[3.10] Aziire's Divine Ire Inquisitor - Doryani's Fist, Kamehameha!!!!!!!

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Tier 15 Siege + Baran the Crusader

Build List:

Build Intro:
True Dragonball style. Using Doryani's Fist we can blast Divine Ire with our bare hands, because who needs wands/sceptres. We convert the 50% Physical Damage from Divine Ire to Lightning thanks to Stormcharger and a Watcher's Eye. We further boost our damage by then converting this huge Lightning Damage we have to Cold with a trusty Call of the Brotherhood. True elemental power wielded by the hand of this long neck no pants Templar boy. With a really solid AoE, big chungus damage, and everything else that is juicy we clap packs like Donkey Kong.

This build is a moderately expensive build, with very end game gear being expensive (as always). It is very easy to follow as a beginner, with simple game play mechanics and levelling trees. I hope you enjoy the build!

If you want to see the build in action, or prefer video build guides over written then the best place to do so is on my YouTube links above/below (my one moment to sell out). I also check this forum daily so if you have any questions, build related or not, just leave a reply and I'll respond fairly quickly. If you are big brain 500 iq and find someway to improve the build let me know, I'm not perfect.

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/aziire

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7vLIcfmXcyxst2uhc9woSg

Latest Updates / 3.10 Delirium
3.10 brings us juicy new passive points through the new Cluster Jewels. I have made tier lists for these passives and what you want to aim for in this build. These are in their own section just below the Levelling Trees.

I have also added a Cluster Jewel Tree with spare points (9 spare at Level 90) which can be allocated towards some Jewels. This is both in the Path of Building Tree section and linked in the guide.

Otherwise our Z fighter has gone untouched. Go mad in Delirium with ya bare hands and tear em apart. Post a reply to this forum if you have any questions. Have a good League Start :D

P.S. I'll be League Starting Kinetic Bolt, build on YouTube and in my build guide list. Also a super juicy meme character coming at the end of week 1.

- Very simple game play, just blast them with Divine Ire
- Mix of damage means more Ailments we apply
- Well balanced Ascendancy
- Big AoE with a fast Cast Rate is orgasmic

- I like using Uniques so my version isn't SSF Viable (Easily interchangeable gear)
- No insane levels of mitigation, so be prepared to get clapped if brain afk
- Will probably get boring quick for a lot of people who like more complicated builds
- You don't get Divine Ire until Act 3, so you have to use something else first

- Just under 4 Million per hit at 20 Stages
- 10+ Cast Rate, so an absolute machine gun of a Divine Ire
- 600%+ Critical Strike Multiplier
- We ignore the Enemies resistances thanks to Ascendancy
- 60 AoE, our beam almost reaches the edge of the screen

- 6,000 Effective Health Pool
- 350+ Life Regen and 200 Energy Shield Regen
- We also leech at roughly the same rates
- 40% Block Chance
- Immune to Elemental Ailments thanks to Ascendancy

I've designed the build around Level 90, as that's what I aim for as a Build Guide Standard. I have a Level 100 Tree, which mostly just consists of extra Jewel slots and Life. If you are following the tree in Path of Building, then you can simply go to the bottom left to switch to the levelling trees I have created. Level 100 is purely Luxury but there just in case. I also have a Cluster Jewel Tree variant, and I explain which notables to look for below these trees.

Eramir is our Bandit of choice. The 2 Passive Points are just so good we can't give them up. In 3.10 Delirium this is even more the case with the addition of Cluster Jewels. Alira is also a good choice as it is a similar DPS increase, and she also provides Elemental Resistances. I choose the former so I don't need to level as much. Choose the latter if you want an easier time gearing.

Level 21 Tree: Click Here | Progressing through Act 2 | Help Eramir

Level 34 Tree: Click Here | Up to Dominus

Level 45 Tree: Click Here | Up to Act 5 Kitava | Should have your first 2 Ascendancy Points

Level 63 Tree: Click Here | Up to Blood Aqueducts | Should have 4 Ascendancy Points

Level 75 Tree: Click Here | Up to Maps | Should have 6 Ascendancy Points

Level 90 Tree: Click Here | End Game | Core Build Done, Should have 8 Ascendancy Points.

Level 100 Tree: Click Here | Normal Tree | Final few nodes & Life

Level 100 Tree: Click Here | Cluster Tree | 19 Spare points for Cluster Jewels

Cluster Jewels:

TLDR: Very strong options with Channelling. Worth getting a good Jewel.
Cluster Jewels are one of the biggest additions to the game in terms of build making. While this is a small nightmare to trawl through as a build maker, it is amazing for content and diversity. If I was to go into detail about every passive that was good for us I wouldn't have enough forum characters. Instead I am going to make a Tier List for both Offense and Defense passives so it is easier to see what is best for this build. Tiers will go from S > A > B > C. For the most value try and aim for Jewels with S and or A tier Notables, if they are affordable. Open images in a new tab if it is too small on the site.




