[3.15]The BLOCKMAN endgame farming build. All content farming (Cheap and tanky)League starter

Welcome, exile. This is my first guide and first post on the forum.

With this build you can FACETANK A LOT OF CONTENT in the game
Like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZlGIbIoOcw

Hello everyone this build is perfect for a league that you will need to survive a full expedition encounter to get more loot and facing up to 10 bosses at once on the atlas. Can be done as league starter , can easily run all maps with rare gear you can check it doing conqueror's on low budget in the videos.


Now you might need to use a jewel with "+2 Mana gained for each Enemy hit by your Attacks" to sustain cyclone even with praxis due the mana cost of the skill.

Hi i did a new version more optmized for league starter with around 1kk sirus damage , using cheap items it cost me around 190c(1-2 week of the league) to get all itens (including a self crafted shield) can do t16 map on it can tank ULTIMATUM encounters in red maps(careful of multiples damage map mods)
T14 map showcase
POB: https://pastebin.com/c1uKPxps att for 3.15
Gear and gem setup

Body armour

Bought a Str base 6link body armour with some decent base armour
for 24c , used a life essence on it got some chaos res on it

Abyssus with low roll on increased damage taken, it cost me 16c

Rings a praxis with -8 mana cost and a rare one with phys to attacks, life and resist and crit from the base cost me 20c(to be fair i think i paid to cheap for it) and 10c for the praxis

high crit multi, life ,phys to attacks and resist paid 10c(u can search a item with a missing mod on it and a empty suffix to craft on it, usually make the item u need to get a lot cheaper)

You gonna need some accurancy on either the gloves or on the ring/amulet 400+ is a nice amount to have , life , and flat phys, resist if u need

Belt lots of life and resist, chaos res on it is great
Alternative is Belt of the Deceiver(unique)

Shield, the shield i made it, is really simple all you need is a shaper shield il 68+ the base cost me 30c(ON the second DAY of the league, now is more cheap)get one with some nice base armour them use some Pristine fossil it takes around 7 tries(According with craftofexile) using ONLY pristine fossil
2c each fossil mine i got with 3 fossil

A rare with a nice pds on it(300+) mine cost 20c
Alternative: Ichimonji(Unique Sword) and Scaeva(Unique 3 socket green)

Boots this gear piece i found it, there's similar on trade under 20c
Life , high movement speed and some elemental res if u need
Jewel get one that make u imunne to corrupted blood

Alaways get a Diamond flask it give a huge dps boost
Lion roar's give a lot of damage , paid 16c on mine


When u got some currency, try to move towards the medium budget version
Medium budget cyclone version

Those prices are from mid league in heist , in Ultimatum right now(early on the league) it should be way more expensive this gear is possible to do guardians and sirus aw8(20-50sec).
Hi made a new budget version of the build this one is version more powerfull than the league starter but some chaos more expensive and hard to get on firsts days of the leagues , it can be what to aim to upgrade after the league starter version , them transit to the end game version.
I did some t16 and killed a few shaper guardian on this setup , died once for a minitoaur with nasty mods on the map.It is pretty safe for a budget version
3,8KK dps on this setup
The first upgrade for this version is get a surrender shield

Paradoxica with 160pds dont buy lower than 140pds
The more expensive of this version paid 60c on mine
Right now in ULTIMATUM paradoxica is way to expensive, a rare sword with 330+ pds is a solid choice, Ahn's Might too(ichinmonji is fine too)

10c for those rolls

With the life recovery mod and a empty prefix to craft more armour

Body armour with onslaught on when you get hit
Crafted it myself using
it took 3 tries to get a decent life on it 1c each try
13c for a astral 6link item lvl 80 and 3c for 3 insanity
now in ULTIMATUM astral 6link is expensive , get a random 6link base(STR) high armour if possible

Life and resistances
Paid 10c for it

Accuracy , resitances , and life on it
Paid 6c for it (i think i paid too cheap for it)

The Stampede
Some one sugested using it , and i tried and it feels pretty good it make u dont slow when using cyclone and can anoint some thing on it i recommend the assassination(but it cost one golden oil +24c)
Or a rare one with movement speed, resist and life

