[3.9] ED/Contagion Trickster | 3M+ Shaper DPS | 8.5k+ EHP MoM/EB | +50% quant | League starter

Straight-forward, easy-to-level ED/Contagion build with a surprising amount of survivability on a budget.

Notable images


Complete(d) Deadly Encounters

All end-game content completed (using quant gear, no shenanigans).

3M+ Shaper DPS
Instant trash clear
Evasion, MoM, and a ton of damage reduction
Doesn't care about map mods
50% inc quantity without self-gimping
Gear overlap with other popular builds
Best Monolith clear in the game

No regen maps require a more careful playstyle
Sparsely populated maps can be tedious
2-/3-skill playstyle isn't for everyone

Essence Drain - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Empower - Void Manipulation - Swift Afflication
Just drop gems off the end for a 5 or even 4 slot.

Vaal Blight - Infused Channeling - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction/Increased Duration/Empower
Just drop gems off the end for a 5 or even 4 slot. If you can channel Blight a lot, Swift Affliction is your best outright DPS gem. Alternatively, Increased Duration keeps the effects of Blight/Vaal Blight around longer, which tends to be more generally useful in my opinion. Empower kinda straddles the two, but poorly.

Contagion - Intensity - Increased Area of Effect - Faster Casting
You don't strictly need Faster Casting, but you'll definitely notice its absence. Plus we've actually got slots to spare overall.

Malevolence - Flesh and Stone/Arctic Armour
The defensive skill doesn't matter too much, although I personally find Flesh and Stone to be more generally useful.

CWDT - Steelskin
You'll want these both at level 20. This lets us absorb fairly colossal amounts of damage (provided it's not a one-shot), and is especially good at nullifying porcupines.

CWDT - Temporal Chains
Simple, dumb method of applying Temp Chains. Provides both offensive and defensive utility. Keep CWDT at level 1 and Temporal Chains at level 5.

Flame Dash
No need for Faster Casting after the blink changes.

Fuck scrolls. Honestly, you can replace this with about anything - add another link to a CWDT setup if you like, whatever, but I use it for Portal

This contains all of my personal current gear. There might be other options but I wanted to ensure what I posted here matched the PoB.

Key concepts
Given that this build targets 50%+ increased quantity, a lot of item choices could be subbed out for alternatives for increases in durability and damage, so instead of going down that rabbit hole I'm just going to link what I use and explain why I use it (and offer alternatives on a few).


AFAIK, this is (at least damn near) the best gear you can get for ED/Contagion in the < 10ex range. Eagerly awaiting someone to prove me wrong. While levelling/otherwise poor, get yourself one of these:


It's really hard to beat the Crown. I'm sure there are rares that might, but even without the enchantment it's an incredible bit of gear due to how the Transfigurations work.

Body Armour

Cloak of Defiance is my personally favorite, but you can start with a MoM Skin of the Lords on the (fairly) cheap.

Alternatively, you can drop the Thick Skin life wheel and path to MoM/Quick Recovery and run any of:
Tabula Rasa
Skin of the Loyal
The Perfect Form (you'll need to free up a gem slot for Arctic Armour)
Inpulsa's Broken Heart (for big shocksplosions)
Carcass Jack
Hyrri's Ire


Storm's Gift gloves are incredible with the right implicits, but there's almost countless alternatives. These are only mandatory if you're wanting to run an Inpulsa's chest.


Goldwyrms are a big chunk of our quant, but just about any boots will work if you don't care about that.


More quant, bunch of attributes, some other nice-to-haves. Prioritize filling stats and quant over anything else. Whatever you end up using, make sure to anoint Corruption unless you've got a good reason to go with a different notable.


These two rings comprise a large portion of our quant and a bit of res, so it's generally ideal to get these in place ASAP. Prioritize the white-socket Pariah as it's easier to get and you can use the other slot as a res-filler until you can afford a nice Ventor's.


Attributes, life, and res - nothing else needed here.

The only hard-requirement for jewels is a minimum of 1 Spreading Rot (preferably with a cannot be maimed or silenced implicit). For your other slots, just cap res, hit your attribute requirements, and fill life as much as possible. Chaos DoT Multi is nice to have but absolutely not necessary. A Watcher's Eye with the DoT Multi is a good chase unique, but it's still only a marginal improvement.


Use Blight and Contagion. Get MoM + EB as soon as you have Patient Reaper.

Ascendancy Order
1. Patient Reaper
2. Ghost Dance
3. Escape Artist
4. Prolonged Pain

Kill All

Major: Bring King
Minor: Abberath

Bring King makes getting smacked around a lot less traumatic, and Abberath makes dealing with Burning Ground way easier. Feel free to mix up the minor option as much as you like.

Mind Over Matter
This keystone forms the bulk of our defense in combination with...

Eldritch Battery
Besides providing more EHP per point of energy shield when combined with MoM, EB also allows us to reserve most of our mana pool without much concern.

Wicked Ward
This keystone almost certainly isn't necessary, but it acts as a "panic button" of sorts. Dodge for 4 seconds and you'll get back enough ES to keep fighting no matter how badly you fuck up.

Arrow Dancing
Criminally underrated keystone. When combined with Flesh and Stone, both melee and ranged enemies are effectively blinded. Super noticeable when jumping into an incursion portal with a heavy infestation of Vaal Constructs.

Bow crafting
There's probably a better guide for this out there, but here's the quick and dirty:

1. Start with your bow of choice (strongly recommend one with a movespeed implicit)
2. Scour
3. Spam alts for T1 DoT Multi
4. Regal
5. Annul if needed so you only have two mods
6. Craft "Cannot roll attack modifiers"
7. Slam
8. Multi-mod +2 to Support Gems and Chaos DoT Multi
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Tell me about quiver pls
How can i use Essence drain?

how do you get 3 Mil Shaper DPS?

When I import your PoB ED is at 586k DPS against Shaper.
TheBugurtov wrote:
Tell me about quiver pls

What would you like to know?

TheBugurtov wrote:
How can i use Essence drain?


EB lets you use Energy Shield as Mana.

Areasy wrote:
how do you get 3 Mil Shaper DPS?

When I import your PoB ED is at 586k DPS against Shaper.

You may need to check some boxes as far as activating Vaal Blight and potentially setting Wither stacks and various things like that. As long as you can channel Blight for a second or two at a time, you can keep up a significant amount of stacks of that as well (which is where we get our Wither from - and it should add about 2m to our overall DPS as well). I think technically speaking during any phase where a boss can be simply be channeled at, the actual DPS is over 3.5m.

That said, if you're just using ED for damage, the highest you're going to get with this build is ~1m. But that's just actively choosing to limit yourself.

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