Cluster Jewels and their Notables

darkdragon321 wrote:
Clarification with regards to Hollow Palm Technique,is the wording OR in unencumbered mean that I am unencumbered if I don't have an offhand (say like a quiver)? Or does this mean I need to not have glove, main and offhand at the same time?

Hollow Palm Technique
You count as Dual Wielding while you are Unencumbered
60% more Attack Speed while you are Unencumbered
14 to 20 Added Attack Physical Damage per 10 Dexterity while you are Unencumbered

(You are Unencumbered while you have no Equipped Gloves, Main Hand Item, or Off Hand Item)

unencumbered= you carry NOTHING in your hands or ANY GLOVES
its pretty clear if you ask me.
no quiver, no dagger, no shield, nothing
doryanis fists are something, so get rid of this thought too, because they are gloves
If I understood the way these cluster jewels work correctly, I can now get some random small cluster jewel, scour it then use alteration orbs until I get "Will Shaper" and boom! I got myself a mana to energy shield watcher's eye at a very low cost.

It's only 5%, only goes in outer sockets and costs a few more points but I can use as many as I like as long as I can find the sockets and points to fuel them.

I think I get where all the nerfs to mana guardian where coming from now.

I'm still upset by all the nerfs to survivability but I'll keep fighting against one-shots and these jewels will certainly help.
dylogys wrote:
why is flexible sentry straight weaker then flexible form????????

you are confusing dodge and block i guess
"Kineticism" might be bugged, not sure if its just too much for the server to handle in a short span of time. But I crash frequently w/ this trait.
My build is Spectral throw + GMP, and my attacks per second is 3.33 unbuffed.

I will randomly crash when fighting mobs, when unskilling "Kineticism" it seems to go away.

Seems kind of strange to me how "Kineticism" makes SP a single impact projectile. If it pierces then doesnt Ball lightning? Why doesnt SP get any benefits from pierce, but gets the pierce neg from the "Kineticism" trait?
Demn, clusters so cool, but lack of points drives me nuts
Is there any way to know which of these are medium, large or small????? that really should be in the descriptions

Does the same notable stack??
For example if I have 2 Stoic Focus (+4% to block ...) do i get total of 8?

Currently i do not see this happening?
When i cyclone i on;y see the number go up by 4.
you should update this page
Why poedb shows different stats for the notables? is this outdated?
I Am a Ninja
Update this page PLEASE
it's a fantastic source for cluster jewels... the best actually. Very well done. Except for the outdated parts =(

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