One must be a praxis with -8 mana so cyclone wont cost mana
The other ring is one with life resist and phys to attacks

Impresence for phys damage
This way you can get a vulnerability that dont reserve mana and some defenses when u kill a rare or unique monster
Or a rare one with a tier 1or 2 physical damage to attacks, life, resist if u need and crit multi if u can afford


Any with corrupted blood cannot be inflicted
Now you might need a jewel with:
+2 Mana gained for each Enemy hit by your Attacks
to sustain mana cost if you are using a praxis

T16 lair
T16 Phoenix


Ultimatum league bleed eq variant progress

day 2

Hi, i am doing the bleed eq as starter , kinda tired to always playing cyclone and i plan to transit to bleed bow once i get enought currency my gear cost like 20-25c with a few of those i found myself
for maping
-Get a shield with 50+ life on block and high life
-Axe with at least +250pds
-more flat phys on ring/ gloves / amulets the better
-a 5 link is fine if u have the item above
-Gonna annoint Command of Steal(first i will buy a better amulet)
-Jewel with One with the shield is nice and cheap(paid 3c on mine)

pob: https://pastebin.com/VcsGaghR

video:It's is on a T4 map my highest tier at day 2

Tankness Showcase t4 rare map(again my highest tier of map so far)
I only attacked when the mob spawn to far to count to the totem kill and on the last wave cause the totem started to die.


ps:My new gloves the pob dont load so am using a old one in the pob

day 3

Hi, made some big changes , got from 3kk to 15kk dmg , more tankness
-crafted a new axe with the elder bleeding mod

-New amulet with hunter phys over time, t1 phys flat and annointed


-new cluster jewels
(see it on pob)
-now at lvl 89
-to do list , change both rings, boots, shield , helmet and belt.
-try to craft a even better axe

pob: https://pastebin.com/WDaLUh8C

day 5

Got a new shield and a ring with curse, using a basalt flask to help tank and
getting some chaos res and more dmg

https://pastebin.com/4fPVPF37 (the damage on this one is based on the last hit of intimidate warcry)

This should be my final update on the bleeding eq version, now gonna try to transit to bleed bow when i get enought currency

day 7

Transited to bleed bow max block
since i dont have enought currency i made a diferent version without max evade
and using a kaom heart
Managed to craft a decent bow it have a kinda low pds but the 2 bleeding mod being tier 1 make it vert powerfull, the gear is not optimized but is a start
video: t15 hunter
gonna try a setup of corrupting fever after i upgrade my gear and get a 6l body armour.

3.15 changes and thoughts

3.15 ready
In the 3.15 the build got nerfed hard in the damage output(same with almost all builds on the forum, some less than others)

-All the 5 support gem (used on cyclone)now give less damage(if my math on pob is right that's a -34% total damage for cyclone.)
-cyclone gem got a little bit of more damage on max level(Now deals 59% of Base Damage, and has 59% Effectiveness of Added Damage at gem level 20 (previously 54%)nice but not enought.
-Now any support gem on the game will make the skill cost way more mana that being the case , even with the -8 mana praxis may not be enought to make cyclone cost 0 mana, but if it make it cost like 1-3 mana your regen should be able to make for it(if not use any jewel that give 1-2 mana on hit or a craft on the secondary ring for channeling skill cost less mana).
-And final the flask nerf both defensive and ofensive(auto flask is nice)
-diamond Flask no longer grants “Your Critical Strike Chance is Lucky”. It
grants 100% increased Critical Strike Chance
The Lion's Roar unique flask now has 7-10% More Melee Physical Damage
effect (previously 20-25%)
The Bottled Faith Unique Flask no longer has +1-2% to Critical Strike
Chance against Enemies on Consecrated Ground during Effect. It now has
100-150% increased Critical Strike Chance against Enemies on Consecrated
Ground during Effect, and 20-40% Increased Duration (previously 30-50%

-That means a lot of less damage output with flask up(maybe it will be better with the new flask orb that make flask effect more strong) around -40 to -50% total damage with the gem nerfs and flask nerf and with some passive skill tree changes.

