[3.10] "A Thousand Needles of Death" ImpalePhys Barrage 300+ Projectiles / Warper / Content Shredder

Hello community, I like to share a super funny, an insane damage and safe to play build with you.

--==[ Welcome to: "A Thousand Needles of Death" ]==--

--==[ Champion Ascendency ]==--

This build was created in Version 3.9 (Metamorph League)
Please read the changes for the current game version.

3.10 changes

TLDR: No nerfs incomming :-)
buffs: Lightning Warp got buffed (faster animation / cast time) for an even smoother warping through maps.

Thoughts on the new cluster jewels:
there are some very promissing notes on the new cluster jewels for this build. For examble: the note that buffs "Herald effects" for the herald of purity synthesis ring(s). definitly something I will test in 3.10
Seems that "Deep Cuts" is a must have, because of the +1 impale stack (for a total of 10 stacks with this build), this is a superb damage boost! "Vicious Skewering" with the chance to impale also looks great. we get various sources to reach 100% impale chance.

In general, the new cluster jewel notes will give more flexibility in getting more life/damage/resists/QoL, to customize this build template to your specific needs - depending on your other gear.
At least two jewel socket are near by, that aren´t used now to get in the new cluster jewel (next to Point Blank & next to Blade of Cunning)

Where to spare some skillpoints for the new cluster jewels?
a) 5 notes near the "Sentinel" notable (and the jewel socket)
b) 2 notes from Bloodless
c) x notes in radius from Brutal Restraint unique jewel (keep in mind, that you need "Revelry" to get any mana issue fixed (mana on hit)
d) 4 notes from "Farsight"
e) 4 notes from "Foreful Skewering", but only if you can sustain the 100% chance to impale!!!
f) 2 notes from "Bandits" (we helped Alira for the resists and crit multi) - maybe the 2 extra points are now better invested in the new cluster jewels

So you see, there are several choices to get in the nice, new cluster jewels on the level 95 tree.

It will be harder to get the -15 mana cost on the body armour, since you need to get a "Warlord´s" and "Elder" hybrid influenced chest piece, if you want to craft it yourself. Therefore I guess it will be more expansive, if you want to buy a final crafted piece.

New +2 Arrow roll on bows:
Now it is possible to roll +2 arrows on rare bows. A very high pure phys DPS bow with +2 arrows now is best in slot and will beat "Arborix Bow", but this will cost a ton of currency...

-300+ Projectiles per second?
-On top comes Fork mechanic for even more pew pew.
-For more bonkers pew pew +3 chain
-Shred bosses in a blink of an eye?
-Warp through maps Zoom Zoom like Mr. Spok never did?
-Gain ~25 life on hit per projectile (x300) = superb life gain method.
-9 freaking impale stacks for great damage scaling on Champion Ascendency
-60% more damage at close range (due to "point Blank" & "Arborix" bow mechanic)
-Warp into packs with perma Fortify
-Know back on crit, devide monsterpacks like Moses did the Red Sea. (99% effective crit chance)
-1.5 million DPS in 6L Arrow Nova for clearing maps.
-4 million DPS in second 6L straight "Barrage" for slapping bosses.
-killed enemies explode for even more clearspeed

==>>Please read the guide with care, because it is not a beginners guide - the build works as intended with the combination of specific mechanics.
==>>Since version 3.9 brought the new support gem "Arrow Nova" I wanted to create something funny and meme-like with a huge amount of projectiles, but it turned out pretty stronk :-)

I try to explain every mechanic to you. You will learn to understand every choice I made. If you learned something new or you just like this guide, please leave me a comment. Thank you for your interesst and thanks GGG for this game.


NOTE: all videos with regular gear (not min-maxed - see pastebin)
All videos in A8 atlas

Speedfarm Zoom Zoom T16 Promenade:

Kill Hunter Conqueror (2.7 seconds):

A8 Conqueror and Map clear before:

Kill level 83 Metamorph Boss in Arena (1.5 seconds):

Funny Elder Kill (see thousands of needles):

If you like the guide, more videos will follow. As you can see, the damage is quite there. Every other boss is quite easy too, Barrage on single target as pure Physical Damage iteration with 9 Impale stacks is long time proven and viable for every content.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/gWBnv7L5 ==>> Level 95 & level 99 tree included // Read the notes in PoB // I mimiced some items, that PoB can´t calculate.

Notice: sadly, PoB does not calculate the Impale damage boost // on top of the damage you see in PoB, the Impale mechanic is added in the game -> even much more DPS than PoB shows.

