info and help you need. (Last update 11/3/2020)
I will dedicate my league playing for this guide and static strike.
You can follow my progress here and PoB.
I will add later all the versions of static strike builds i have on my mind but our number one is our league starter build. So lets go!
Static strike versions:
Maddington's raider voidforge static strike [3.8]

Static strike 1-h sword + shield | recokning / block / savior / Animate weapon??? (this guide)
Static strike 2-h crit voidforge duelist / ranger
Static strike dual wield gladiator.

ArcanicFlame's Inquisitor static strike (NEW!)

I didin't play last league and some people inspired me come back again and update the guide. So 3.10 delirium here we come! This time we will dive in the world of duelist.. gladiator. We are going to be unkillable.. fast as lightning.. and have really fun build to play with.
We will aim for reckoning counterattack + static strike build. So we block everything.. we speed clear everything. Yeah. Much can change during this league but i will update everything here. These are our starters so lets go!

+ Off-meta, static builds have almost extinct in PoE.
I have always liked to try new things and that's why i count this for pros, its making game more interesting.
+ Very fast clear.
+ Very satisfying and fun playstyle. You just hit and start running and everybody is dead.
+ Tanky
+ ALL-CONTENT. Fast and smooth delve, fast map farming, lab & endgame content all doable. (Haven't yet try Sirus tho yet)
+ Beginner friendly. This build is good for beginners and also old timers who seek new aspects for the game.
+ Balanced build. We can get really high dps and defence.
+ I will update active this guide and try to help all who needs advice.
+ You can use static strike since level 12

- Need few items to pop up at late game, but all items can be farmed or bought. We could have expensive items but we dont need those necessarily.
- Struggle elemental reflection maps.

Player reviews(last league)
hashmalin wrote:
This is a review of the build:


Time played:

Well. Have you ever wondered if Flash and Thor had a baby? (I know, biology doesn't work like that) Or even Sonic had babies? (the new movie sux yeah).


Here's the answer:

This build works like a charm inside a Blight/Blighted Map.
Random person: BuT i ThInK VeNoM aNd DivInE Iz BeTtAr.

Quick review TL:DR :
Fun: *****
Clear Speed: *****
Survivability: ***** (Well, is acro anyway, L2P THE GAME ya scrub)
Bossing: ***** (This is not a 50m DPS build and you have to swap gems)
Cost: ***** (With 5ex you could do wonders)
Overall: *****
(You will feel frustrated at the beginning when bossing, i know)

Finished Zana Quest Line (23/09/2019)

i just like to show up hehe and i'm rich becuz thiz build ya nubs PLIS SOMEONE BUY ME STASH TABS OR MTX halp!

Current Gear:

My great thanks to maddingtonbear as he helped me with this and we're trying to evolve this build.

Peace out!

my character right now:


POB Link:

How to play it?
Always before engage, use blood rage, needed flasks and then jump with leap slam in to group of enemies, hit once and start phasing around enemies and all near you will just blow up. You can also use phasing for fast movement, or escape. You will make your own art of destroying enemies with static and find out how satisfying playstyle this is. I will also introduce counter block in this league. Basicly you just stand still.. get some cofee ..!
You need to hit just once, and then again reset your beams with hit when its safe. When you go for tough rares / bosses use your totem and continue attacking or if you need to dodge much attacks then hit when you can and run around. Static strike unique playing style allows you to go pretty free and block everything while still doing tons of damage.

This is straight loan from Talonaus86 guide
"The gem interaction between Static Strike and Phase Run is unique in that the Static Strike beams can gain the DPS bonus from Phase Run for the full duration of Phase Run.
This, and the fact that the Static Strike beam attack rate is not dependent on attack speed, is what makes this build strong and special."
I can't explane it better so i will give all honors for talonaus.

