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Sizzlebuzz wrote:
Would 40% increased animate weapon damage or carrion golem 150% buff be the best for a helmet enchant?

carrion golem
Back here with my end of league report :) so basically as GGG said there was no balance changes - I decided to continue play the same build. I tried to improve it as much as I could and push defense to the limit (while keeping dps mostly the same).
- 6k life
- 75/77 block
- 88 max elemental res
- aegis aurora with 50k armour + 1.5k ES
- 3 minimum endurance charges
- 100% reduced extra damage from crits

- 25kk pinnacle boss damage :)

All non-uber content is easily doable obviously, as for uber bosses:
- uber cortex is the easiest, I think. Done only once but without any issues and with 1 death only. I don't think you need a minmaxed build for it, can be done on a budget.
- uber sirus is doable but I hate this fight. You can't see shit and just have to run in circles and avoid DOTs. Minions often die in the labirynt there but luckily you can ran away and resummon AWs. Also it managed to kill my AG once, not sure how :(
- uber shaper doable but you and your minions must have a lot of cold res, as close to 90 as possible. Achievable with Purity of Ice and minion defense mastery for minion max res. Without it minions just die faster than you can summon them.
- uber uber elder is similar to uber shaper
- uber eater one shotted me 3 times while I damaged like 5% of his HP, didn't try ever since :)

all in all I do not recommend it for top boss content, I feel for all currency I poured into this build I could create much more capable boss killer. While my gear is not fully minmaxed yet (weapon suffixes, rings, watchers eye) - I don't think it will change much.
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I copied your other build for the most part (67/75 and 80 chaos res with 5600 hp and 950 regen) and it does very well with mapping and non uber bosses. I agree though, I have put 500ex+ into this build and I could have made two uber boss killers for the same price. But I have fun with it, so whatever. I doubt I will change to aegis build but if you see anything on my character I can improve feel free to tell me.

I appreciate you posting your defensive builds though. It really gave me a direction to push this character in after I quit when they nerfed the game a while back.
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Thanks for the kind words! I've checked your profile and the only thing I'd change is the helmet. It seems like it's from another build? For this one damage multipliers don't make sense and Minion Damage Support actually reduces life of your minions making them more squishy (including AG!). You need only life, minion life support and more defensive/resist mods (minion level is optional as you already reach 25lvl for spectres). Also you have armour suffixes on two flasks - they do not sum up so you can replace one with anything else.
And super jealous on your weapon suffixes, almost BiS :) I was unlucky with Aisling slams this league...
Oh, right. Very good call on that. Yeah a +3 with minion life would be easy and honestly the +3 would be optional because of the life they would get just losing the minion damage support. And yeah it was from before the big nerf. I had zombies in it and they cleared enemy groups instantly. With what I know now I would have never got that particular helmet and I would have focused on AG earlier (I didn't like the gear system it has), but you live you learn.
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I am running AW with necromantic aegis and light of lunaris on a build in Standard. Trying to make a boss killer then back down the DPS to make it more survivable. Necromantic Aegis doesn't seem to apply to AW? POE is confusing in this regards as it should apply but it doesn't feel like 1.4 million DPS per AW. Ignore the main weap on my necro I just swapped my wand to another char and it's just filler. Anyways wondering if you know if Necro Aegis works or not with AW. Feels slower than my Mage skellie build on this char using the same basic scheme that was similar damage (but their clear and aggressiveness is contraindicative for glass canon build imo). The damage is great for clear but not the insta delete you would expect on bosses.

BTW going about building this character by maxing damage then backing it down slowly and adding survivability to the minions then myself (in that order). Using rippy stuff for testing like corrupted t16 essences and the stupid crafting gardens of death (lol) with mods like doubled essence monsters etc. Doesn't feel like 20-30 million DPS atm (a lot of buttons and getting the absolute top damage is dependent on so many little things tbh). Feels like 5to 10ish which is more in line with necromantic aegis doing nothing. Anyone know?
The only issue I have with the build now is how slow it feels. I need to run minion speed support to run any maps lol. I also switched to divergent tempest shield since I wasn't sure if shock was doing anything on tempest shield?
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DocArrive, here to yoink some knowledge for poison Anime weapon. And I really love the detailed guide you have put out❤
How does unholy might work with cold based triad grips? I'm kind of tied to necromancer so all I can go for is that or bone barrier. It looks like this may not be viable at all due to the frenzy and power charge changes. I'll see in a few days I guess.
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MikeDCold wrote:
How does unholy might work with cold based triad grips? I'm kind of tied to necromancer so all I can go for is that or bone barrier. It looks like this may not be viable at all due to the frenzy and power charge changes. I'll see in a few days I guess.

Take Bone Barrier instead, the extra minion HP is helpful and the buff is good to put on left-click.

The new minion gear helps offset the loss from charges. Get some good minion rings with damage and it should still clear fine.

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