TLDR: Sanctuary > Pious Path > Righteous Providence > Inevitable Judgement

Choosing Inquisitor is fairly obvious for Divine Ire as it synergises so well with Elemental Skills, especially when you want to go Crit. With how big our Damage can get Crit is just good option to go. Big Crits, Big hits.

Sanctuary gives us Consecrated Ground around us while stationairy, Regenerate 15 Mana per Second while on Consecrated Ground and Consecrated ground we create applies 10% increased Damage taken to Enemies.

We travel this part of the Ascendancy first as the early benefits to regeneration is a massive help early on in the game. Thanks to the Mana regeneration we get from this point we can comfortably put our Auras on as soon as we get the gems (and this point naturally).

Pious Path allows us to Regenerate 200 Energy Shield per Second while on Consecrated Ground, 20% increased Attack and Cast Speed while on Consecrated Ground, Consecrated Ground we create grants Immunity to Elemental Ailments to us and Allies and Effects of Consecrated Ground we create Linger for 4 seconds.

As we enter the later acts this is an awesome point to pickup. Our Energy Shield Regeneration is practically the same as our Energy Shield, meaning it is almost instantly full. On top of this the 20% Cast Speed is a big boost, and allows us to machine gun through the rest of the campaign, especially Blood Aqueducts.

Righteous Providence gives 100% increased Critical Strike Chance against Enemies that are affected by no Elemental Ailments, +45% to Critical Strike Multiplier against Enemies that are affected by Elemental Ailments and 20% increased Effect of non-Damaging Ailments on Enemies.

The perfect boost to our dps for Mapping. With a huge boost to our Crit Chance we practically blast everything away, especially combined with ever growing Critical Strike Multiplier. Doing 100% Elemental Damage also boosts our damage immensely as we get the +45% Critical Strike Multiplier against Enemies that are affected by Elemental Ailments.

Inevitable Judgement allows our Critical Strike to ignore Enemy Monster Elemental Resistances and for Non-Critical Strikes to Penetrate 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances.

End game Ascendancy is the true cherry on top. With all our hits practically being Critical Strikes at this point in the game this just allows us to completely ignore Elemental Resistances and just ass blast them for all of our damage.


TLDR: Arcane Potency
Always make sure you are getting a non-corrupted Amulet so that you can Anoint passives, as they are a huge dps boost. In order from best to worst here are some offensive Anointment's you should be looking at putting on an Amulet:

Arcane Potency | Azure Oil + Black Oil + Silver Oil
Heartseeker | Teal Oil + Crimson Oil + Crimson Oil
Tranquility | Azure + Golden + Golden Oil

I am a thot for dps. Always consider your situation and playstyle and consider getting a more defensive option instead if it suits you more. Great defense passives to anoint are:

Constitution | Silver Oil + Golden Oil + Golden Oil
Heart of the Warrior | Violet Oil + Silver Oil + Golden Oil

These are far more expensive than offense, that is another reason why I usually favour the former.

For your Major God you want to either choose Soul of Lunaris or Soul of Solaris. These are both super solid options and just depends on whether you want to be mapping or bossing more. If you think you won't fuck with bosses then take Lunaris, otherwise take Solaris. I personally use Lunaris as it helps when suicide running into packs like a lunatic, which I do frequently.

For your Minor God your best bet is Soul of Shakari. Reduced chaos damage is a nice quality of life, especially once upgraded as you are then Immune to Poison.

These are your standards and I never really choose anything else.

Divine Ire is a channelling skill that charges up a huge beam like attack. Depending at what stage you release the channel will determine how much Damage you will do. It is a Physical Damage spell that converts 50% of Physical Damage to Lightning Damage. For the rest of our Gem Setups we do our best to support our bread and butter. This is done through things like Arcane Surge, CWDT Setups, and other Auras. I list the Gems in order of priority and have an explanation in a spoiler box below each set up. For any Awakened Gem I have listed it isn't a requirement. You can easily use a non Awakened Version and the build will function just fine.

Divine Ire > Infused Channelling > Energy Leech > Inspiration > Awakened Controlled Destruction > Awakened Increased Area of Effect

Divine Ire is a channelling skill, and thankfully channelling skills have so many options for supports. All three Infused Channelling, Energy Leech and Inspiration happen to be huge damage boosts while also providing insane utility. The ability to Leech Energy Shield, manage all our mana problems (we don't really have any anyway), and gain defensive abilities all while getting huge offensive benefits.