Skill tree / PoB
I will update PoB and this guide all time when im playing.
Here will be guide for leveling and my progress steps.
There is 136/123 talent points, because there is options for you to choose of.
Everything there is good, you can follow my line or get idea from those.
Here is endgame PoB link: https://pastebin.com/ZVv7k6mC
(updated 05/04/2020)

Leveling Progress / current gear Delirium
11.03.2020 Writing really fast this guide..
13/03 Log in queue.
14/03 Got my static strike - lvl 22 now and its pretty easy.. take life / mana leech node and heading for winter spirit. This is going smoothest than ever.
14/03 Act 4 - really easy for now. Saving all currency and heading for atlas.
Using 2x 1-handed swords, static - dash - ancestral protector
14/15/03 act 8 - running some tests with diffrent skill gems. Atm trying static strike with cast on critical strike and wave of convict. Pretty fun! No struggle, some deaths from delirium. Got tabula rasa early so it was big help.
15/03 Around level 70. Stopped my tests swapped my proper gems. 150k DPS and life is good.
15/03 75 level. First temple done, easy. First 1-3 tier maps no problem. Clearing beach in like few min.
17/03 Got some nice gear and currency! Gears will be updated here now.
22/03 Finally got the surrender shield. Life is good.

My current gear:

My first static strike gif.. old.
DPS and other explanations

- Do not believe what your in game dps calculations tells you.
Mine shows at the moment 50k when my true dps is 500k.
- Most of the people use path of building where you can get pretty clean calculations and also specific dps.
- Also we need to remember add correct settings for enemies and flasks etc. You can check mine from PoB link.


I will add later more and more what i have on my mind but for now because we are short in time for league starting i will write what are we looking for.
Weapons: We will use 1-handed sword and shield. Best options are wich we aim for The Saviour and The Surrender. Those are expensive very late game options, mean while we can use other cheaper stuff.
I will update those here later.

Head I suggest rare helmet. We can make it by our self or buy it. What we are looking is life, resistance balance and Static Strike has +2 maximum Beam Target enchant.
We can start with these and try to get best possible rolls.
We can use shaper / elder items too and Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet for tough guys who like dmg. Abyssus is risk to use,but we are going to be tough guys so we can use it.
Everything is possible. I will try to get much more options for you guys to use!

Always good option, Tombfists with 2 abyssal sockets are really great but expensive so you can go with 1 socket.
These gloves are really great and nice for budget. Corrupted version can acquire us Elemental Weakness curse on hit wich is really powerfull.
This is example, we can play with crit, shaper, elder items.
There is always good option use rare gloves.
We can get what we want, life, resists, missing int maybe some dmg.

Boots I prefer rare boots. We can get so much resists, life, movement speed all nice things with rare boots. Example

I will add more options and examples later.

Armour Our standard goal is Loreweave.
Its easy to acces because "This item can be acquired by vendoring 60x Unique Rings." so we can get it from recipe. We can also buy it from markets.
Well rolled rare chest is really doable too. Better maybe at late game.

I am using mostly rare stygian vise. Abyssal socket is nice buff
for us and we can get huge amount of life, resists and elemental damage to our belt. I think there is few unique belts that could work Head Hunter maybe..

Rings I have used mark of the elder ring + rare shaper ring, The Taming Prismatic Ring and just double rare rings.
Both ways working nicely. Also circle of quilt is really nice.
I personally maybe prefer rare rings, we can get exactly what we want.
I like balanced build so i like to balance stats with rings, life, resists, then we can add some phy dmg to attacks / elemental damage / critical strike chance, critical strike multiplier.
We can keep upgrade our rings long away for endgame because really good rare rings cost a lot.

These are some example rings, just showing where we are going.

Amulet Rare amulets are really stong. We can again keep balancing our stats. There is also good place to add some phy dmg, ele dmg, crit chanse and multiplier. Still always life resists go first.
There is some interesting unique amulets too what we can use.

There is some examples again

I will update these better. I just try to wrap something up before start!

Gems (Will be changes)

6-link chest / sword
Static strike, melee physical damage support, elemental damage with attacks support,fortify, damage on full life support, chain.
other options:hypothermia, close combat. Chain for big aoe.
We might need swap ruthless support for harder bosses for more damage.
Ancsteral call ? Multi strike ? In testing.

6/4-link chest / sword
Ancestral Warchief, Elemental damage with attacks, melee physical damage support, hyphotermia support, ruthless support, maim support
other options:I strongly recommend to try Vaal version of ancestral warchief, i liked it better late game.
talounaus86 used concerated effect support, its good.