My other guides:

OneShotKill Ele Hit Ballista on Hierophant (nearly 1 million views on the forum)

OneShotKill Ele Hit Ballista Reloaded v2.0 on a Scion with life leech

OneShotBoom IceNova on Frostbolt Quad Curse Occultist:

Poet´s Pen Arc Warper maxMF Assassin +84% quantaty:

01. General Thoughts / Concept
02. Pros / Cons
03. Gear (including recommended corruptions)
04. Jewels
05. Flask Setup
06. Example Gear & outlook on perfect gear
07. Gem Linking
08. Defence Layer Overview
09. Offence Layer Overview
10. Map Mods (mitigation)
11. Skill Tree & Ascendency
12. Pantheon & Bandits
13. Leveling
14. Thank you note


As always I look for new ways to get an efficent mapping / farming char with good bossing potential. Since version 3.9 brought the new "Arrow Nova Support" I thought I have to build something with it.
Version 3.9 edited the way the "Asenath´s Chant" works -> trigger socketed spell every bow attack every 0.3 seconds depending on your attack speed.
The idea was born, to get a nice "Warper" (with lightning warp) for fast mapping and a ton of projectiles from Barrage and stack "additional projectiles". So I tried to combine these topics.

Notice: be aware, that you need to "learn" how to warp safely through maps. Make yourself familar with the movement.


-insane fast clear speed on T16 maps.
-proven boss capabilities from impale + pure phys barrage with 60% more damage at close range.
-ridiculous high amount of profectiles + fork + chain
-off meta :-)))) for now...
-safe way to play due to perma fortify and insane life on hit rates (because of the hundreds and hundreds of projectiles that fork and chain)

-many mechanics need to go together hand in hand to "feel" the builds´fun.
-expansive build to get going (you should keep in mind, that the expansive items & awakened gems cost a few dozen ex...)
-Since you move fast and load out a ton of procetiles that fork and chain, this build is even without fancy MTX hungry for good hardware.

03 GEAR SECTION - slot by slot
(see the whole gear at once also under chapter 6)


In general, you want:
-2x curse on hit = assassins mark + vulnerability in total from various item sources (ex: on gloves or ring)
-minimum T1 roll life gained on hit on a ring (+ a few life on hit on the Rigwalls quiver)
-circle of guilt with buff + increased physical damage from "Herald of Purity"
-"Revelry" solves all mana issues, because hundrets of projectiles give +2 mana on hit each (keep about 150-160 unreserved mana)


For mapping with Zoom Zoom speed:

For Bossfights in Arena:

Entchantmets you want:
Damage: "Barrage fires an additional Projectile"
Movement: "30% reduced Lightning Warp Duration"


Arborix Bow, because of +2 additional arrows and perma 30% more damage at close range if you allocate "Iron Reflexes".
Note: the "more damage at close range" mechanic does not show on mouseover DPS ingame. But it is a huge boost.

Note: It is hard to beat the Arborix Bow for this build, because ~400 phys DPS with +2 Arrows AND +30% more damage at close range...

Barrage for boss damage scales as "more damage" with more projectiles.
In depth:

Examble: Barrage fires 6 rapidly projectiles and deal 100% of your single target damage. With Aborix Bow Barrage has 8 projectiles.

6 -->> 8 = 33% more damage output.
(1+4 base arrows from skill gem AND +1 helmet enchantment = 6)

= 400 phys damage
= 33% more damage from +2 arrows
= 30% more damage at close range (we skill iron reflexes in tree for perma buff)
Even a mirror-tier rare phys bow has a hard time to compete.

Sources for more arrows in this case:
base arrow amount Barrage = 5
+1 / +2 on bow slot (and theoratically +1 as corruption)
+1 barrage helmet enchantment
+2 Dying Sun flask
+1 on quiver slot (and theoratically +1 as corruption) ==>> but we want Rigwalds Quill with Point Blank Corruption.

+5 from Arrow Nova Support in 2nd 6-Link setup for mapping.
+6 from Volley Fire Jewel in passive tree.


Rigwalds Quills

Useful corruptions:
We want "Point Blank" on it. This is a further 30% damage increase at close range (30% from bow) -> total buff = 60% at close range.
Point Blank grants more damage than "+1 Arrow"

Best possible: double corruption = Point Blank + addidional arrow (but this is very very expansive)

If you can´t afford the corruotion on the quiver, you need to allocate "Point Blank" on the passive tree instead!

Alternativ: Get a Quiver with +1 Arrow and Damage rolls (but then you need to allocate "Point Blank" in the passive tree)


Astral Plate
-with +base crit for attacks
-minus mana costs for socketed skills
-Life and resists

This feels just great for our single target 6-link barrage setup...