For our final gems I choose to take Awakened Controlled Destruction and Awakened Increased Area of Effect. If you want pure damage you could swap out the Area of Effect for an Awakened Added Lightning Damage which would skyrocket the damage. But I love big beefy beams so I prefer the former.

Herald of Ice > Curse on Hit > Assassin's Mark > Vaal Righteous Fire

Having Herald of Ice is an Aura I take in almost every single build. The amount of clear it adds practically to every build is insaneeeee. On top of this it gives us one of the easiest ways to curse enemies thanks to the shatters. Because of this we use Assassin's Mark with a Curse on Hit setup.

Vaal Righteous Fire is used to boost our boss damage at the end of a map. Pop this and one shot the boss with a 20 Stage Blast.

Flame Dash > Faster Casting > Arcane Surge Lvl 7

For movement we take Flame Dash as we don't use weapons, and therefore can't really take many other movement skills. This works out fine for us however as we are able to use it with a Arcane Surge gem which boosts our spell damage immensely. We keep it at Level 7 as that was the amount that would keep it triggered. If your Flame Dash is a lower Mana Cost make sure to keep the gem Levelled accordingly.

Wrath > Cast When Damage Taken Lvl 7 > Immortal Call Lvl 9 > Summon Flame Golem Lvl 9

Wrath is a must for two reasons. One is that it adds an insane amount of Lightning Damage which one of our primary sources of damage. Two is that we will be using a Watcher's Eye in order to convert the last of our Physical Damage to Lightning Damage. The Watcher's Eye will need to have the Wrath modifier on it.

Cast When Damage Taken helps keep us alive by proccing Immortal Call when we take a certain amount of damage. It doesn't mean we are immune to the damage we will be taking but it definitely helps out a lot, especially in bigger packs of mobs where multiple hits are being taken at once. We also chuck in our Summon Flame Golem as I am lazy and don't like casting it manually. If you want it to be automatic then make sure it is within the level requirement, otherwise level it up to 20.

Wither > Spell Totem > Increased Duration

This is just to throw in as we have spare gems available. Chuck this down in the boss arena and let it do its thing. When an enemy is Withered they take increased Chaos Damage as well as being slowed by up to 36%. The Spell Totem itself also serves as a distraction. It isn't much but it also isn't hard to throw down at the end of a map just before you channel a mega Kamehamaha.

A lot of the gear I choose isn't 100% necessary. While if you want to follow the build to its concept then follow the gear I take, however there are plenty of alternatives to what I take. I will list ones I think are worth mentioning, and feel free to let me know in forum replies if I have missed a real good item.

For all the gear options I will embed a Path of Exile Trade link so that you don't have to go search yourself and you can instead just open the link for what you need. These are set to search in Standard Temp Leagues so if you are playing in a different League then change it in the top right. Using these when searching for Rares can be confusing at first as I use a lot of filters to find cheap but good gear. Read the section carefully and hopefully I have explained it well enough for people to find what they are after. Please respond to the forum if you have found anything confusing at all and I can explain in further detail.

Recommended Gear:
Due to us being unarmed we don't need to worry about having a main hand. However instead we look at what options we have for shields. Light of Lunaris is a Critical Strike Spell users dream. With 70% Increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells, Flat Cold Damage as well as 30%+ Chance to Block, it is hard to give it up. On top of this the item also has a unique mod that gives us +1% Crit Multi per Block Chance, giving us a minimum of 30% from the Shield alone. This shield is a pretty cheap pickup, and is only beating by insanely good Rare Shields. These however cost multiple exalts, and I don't think they are worth the investment unless you are an absolute baller.

Carcass Jack is our dream piece. Perfectly balanced item with everything all in one, and it somehow remains cheap every league. Maximum life, Resistances, Area of Effect and Area Damage plus Hybrid Evasion and Energy Shield. The perfect present for any Area skill. It might not be the best damage wise but it provides so much I wouldn't take anything else personally. If you care more about damage numbers then Incandescent Heart would edge it out in dps. It is nice alternative, if you aren't bothered by the loss of AoE.

For our Helmet we choose to take a Rare Helmet as we are thirsty for resistances. You want to cram in as many resistances as possible on your rares, so we can absolute juicy out on dps when we want to. You can find +70 Maximum Life, with +120% Elemental Resistance for a couple dozen chaos at most.

Doryani's Fist is crucial in order to channel our inner super saiyan. With this item we gain Added Lightning Damnage to our spells while Unarmed, which is perfect because we don't plan on using a weapon. A shield doesn't count us as being armed so we get the best of both worlds. We also gain the Doryani's Touch skill which can be fun to play around with in maps.

For boots we take Stormcharger as they give us the Physical Damage Conversion that we need. We also have increased Shock Effect, as well as a nice standard 20% Increased Movement Speed.