4-link boots / helmet / gloves
Leap slam, Endurance Charge on Melee Stun Support, blood rage, phasing
oether options: You can use dash, any movement skill what you like. I like the combination of leap slam and endurance charge on mele stun.
We can jump in and start phasing. (Changes inc maybe)

4-link boots / helmet / gloves
Hatred, Herald of purity, war banner, englihten support
other option: you can use banner for your prefer blood and sand (my choise), flesh and stone.
4-link boots / helmet / gloves
Cast when damage taken, steel skin, precision (changes inc)

other options We can mix up gem orders this is something i made up. If you don't wanna use enlighten you can swap it with precision.
We can also re-organize blood rage and phasing to add some support gems to leapslam (faster attacks, blood magic) or (increased duration) for blood rage + phasing.

Jewels / Flask

Flask There is many options, i like to use Diamond Flask for lucky crit strike. Lion's Roar will give nice damage boost and also 3000+ armour.
Then we can use The wise oak bishmut flask its nice mix up for damage and balancing resists. I like to use also 1 quick silver flask for going fast.
Last flask choice is kind of optional what you like to use, i prefer 1 panic health flask like example Blood of the Karui flask.
We can add some nice immune / remove effect for flasks too. It will help you at many situations, example you open strong box and it will freeze you, but
you have immune to freeze at some flask you can use it before box explode and day saved. I will add more options later too.

Some example flasks.

Jewels increased maximum life, critical strike chance / multiplier for one-handed melee weapons,
critical strike multiplier with elemental skills, melee criticial strike chance. There is many options, always increased maximum life is good but you can also go full damage modifiers.
Abyssal jewel we use murderous eye and stat options would be life, physical damage, gain phy dmg as extra fire damage
chance to gain unholy might for # seconds on meleekill
increased critical strike chance if you haven't dealt a critical strike recently , increased damage if you've killed Recently
, critical strike multiplier if you've killed recently
So there is alot of options what we can use.

There is examples.

Cluster jewels

I tried to gather some good clusters - i rated with stars. There might be more good ones but those were good wich i picked. Ask if something bothers !
Prodigious Defence ****
Strike Leader ****
Precise Retaliation ****
Gladiator's Fortitude ****

Force Multiplier ***
Precise Commander ***
Pressure Points ****

Magnifier **
Basics of Pain ***
Eye of the Storm **
Calamitous **
Devastator *
Sadist **
Doryani's Lesson **
Disorienting Display *
Snowstorm **
Supercharge *
Cold to the Core *
Cold-Blooded Killer *
Thunderstruck **
Blast-Freeze **
Overshock *

Bandits, Ascendancy,Pantheon & enchants

Bandits Kill all for 2 extra points or help alira. I personally like take 2 extra points.

Major god will be Arakaali (Soul of Lunaris i think its viable too)
Minor god

Ascendancy Start here: Pain forge > versatile combatant -> Violent retalation -> arena challenger

These are first potential amulent ehchants with oils.
Static Blows, Teal Oil - Violet Oil - Crimson Oil
20% increased Shock Duration on Enemies
40% increased Critical Strike Chance against Shocked Enemies
30% increased Damage if you have Shocked an Enemy Recently
30% increased Effect of Shock

Blade of Cunning, Sepia Oil - Azure Oil - Silver Oil
20% increased Physical Damage with Swords
40% increased Critical Strike Chance with Swords
+15% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Swords
20% increased Damage with Ailments from Attack Skills while wielding a Sword

Fatal Blade
, Amber Oil - Opalescent Oil - Opalescent Oil
10% increased Damage with Swords
60% increased Critical Strike Chance with Swords
+30% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Swords
10% increased Damage with Ailments from Attack Skills while wielding a Sword

Ring enchants i haven't checked properly yet good enchants, i have my self meteor tower buff.
Head enchant - static maximum beams targets + 2
Boots enchants - your choice / i like cold damage to attacks buff.

(might be outdated i will update all better during league) But these should lead to the right direction)

Leveling / Playing TIPS

-https://imgur.com/a/AHjUtuk Wich way to start level your talents.
First to the right red way and then left togreen.
-I started with frost blades and dual swords.
-You will get static strike at level 12. After completing The Siren's Cadence Act 1 you can buy static strike from Nessa. You will reward it too with templar, marauder and scion from same quest.

