Atlas Changes in 3.10.0

I am impressed about all the whining....
The solution is simple, if not easy.

Remove maps. Keep the atlas.

You can unlock a region and play it as many times as you want (like story areas.) But you use the atlas and items to control that experience.

Put a button on map tabs "Delete for points."
Too much censorship that you never even see. Totally removed posts and silenced accounts across all communities.
We need to seriously consider a boycott of GGG. They went too far.
Cant wait to tune in into any streamers stream and see the outcries in their chat of how to un fuck their atlas.

No Carto Seals needed btw.
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3.10 GGG : We don't like that Cartographer's Seals go against the natural progression of your Atlas.

3.11 : Remove regret orbs. GGG : We don't like that Regret orbs go against the natural progression of your Passive Skill Tree
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Dear GGG, can you please integrate AUTOCOLLECT for SPLINTERS, PLEEAAASEE! TY
Bex_GGG wrote:
[...]Playing through the Atlas in 3.10.0 will still result in a flood of maps compared to pre-3.9.0 Path of Exile[...]

Well that's interesting, because all additional sources of maps like cartographer's strongbox, blight cysts or legion chest did barely drop maps, if all watchstones were socketed. Unlocking the higher tier versions of maps should not restrict the drop possibility of the lower tiers. You still could balance the droprate of the different tiers depending on the number of socketed watchstones.

Ironically, this doesn't count for unique maps. If there's a determinitic way to get a unique map e.g. selling the four staffs for vinktar square or a div card, you'll always get the lowest possible tier of that map, even if the related region is upgraded.

Not speaking of the map migration...

So, I am kinda anxious how this is going to turn out. >.>
Processing tuned down tempest shield MTX [pending...]
"Some of our team members finished the league with a many hundreds of excess tier 14 maps in their stash."

I love that one really. I can imagine what my boss d do reading such shit i wrote to the client, where i say as an answer to their popular demand about shitty change to soft or whatever - "nope guys sorry, couple of our testers find that now after we will have 200% performance, change is good and you are wrong (fuck off)". You look like fools now, you could at least lie that "based on whatever statistics" or something.

Also, i have played since beta and i never liked master missions except zana. So obvious and so simple, never wanted to do that shit, never cared to do daily missions to reach top tier. Now what i read - to access stuff you want to do (i want to do maps!) i need to play stuff i hate (stupid master missions).
Fuck that really i have never seen any game with such retarded design. Or wait sorry ive seen, you guys remember d3, you actually had to pay more gold to repair gear than you found? XD. I d like to point out "how" that and other "features" impacted franchise we all loved.

Lastly; nobody cares, nobody will ikno, i still most likely ll drop new league after hitting red wall within 2 weeks or smth.
Regarding the amplified map mods that make certain build focuses unplayable, I feel that the "Monsters cannot be Stunned" map modifier should be looked at so that stun builds aren't forced to reroll that mod on top of reflect or other must-reroll mods. I'm aware that the Awakening bonus doesn't affect the Stun immunity mod, but I feel like the builds that fully spec into Stun should still be able to stun some monsters despite an adverse map mod.

Perhaps Stun as a mechanic needs to be revisited, but something scale-able like "Monsters have +X% Stun Threshold" or better yet "X% less Stun duration on monsters" would go a long way to make Stun better and make increased Stun Duration on the tree and gear feel worth picking up. New fun and unique ways to play with stun would be amazing as well; something like "Gain %Armour equal to X% of your weapon's total Stun Duration" or "You have X% less Stun Duration. Enemies take Y% increased damage for every second they have been Stunned" or "Gain increased effects of non-damaging ailments equal to X% of your weapon's total Stun Duration".

Ideally there is a way to rework Stun so that it's not so black-and-white (either perma-stunning or doing nothing); some middle ground where players (and monsters) can only stun every so often, but gain massive benefits from landing a stun (on top of the already useful crowd control it provides).
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Reflect damage is pure toxic cancer waste of time. This is a fossil of an old era. You had your cute little fun with making people die with this pure cheese tactic mod. Get rid of it.

Cannot regenerate Mana/Life/Energy shield is obnoxious toxic cancerous map mod. Complete and total nonsensical cheese mod showing lazy design effort without thinking about repercussions to builds.

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