And if you can afford it (makes the item very very expansive / end-end-endgame):
-gain power charge on crit (to reach 100% crit chance with 3 additional power charges)
-killed enemies explode, dealing 3% of their max life as physical damage (for even more clearspeed and boom boom)
-additional curse (frees up the annointment on the amulet to swap in a new annointment with more damage)


The corrupted "Oskarm" gloves are a cheap way to get the two curses we want. besides the curses, we gain a solid amount of accuracy and crit strike chance and a tiny bit of plain dodge chance.

My current (more expansive) solution for the 2x curse on hit:
= 1x Assassins Mark on hit (on a rare ring - but keep in mind that you need the T1 roll life gained on hit too!!!)
= 1x Haemophilia Gloves with Vulnerability curse on hit corruption.

This exxplode effect from the gloves feels just superb!
25% chance to inflict bleeding is more than enugh. With all tons of projectiles, fork and chain = everything is bleeding and will explode.
Even more clear speed and T16 blighted maps with even more ease than before...


Just regular Tailwind boots with life, resists and aim for a free Prefix to craft "cannot be frozen".

The Freeze Immunity on the boots frees one roll on a flask (for more offensive flasks)


Just a regular Rhyslatha´s Coil for great physical damage boost.
Note: PoB cannot calculate the "more /less physical damage rolls on this item

Since we don´t need resists on the belt, you can easily use a headhunter on the belt slot.
Due to budget restrictions, you can craft a Stygian wise with Jagged fossils or use the "Nomad" belt as a cheap alternative.


Aim for:
-Flat Physical Damage T1 roll (and boost it with Attack Catalysts)
-Crit strike chance / crit strike multiplier
-Life & resists
-If possible, craft "Non-Channeling skills have -9 Mana costs" as Prefix on it. This results in the possibility to reserve more mana for a higher level "Precision" aura to boost damage and get 100% hit chance.

Get "Whispers of Doon", because we have 2x curses on hit.
(If you get +1 curse on chest, feel free to get another useful annointment".


1x rare ring:
-Many resists! (it is hard to cap resists on this build, so get as many resists on the ring as possible)
-Tier 1 Gained life for each enemy hit by your attacks!!!!
-optional: craft -Mana cost of Non-channeling skills as prefix


If you want the exploding gloves (Haemophilia with vulnerability on hit corruption), you need to have besides T1 life gained on hit, also Assassins Mark on hit:

1x Circle of Guilt with:
-increased Herald of Purity effect
-increased physical damage while affected by Herald of Purity
-get some nice implicits, like: gain life on hit / resists / crit chance / crit multi / accuracy rating / attack speed / max life


Hint: try to get on some jewel immunity to corrupted blood...

1x Lioneye´s Fall (with crit corruption / or corrupted blood)

1x Volley Fire for +6 Barrage projectiles (with crit corruption / or corrupted blood)

1x Thread of Hope with large radius, to skill:
a) Aspect of the Eagle
b) Master Fletcher
c) Adder´s Touch (transforms into bow note with "Lioneye´s Fall")

1x Brutal Restraint
My gives me a ton of projectile damage / attack soeed / global accuracy rating / chance to blind on hit

1x Watcher´s Eye with:
-Impale you inflict last 2 additional hits!!!
-other useful rolls (but makes the jewel very very expansive)

1x rare jewel
-Since it is hard to get the resists capped (due to many unique items equipped) use this slot to get your resists fixed.
-attack speed (for bows -> rolls up to 8%)
-crit multi / crit chance / projectile damage / etc...
-corrupted blood immunity, if it fits in the budget


We warp through the map, therefore we don´t need a movement flask.

1) Bottled Faith (aim for a good crit roll)
2) Blood of the Karui life flask
3) Dying Sun (for more projectiles)
4) Diamond Flask -> with increased duration + crafted critical strike chance during flask effect OR immune to bleeding when you don´t have it as corruotion on a jewel!
5) Cinderswollow -> with also increased crit chance during flask effect. (grants onslaught for more attack speed)

1) we are freeze immune, because of the roll "cannot be frozen" on the boots, therefore we don´t need an anti freeze flask.
2) If you do not have a jewel with "corrupted blood cannot inflict you" corruption, you need "immune to bleeding" on your Diamond Flask.


for exploding:

To squeeze out the last bit of potential:

- get a better watcher´s eye with good second roll besides "impale"
- get double corrupted Rigwalds Quill with Point Blank AND +1 Arrow


HELMET (Warp) Colors: BBRG

1) Lightning Warp (level up until you reach your int max ~lvl 10)
2) Less Duration (with quality)
3) Swift Affliction (no need for quality on gem)
4) Faster Casting (level up until you reach your int max ~lvl 15)

HELMET (No Warp - Bossing) Colors: RRRG

1) Vaal Molten Shell
2) Cast when Damage Taken (on level 20)

3) Increased Duration
4) Phase Run
(or any other movement-skill in a 2-link setup you prefer)


6-Link map clear:
1) Barrage
2) Impale
3) (Awakened) Brutality
4) (Awakened) Vicious Projectiles
5) (Awakened) Chain (+3 chain requires Awakened Gem)
6) (Awakened) Arrow Nova

Body Armour: Colors: GGGGRR
(note: 4 off colors!)