-Use 2 speed potions and only static big groups for experience. My goal is just get atlas fast as possible. If you are new player or just like to keep things slower you can clear all monsters and get level lead from monsters.

-Try to get some health and you can play any weapon you like. I started with dual swords.

-You shouldn't have problems if you get few starting items(you can buy with few alch from shop or make your own gear with recipes) and keep it simple hit and run.

-You can try to get some nice rare 1-handed swords / unique

-If you feel like you need to spam flasks all the time you should take some life leech from tree. It helped me alot.

-There is many good starter unique items (cant link those for some reason)
Tabula rasa, prismweave rusticsash, unique leather belt with mana / life leech, there is few good rings that you can use too. Those most commons what will drop.
This ring is the most epic<3

-Important thing you must complete all side quests too, you get good rewards.

-If you struggle some bosses try to hit and jump around, don't stand still, you will kill it at some point. If it feels like you get killed a lot take life nodes and add life / resists to gear.

-Most important things at boss fights you need to know tactics (shaper, guardians, all). It's half win if you know what to do.

-NEW PLAYERS , check vendor recipes from PoEwiki https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Vendor_recipe_system there is many helpfull recipes what you can use!

-Later game you will wonder how you can manage all your auras? I don't have mana? Keep your precision aura at level 1, do not level up it. (nerfed)

- build path inc.

Help me to make this guide better and share your experiences!

Q & A

Q:Gem orders? A: static, melee phy dmg, ele dmg, fortify / hypo. When you have enough life leech you can add damage on full life.

Videos / GIFS

Old stuff. New videos coming :)
Shaper realm first video!

Change log:
10/03/2020 thinked it..
11/03/2020 made it. The guide.
12/03/2020 Added standard gear
13/03/2020 Added start talents + Added cluster jewels with star ratings.

Please give me feedback, ask anything. Im here for you <3 You can ask here, PM or whisper ingame (maddingtonbear). This is my SECOND guide and i hope you like it. Remember, WORK IN PROGRESS. Good luck and have fun !
maddingtonbear with love.

I will be at online during launch week-end everyone can ask help during playing. I will be your static strike support<3

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Last bumped on Jul 6, 2020, 1:30:03 PM
Nice one! definitly giving this a go. cant wait for more updates on the guide. keep up the good work!
I cannot wait to use this build during Delirium - this is one of the skills I love playing. Such a good playstyle and off-meta as well. I look forward to seeing this build!
Thank you for your post! I will get this little bit better and more clear during start and will update here all the time =)

+ i runned my test build t16 map yester day, it was pretty fast and 0 deaths.
I try to get some video from it!
Last edited by maddingtonbear on Mar 12, 2020, 1:24:12 AM
I think i'll try your build for league start, never tried this spell looks cool!
Awà wrote:
I think i'll try your build for league start, never tried this spell looks cool!

Nice to hear that! You will love it

Im going to be live when poe league launch and i will support everyone ingame who needs help =)
Very cool, but were you aware there was already a static strike glad guide up? No worries, the more the merrier! GL on league start.
Very cool, but were you aware there was already a static strike glad guide up? No worries, the more the merrier! GL on league start.

Oh, static strike havent be this populas since ever then? :D I checked your guide and made me wanted to try that too, looks good!
Good luck exile and fellow static striker.
I do wonder how this will be for single target dps. Metamorph & sirus. But sounds like it should be a decent league start. Until getting a white socket, i think swapping between chain & close combat probably makes the most sense.
agm_ultimatex wrote:
I do wonder how this will be for single target dps. Metamorph & sirus. But sounds like it should be a decent league start. Until getting a white socket, i think swapping between chain & close combat probably makes the most sense.

This was pretty fast wrap up for start. I runned some tests with standard, i saw single dps wasnt that good yet.
I still missed warchief totem wich is huge buff and all jewels.
Also we have very much new things at new league, wich will change our talents.
I am not satisficed for low dps, so im getting my way to rise numbers!

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