PS: Now blood rage cost life, you can level it to level max without problem.

on here is a 3.15 pob for the medium budget:

Resume: The build stay alive, but damage wise will be needed a more powerfull gear to retain it's older power if possible (but i assume this will be with almost every build on this forum)

PS: If i miss something you guys can point it out.

Min Max Gear

All this gear is from harvest league as league ended and i reformated this part it show now standart league.
If you are doing this build as league starter/low budget check the gear for it on the other topic
Body armour:
The principal mods are the explode and the -15mana , without harvest one with power charge on crit will be expensive.

Try to get one with accuracy life and resist , if you can afford physical to attacks or attack speed is great

Boots(Blood magic gem got changed for arrogance, and a new gem was added to the game , and arrogance only work for aura, now u need to use a new gem called LIFETAP)
Any boots with resist life and movespeed is great for the build , if you can afford get elusive and tailwind on it too(just tailwind or elusive is good too and more cheap)

Abyssus with the less increased physical damage taken (43-40%)The more crit multi the better.

One should be a circle of guilt with 4% physical reduction and 40-60% increased physical If you can afford get one with good implicts the best one is onslaught on hit, some implicits like criti multi are great too
The other ring should have curse enemies with vulnerability on hit , some life and accuracy , if you can afford get more add physical on it too

Some resist, life , you might need to get dexterity on the amulet or int if you dont have accuracy on the ring get it on the amulet too , crit mult and add physical are great

The best belt for the build is Rhyslata coil , if you cant afford get a decent stygian vise

Paradoxica is way too cheap by how strong it is with my setup only foil with more than 580pds(they worth like almost all my gear in my char) deal more damage than a paradoxica with 180pds(like 4-5% more)
try to get one with at least 150pds if you can afford the blind mod on it is great , dont get the +% impale chance the build already have 100% impale chance

Without a doubt the best is the surrender

My current setup is

If you dont have onslaught on the ring swap the quicksilver flask for one with onslaught and dont forget the diamond flask it give more damage than the bottled faith


Without a jewel that have the mod "you cant be inflict with corrupted blood" you wont be able do tank the sirus die attack
About watchers eyes the best mod is Impales that you inflict last 2 additional attacks.


Heist tank showcase , no flask , no attacking, no deactivating traps
mobslvl 83 (bleed EQ version)


Sirus AW8 last phase tankess showcase

afk garden t2/t3 seeds in full juiced map




phoenix full map

Full sirus fight AW8

Simulacrum Deathless with 3.10 gear.

veritania with low budget setup(it was my first conqueror of the league char lvl 75)

Veritania Awakener 8 with low budget gear(3.9)

Veritania with end game gear(she almost die only to the reflect/block skills)

how to craft the body armour

Step by step
1-buy the astral plate 6link item level 86+
2-buy the warlord's exalted
3-craft life on the astral , get one empty sufix on it
4-Use the warlord's on it
5- if dont get the mana mod , scour it
6- use pristine+lucent+serrated fossil on it

How to craft the explosive and the mana mod on body armour
1-get a 6link with the -15 mana mod on it and cant have any other warlord's mod on it
2- get a body armour with enemies you kill explode ... need to be the only crusader's mod on it
3-buy one awakening's orb
4- use the awakening on the explode first and them on the mana(use it first on the base you dont want)


The leveling of the build is smooth , and using a cheaper uniques will make it even faster
itens like this

and a tabula rasa and u can swap for more powerfull itens(swords and shield)
when get to high levels.
Ascendancy ordem is
1-Pain forged
2-Versatile Combatent
3-Violente Retaliation
4-Arena Challenger
Let alira live
About what gems or what skill to level until you get cyclone i like to use reave but u can try any meele skill

a setup like this.