Rare Shaped Amulets will usually be our Best in Slot. Sort by Sum and buy what you can afford. The Amulets should order from best to worst in descending order when you sort it this way. You can easily find a really good deal this way as there might be an Amulet that slips through the cracks and is actually really good, just with a weird combination of mods.

Just like with the Helmet slot our Belt slot is another where we need to get absolute stonks amounts of Elemental Resistance. Rare Belts are the way to go, either a Rustic Sash or if you have a far bigger budget a Stygian Vise.

For our rings we go with two different Unique rings, being both Call of The Brotherhood and Gifts From Above. The first allows us to convert a large portion of our Lightning Damage to Cold, which is insane for damage scaling as it is multi dipping in increases to our Elemental Damage. With a Qualitied Ring this can be as high as 48% Conversion. The second ring gives us far more Consecrated Ground (Through the Level 10 Consecrate), which pairs perfectly with the Inquisitor Ascendancy. On top of that it also gives us a flat 50% Increased Damage while on Consecrated Ground. These rings are both insane in their own right, and work perfectly with this build.

With Jewels we want to grab a Watcher's Eye and some Rare Jewels. The Watcher's Eye is necessary to convert the rest of the physical damage to Lightning, and we may as well squeeze out an extra juicer on there if we can afford it. For the normal Jewels just sort by Sum and by what is affordable.

Last but definitely not least are our pots. These are home to some of the biggest dps increases in the game. You always want to make sure you have your staples Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching which will save your ass whenever you are in desperate situations (like myself). The second pot which is practically in every build is an Atziri's Promise. This gives huge damage thanks to it being Extra Damage that is converted. After this we craft ourselves a Diamond Flask of Quickening for some more Cast Rate. This or the Warding Suffix as it removes Curses. We are immune to Elemental Ailments so don't need to worry about being Frozen. Taste of Hate is another flask we want as Extra Cold Damage is beautiful for us. For the final flask you have two options. If you have achieved mega baller status then grab a Bottled Faith which is by far the biggest boost to our damage from a flask. Otherwise a Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline will do perfectly to help us get around Maps quicker.

The Gear I'm Currently Using:

Thank you for reading/following the build guide. Feel free to leave any questions/comments in the replies as I make sure to spend an hour every day responding to people. Also if you have made it this far, feel free to support me by Subscribing to my YouTube. Viewership helps me a lot, especially as someone who pours a lot of time into these guides. Have Fun :)
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This build looks interesting, but is it viable as a starter for gearing itself? It looks like it has quite a few required pieces before it becomes viable.

I'd actually say this is one of the most viable builds as a starter atm. I'm going to be making a video a few days before Delirium comes out and was going to have this as one of my recommended Starter Builds. While I have a lot of uniques in the build they aren't really necessary. The damage still scales fairly okay even with Rares replacing most uniques. The ones that are truly the bread and butter are Doryani's Fist, Stormcharger and Call of the Brotherhood. The first two are practically a Day One pickup.

All that being said I also accidentally had a weapon auto equipped for the final four Acts and early maps and still did okay (received no benefit from Doryanis, and the weapon was trash).

If it wasn't for making build guides I would have played this character for far longer than I did. Froze all Metamorphs which kept me safe, blasted through all the packs and bosses. Deaths were in the single digits by Level 91, and I usually have around 50+ because I'm a potato.

If you are interested I'll be posting a League Starter video two days before Delirium launch, after Patch Notes are released. This build will definitely be apart of it.
Damn this looks sweet! I have no clue how I haven't seen this before, should be meta xD.

It's very fun, and should be a really good League Starter in 3.10 Delirium. I can't see them nerfing it and there are some really nice Channelling bonuses on the new Cluster Jewels. I sadly won't be able to test this build out, but I will be playing Kinetic Bolt which should be a fun League Starter.
Build has had a whole Cluster Jewels section added. Tier lists are dope, I hope you enjoy them. Have a good League and looking forward to making and maintaining these guides :D
Divine Ire is one of my favorite skills in the game and my go-to for most league starts. I've mostly done it with staves but I know Mathil has also tried a Doryani's/Ignite build of DI. I'm super interested to see how your variant will turn out.

Thanks for the guide!
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Is there a way to get both damage boosts from energy leech support? Or is it either/or for while leeching/while full
Hopefully you enjoy it! It was my smoothest character to date. I had around 10 deaths around Level 91, I usually have 100+ as I am a potato gamer.

Not too sure tbh. I would think you would need Overleech in order to achieve that, however there should still technically be Leech instances on an enemy when you have Full Energy Shield. I'll need to look into more as I'm not 100% sure on it. I would lean towards it not working just to be sure.
This can go with Low Life with Atziri's Reflection + Coward's Legacy? For Pain Attunement of course. Or ES build with Shav's? I know ES will be lower but insane amount of ES regen can help with that?

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