[3.10] Stone Golem Golemancer Build -DELIRIUM-BALANCED- ALL CONTENT -Everything Dies-Huge Damage

Fun build, expensive to top out with awakened gems like most builds now. Anyone interested in checking my build to see any way to improve lmk.
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For the non-brass dome, MoM original idea what i also figured is

Granite flask gives you 90% reduction against "small" hits only : we probably don't care too much about them right? Its pretty in the tooltip for sure.

Basalt gives flat 15%

in my configuration in PoB a 6000 damage hit:

13% reduction from granite
15% reduction from basalt

6000 is not a big hit am i right? Only 600 damage if its reduced by 90%. you wont ever notice with the crazy regen
The benefice of granite goes down with the damage ups: a 10K hit damage gives only 9% reduction.

so in the end i feel like a granite + jade + basalt (with the movement affix to not snail around) is a good choice as the speed of quicksilver flask is overkill imo in endgame delirium content & really reduced death
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im loving this build!
for the first time i beat simu wave 20(got wave 18 double boss,died mostly to omnipohbia bullshit spikes flying). would have been easier if i had minion wand and not clayshaper :)
but so far the build carried me real good considering my 3k life pool for it
Infl3x wrote:

I picked up 4 large cluster jewels in my tree. The jewels can be crafted relatively cheaply if you can snag a deal on a good base. Look for 8 added passive skills and increased minion damage base. You should be able to hit what you want chaos spamming (I averaged about 40 chaos per jewel). If you alt spam + regal then it's even cheaper but you lose 1 notable. Or just buy a 4 affix one.

3 of the following:

1 notable don't care
Feasting Fiends
2 added passives are sockets

1 of the following:

1 notable don't care
Feasting Fiends
Rotten Claws
2 added passives are sockets


am I missing something on crafting the cluster jewels? I picked up a base really cheap and have hit it with 100 chaos and gotten nothing but crap. maybe 20 of the hundred had the needed 2 sockets and none of those had feasting / renewal or feasting / rotten combination. would have even accepted a rotten / renewal combination for one of the jewels I intend to make but didn't see that either.

edit -- when I filtered in PoE trade, I made sure it was "adds 8 passive skills" and was at least level 75 which should allow for all the needed notables + 2 sockets. this one is item level 79 but it doesn't state that it requires level 60 though I would swear it did when I bought it. is that because the current crap roll on it has only 1 socket instead of 2?
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Just buy the jewels if you have the $. Unfortunately they are pricey since many have quit until next league. I tried making them, took forever and was boring as hell. Here are the searches.


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Looking forward to seeing any changes for next league!
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recommend a 1H mace for +4 lvl and 7 link
I'm planning playing this build next league, but i've never farmed the Primordial jewels before, so where I can farm the jewels and it is worth to focus on that or I should just focus on making currency and then buy the core jewels?


Might need to try your version next league purely because of the mobility.

Your pastebin doesn't work for me.

What would you change if you wanted to run Carrion Golem? How would you squeeze in the Stone Golem?

You can save a socket by giving your Animate Guardian Vulnerability on hit gloves.
Looking to try this in the league how far in are guys getting in mines?

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