About the skill tree you can select in the pob there is a lvl 30,60,80 and 100

When i use this build as league starter i level with cleave/reave until i get cyclone , i usually use warlord mark with bhasphemy for life and mana leach and the rest of the mana i reserve with pride in the low leves i use 2 one handed swords for leveling until i get on the shield nodes , if i can i buy any unique sword for leveling and use it(dont spend more than a chaos on one)when you do the first and second lab is better to change to one hand sword and one shield.

The defense layer

The damage mitigation comes from:
1 Always fortify up
2 Infused channeling
3 81% phys reduction
4 Endurace charges
5 Blind on hit
6 Always max spell and attack block chance
7 Life gain on block and
with all the 7 itens you can tank almost every enconter in the game.
Cant tank Dot damage like shaper beam.
Here you can see the defense of the build on t16 map with veritania influence
The monster and the boss in the video are dying of my block skills , using the cyclone to kill only the metamorph.

The damage

1 Pure physical damage with impale
2 blood rage for frenzy charge and leech
3 Vulnerability for damage and more bleed chance ,
5 Explode on death , helping with the clear speed.
6 Buffed herald of purity for more damage.
With everthing on +10kk damage can be easily achievable.


Cheap to start
High dps
Fast clear speed(explo chest+arena challenger)
Really tank
Can easily do all content in the game(including gran masters)
Not a cheap build to min max it.
Can not do Physical Reflect maps.
Cant tank some sources of DOT damage.

Old stuff

league starter/low budget

Body armour any 5-6link with high hp

gloves any with resist and life or you can use a Haemophilia and get bleeding explosion will give you more clear speed


boots any with movespeed life and some resist

shield the recovery mod is better than the flat mod , try to get both.

helmet huge dps boost

amulet the anvil is really nice , and cheap more life on block and more block chance

rings one with resist / life and the other need to be a práxis with -8 mana cost , this way cyclone wont cost mana to use

sword ichimonji ireally Strong and give the - mana reserved mod , so this way
we can use pride , blood and sand , precision(lvl1) hereald of purity and dread banner.

total cost= ~ 95c in the first week of the league.

Ascendancy in orden
painforged>versatile combatant>Violent retaliation> arena challenger

pob: https://pastebin.com/iWVSvmN1
veritania kill/afk tank with new budget gear and passive veritania with this setup (i was low level it was my first conqueror on a league starter character)

3.19 budget

Body armour: Need the mod"Socketed attacks have -15 to total mana cost"it cost 100c with a good life roll and 6link(can use any 5/6l for starter , just change blood and sand for blasphemy with warlord mark and mana sustain wont be a problem.)

Helmet: Abyssus for the damage. One with nice roll is around 10c

Weapon:Cheap weapon just 1c and good damage for the price

shield:Need to have the mod"recover % of life when you block"paid 10c for this

Rings: rings need to have life , resist and some physical to attacks paid 5c and 6c , 11c for both

Belt: belt of the deceiver give a nice bost of dps , some life and res , and cost only 1 alch

gloves:Need to have Life , some resitances paid 5c for it

Boots:Now that i have already capped all elemental resitances i just need the more life and more movement speed in the boots paid 4c for it

And last the amulet:This slot we use the Impresence (phys version) for free curse cost around 10-15c

Total: 157 Chaos.
Soon i will add i killing conquerors with the 157c version face tanking them.
Veritania Awakening level 8 with the budget gear it can face tank and kill her fast for only 157c

My current Gear(3.9)


No nerfs
Lot of new clusters jewel for shield and one handed weapon
the best are:

Powerful Ward
20% chance to gain a Power Charge when you Block
+6% Chance to Block Spell Damage while at Maximum Power Charges
Strike Leader
Attack Skills deal 30% increased Damage while holding a Shield
+2% Chance to Block Attack Damage
+2 to Melee Strike Range while Holding a Shield
Deep Cuts
15% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks
Impales you inflict last 1 additional Hit

videos on 3.10

All videos are from AgentDaun character using almost same itens that the 3.10 guide

A8 Sirus(worst attempt. First phase without flasks for comparisons):



A8 Al-Hezmin:
Mapping T16:

Thanks for letting me use the videos

My current gear in 3.13 day 2 of league

Hi i am doing the bleed earthquake version this is my gear on the 2 day of league lvl 82, here is a video of me doing my first maven encounter
Maven(first encounter 3 bosses lvl82)

here is my pob , i have more dps than it show cause pob dont have the new jack, the axe(unique axe)

all my gear should cost something like 100c(lvl21/23 quality eq30c , astral 6l 50c , jack axe 15c, rest of the gear is pretty cheap or self found it)


Veritania AW8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XfLzugILFc
Phoenix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqiZlNakBx4
t16 Crimsom Temple tankiness show case doing abyss without using cyclone and killing boss without using cyclone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKKI-kqbnTE
Deathless Sirus AW8
Warlord afk tank him
Baran tanking
T16 Canyon with poison on hit and warlord influence
Veritania using the low budget version(only 157c in itens no awakened gem or any kind of jewel)

More videos soon

my gear in 3.10



Body armour:

With the explode body armour you dont need the blood explosion ascendancy(gratuitous violence) grab the arena challenger for more attack and movement speed and violent retaliation for more block chance and more damage.



Using one with 4% to phys damage reduction for more tankness

Amulet : Using bladedancer anoint for more aoe on cyclone(less damage than assassination)

flasks: Using a movement speed in the place of the botled faith for more clear speed (ps i am farming more simulacrum than maps)
Jewel:If you can afford get the corrupted blood mod on it

Soon video with this setup on simulacrum


3.11 changes

- Herald of Purity
No longer grants added Physical Damage with Spells and Attacks.
Now grants 9% more Physical Damage at gem level 1, up to 12% more Physical Damage at gem level 20.Should be something around -5%dps
- Some clusters jewels got nerfed.Rip Deep Cuts(BTW i dind't use those on the build)

Cyclone lost it Stun immunity , but with gladiator ascendacy it makes us immunes to stun from attacks that we block and with 5.5k+ life it won't impact on the playstyle of the build.

- Some nodes on skill tree lost a bit of damage on them.

Conclusion: The build stay strong in early and end game , almost same tankness just -5% on physical reduction cause soul of steal got nerfed and less damage but with the right itens +10kk damage is still achievable.

POB 3.11: https://pastebin.com/YWT1teAi

3.11 version

Hi , in the harvest league is way easy to craft/buy really good itens and i managed to craft a really good chestplate for the build that said in this version i dont use a impresence amulet , cause i got a ring with vulnerability on hit , that way i have 2 free sockets of gems and enduring cry with the key node that make warcry's instant can be used while using cyclone.
The skill tree is almost the same , the damage with my current gear is 14kk
and the same tankness as before.
POB: https://pastebin.com/DqWv7vwp

3.12 changes and thoughts

Hello, first of all the build was not nerfed and some changes happened
they are

No longer causes attack hits to have a chance to Maim cursed enemies.
No longer causes cursed enemies to take increased physical damage from damage over time.
Curses applied by casting this spell now gain 10 Doom per second.
Now causes ailments inflicted on cursed enemies to deal damage 20% faster.
I dont think it will change the damage but need to see in the pob when it att to confirm


Enduring Cry
No longer grants a minimum of one Endurance Charge.
Now has a cooldown of 8 seconds at all gem levels (from 6 seconds
Not a big deal but it is a nerf
About the skill tree

Changed almost nothing to the tree just one new node that maybe be worth to take , when the tree is relased on the pob i will talk again about this

The new Marked for Death cluster has been added to the southeast of the Duelist. It grants increased Effect of your Curses, Culling Strike against Marked enemies, and increased damage with Hits and Ailments against Enemies Marked by you.

this new point on the tree depending on how close it is to the path the build tree pass will be worth using.

Some new ideas for the build

Warlord's Mark
Enemies afflicted by Warlord's Mark will always grant an Endurance Charge when slain, and grant rage when stunned. They also allow attacks to leech life and mana from them

Maybe is worth to change vulnerability for Warlord's Mark and change some other gem for a berserk (or use a unset ring) using the pob right now if the build have 50 rage and use berserk the damage almost doble.

