[3.12] Cold Faith - Ice Nova Inquisitor | TooMuch™ sDPS | Hybrid MoM | Fully updated to 3.12

what you think about 3.13????
been trying to do same build now,love to hear you opnion on it, compared to heiro which i saw is more popular for some reason.
While pre-planning a small group of 3 for 3.13, I adjusted this build for the ascendency changes and it became a party play monster. With the natural regen plus vitality from an aura support this becomes a major source of regen for the party.
3.13 update would be very much appreciated
Hey man, great guide, build looks solid. I need that crazy DAMAGE. Just one questions regarding the jewels.

Do you have an alternative skill tree for when I don't have/can't get the same large cluster jewel? Or is it worth enough to wing it and just place whatever I can find in there.

Thanks for taking the time to make the build and read/answer replies.


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Any update for 3.13?

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