6-Link single target:
1) Barrage
2) Impale
3) Maim
4) (Awakened) Brutalety
5) (Awakened) Vicious Projectiles
6) Slower Projectiles


1) Blood Rage -> for Frenzy generation
2) Precision
3) Enhance (level 4) -> boots Blood Rage to 26% Attack Speed bonus
4) Vaal Grace (the aura is inactive, but we use the Vaal effect for extra 34% dodge chance in holy moly situations as our panic button)


1) Herald of Purity (no need for quality on gem)
2) Pride (no need for quality on gem)
3) Dread Banner (to get to 100% impale chance)
4) Enlighten (minimum level 3)

1) On the Body Armour we need 4x Off Color!!! Learn how to craft Off Colors on Youtube or use the "Vorici Calculator" on the internet.


1) Perma Fortify and stun immunity (with Ascendency)
2) over 11k Armour (unbuffed)
3) insane amount of Life gained on hit (due to many hundreds of projectiles)
4) know back on crit (build has 95-100% crit chance) = we push all melee back
5) Vaal Grace = in difficult situations, use the vaal grace effect and you have 6 seconds an extra 34% dodge chance (in 6 seconds you kill every boss)
6) blind enemies on hit with Brutal Restraint roll, for 50% evade chance - with that many projectiles that fork + chain, 5-10% chance to blind is enough to apply "perma" blind to all enemies on the screen.


1) 300+ Projectiles per second fully loaded.
2) Fork
3) +2 / +3 Chain (depends on support gem)
4) double curse on hit
5) 1x 6L for clearing
6) 1x 6L for bossing
7) superb movement capabilities with lightning warp

10 MAP MODS (mitigation)

-reroll phys reflect
-mitigate 40% phys resist -> slows clear speed down
-mitigate "temp chain" -> slows mapping speed down

Sextant mods:
-reroll "more physical monsters" => they have proximity shield and it is annoying and slows speed down...


Skill Tree: pastebin = https://pastebin.com/gWBnv7L5

Please read the Notes in PoB!
Level 95 AND level 99 tree included

Ascendency: CHAMPION

1) Master of Metal
2) Unstoppable Hero
3) Fortitude
4) First to Strike, Last to Fall

When you have gear with "Aspect of the Spider" and an Enlighten level 4 linked to your aura setup and only use a level 1 precision and have 2x -9 mana costs craft on the rare ring and amulet, you can go for "Inspirational" instead of "First to Strike, Last to Fall" so that your Banner doesn´t reserve 10% mana and you are able to activate "Aspect of the Spider" aura for up to 15% more damage fully stacked.


1) Soul of Lunaris (phys damage reduction)
2) Soul of Shakari (immune to poison)

Note: capture all souls with divine vessels -> solid defence buff!

Help Alira for 15% resist all AND +20% crit multi


NOTICE: I didn´t level this build. I respect at level 90 into it. You should all know how to level a character, otherwise check youtube or forum for leveling guides.


1) Thanks to GGG to bring us new content every few month
2) Thanks to my guild for hanging around
3) If you have some nice gear to test, I like to lend it for a few maps (explode, base crit, -mana cost body armour) / If you help me testing stuff, your name will be placed here.

P.S.: I get so many ingame whispers, I hope I could help you all for now. I try to answer all your questions to get this build out in the upcoming leagues :-)


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First ,,,,, awsome guide and awsome Build !

Best regards
Looks Nice, i will try this next Leaque.
*updated chapter 7 / gem linking
Those videos and POB numbers look insane. Considering you mention the impale is not added in POB, it's even more crazy. Will be reading up more in depth this build guide. Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Just realized I message you when you were recording your Hunter Conqueror Kill. XD
My 3.15 take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide

Hi Hope this stay in the new league :) looks very good
Gear section updated.

-->> to get mechanic "Enemies you kill explode" for even more clear speed in maps / blighted maps.

Next update: when full patch notes for 3.10 are released.

Hey nice update , i think i will try this build as end gear buld next season.

see ya
Added changes for patch 3.10 (Delirium League)

Find the changes in chapter:

Have much fun in 3.10 - let me know what you think about the thousand needles :-)

CHEERS & see you in Wreaclast!

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