Final thoughts
The build stay strong as always and there's more potential for changes(using rage and berserk) achieving insane dps bost at the cost of almost nothing
and on the league as ggg said you need to survive to the end of the heist encounter to get the loot a tanky build will be the best choice.
POB: https://pastebin.com/SNXtSp24

3.13 changes and thoughts

Hello, first of all ascendacy got reworked or nerfed(some get buffed) , gladiator got some minor nerf that will not impact on the final performace of the build(for cyclone and the bleed version)
No longer grants 40% increased Damage if you've taken no Damage from Hits Recently.
And 5% less damage for the bleed variants

Final thoughts
The build stay strong as always and there's more potential with harvest craft to get more powerfull itens and this league you will have to kill a lot of mobs from ritual to get more rewards(tributes) and with the new atlas you will be facing many bosses at once a tanky build will be the best choice.
POB: https://pastebin.com/SNXtSp24


I will do a new version per league.

Earthquake version

Hi again , in heist i started with a bleeding version of the build using earthquake , since i am not using abyssus i am more tank for physical damage
same block setup , but with more life gain on block cause i use some clusters
The clear speed is nice , the single target when the bleeding mod proc plus the warcrys is insane
kill all bandits

my current gear heist


The nearby enemies take increased physical damage is the best mod

The physical damage over time is the best mod for gloves

The bleeding deals damage faster from hunter influence is the best for damage
One with curse vulnerability the other with bleeding mod from warlord influence with add physicals

Amulet with physical damage over time and flat physical or Aul with malevolence the aul's uprising gives way more dps

Body armour
Crafted one with essence of insanity for free onslaught.

This is where the damage come from it need to have the "60% chance to bleeding you inflict deals 100% more damage" the axe must need to have it and at least 200+pds got lucky managed to craft this monstruosity of axe

any belt with high life and resist or atributes

Surrender as always , best in slot

Clusters and jewels


Heist tank showcase , no flask , no attacking, no deactivating traps mobslvl83 heist


Phoenix with dellirium mirror


thoughts on this version

First of all this version is more tanky , since it dont use abyssus and use artic armour the damage with the warcry setups is insane , one EQ boss die
the clear is pretty fast for a EQ build, even when i was using a jack the axe on a 5link the build wreck on maps , as a blockman build is tanky by standart this version take a futher step on it and is a different play style if u are bored with cyclone.This is not a concept that i created there's many similar builds like this one , i just wanted to share my version.

POB: https://pastebin.com/LF6bYT8j
pob dont calculate the fist of war neither the warcry bonus , so my real damage should be a lot more than this.

Bow bleed max block max evasion

Well i thought it will be a meme but holy is strong it have way more clear speed than any blockman and the single target is insane and still tank for a bow build , with flask i get 80% evade chance , 75% block chance(59 without it)no glacing blows 5k+ life
kill all bandits
My gear

The bow i have is kinda expensive but the rest is okay the bow i made the rest
cost me a bit less than 1500c on heist league
Managed to craft this thing with just jagget fossil(yeah i know i was super lucky)It need to have the bleed mod and more pds u get more damage u have(at least 300)

Assailum if u can get a +2 on it for more damage

Rearguard chain on it is nice

Body armour
A incursion body armour with lots of life and a empty prefix to craft block chance on it evansion on it is nice to have too

Rings bought the base and crafted with evasion essence

second ring life , lots of phys to attacks and the bleed mod from warlord

Auls for free malevo

Gloves with to phys over time , life , flat phys and some mana leech

Bleed deal damage faster , life , resist and movespeed dex on it is nice to have

Belt lots of life and resist

Thats where the damage comes from and the block chance
2 larges 4 medium 4 smalls

Medium at least one brush with death and rend , wasting afliction is the best point

4 rote reiforcements for the block chance 2 passives only
can be crafted with pristine fossil , a item lvl betewen 68-70 have more chance to have it

One intuitive leap to get some bleed/evasion points

One red nightmare for 11%block

One jade flask to get max evasion , one rumi for max block , bottled faith make enemies take more damage


Blockman COC

I did a new version with Cast on Crit max block and with some nice dmg
bit expensive maybe will be better a normal coc with assassin but i like doing blockmans, as aways max block , 5k life , pretty tank for a coc
POB: https://pastebin.com/UYKQjk7g

thoughts on this version

Well first ,is kinda expensive and with a lot of smalls details on itens to work propely.I Recommend for experienced players to try this version
The damage is great like 1sec t16 bosses 3-4secs shaper guardians , the clear is good and is pretty tank for a coc build with nice damage but again my itens are expensive.
I wonder what will be my next version.

Use lifetap in for substitute bloodmagic(or arrogance)
Let alira live
Pantheons: Arakaali and Shakari for chaos damage mitigation

PS: I play the build with cyclone but any melee skill can work on(reave, blade flurry , lacerate etc.) it , for most cases swap infused for multistrike and you are ready to go , you can even use axes and get axes nodes on tree in the place of sword nodes. Can go violent retaliation and arena challenger or go blood explosions both works great.
If you do the build with any other skill and want to share it , pm me in game and i will add it to the guide nick: Theblockman

Path Of building 3.15(End game):

Path Of building 3.15(Medium Budget):

Path Of building 3.15(Budget/league starter version)

Hey check my others guides
One shot everthing

Max block flicker strike without shield.

ps: if u find a typo mistake tell me i will fix it.

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Good dude, good conversation with him in game. Also op build :).
New videos added all conquerors and sirus Awakened Level 8 all deathless.
Added path of building for budget version
Are you running around with -60% chaos resistance.

Everyone, literally everyone has complained about chaos damage this league and its the reason any gear with chaos resist is 187 ex and watcher's eye with any PoE chaos resist roll start at 3ex.

I want to try this build, it looks legit but I dont understand how you would survive actual gameplay outside of the bosses in the videos with -60% chaos resistanace.
JCOH35 wrote:
Are you running around with -60% chaos resistance.

Everyone, literally everyone has complained about chaos damage this league and its the reason any gear with chaos resist is 187 ex and watcher's eye with any PoE chaos resist roll start at 3ex.

I want to try this build, it looks legit but I dont understand how you would survive actual gameplay outside of the bosses in the videos with -60% chaos resistanace.

Hello , i am uploading a video doing t16 with monsters poison on hit with warlod influence and the boss of the map use chaos damage overtime and bleed , both that i cannot block and my life dont go below 80% all map AW 8 .
ps:(with -60 chaos res and i dont have the phanteon that makes me immune to poison.)
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Why go with paradoxica and not Facebreaker
Facebreaker variant is cheaper and does way more damage
shagour18 wrote:
Why go with paradoxica and not Facebreaker
Facebreaker variant is cheaper and does way more damage

Hi , its true that u can get a lot of damage with face break and
, grab the claw damage nodes insted of the swords nodes , but in the current setup os itens for the build using the face break and the rigwald's talisman it leaves 2 rare itens in the build , and all others unique itens dont give any kind of elemental resist so will be need to change some item to get the resist up to 76% or invest in really expesive itens, if i change the any item the loss in the dps will be huge. cyclone with face break will have less aoe and less attack speed and less damage than with paradoxica and will have less block chance and less total life.

this is the POB for facebreak , i wont recommend it : https://pastebin.com/FdT0Gkfh
Added new version for the budget setup , soon will be uploading videos of it.
edit: videos in the guide.
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JCOH35 wrote:
Are you running around with -60% chaos resistance.

Everyone, literally everyone has complained about chaos damage this league and its the reason any gear with chaos resist is 187 ex and watcher's eye with any PoE chaos resist roll start at 3ex.

I want to try this build, it looks legit but I dont understand how you would survive actual gameplay outside of the bosses in the videos with -60% chaos resistanace.

I do not mean to be offensive but in what context would -60 chaos res be game breaking for you? I've done all content deathless outside of uber elder (since im bad with dodging) by a melee with -60 chaos res. I do not delve much but deep delving is an entirely different dimension btw.

At worst, you can just pick an amethyst flask and roll with it.

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