Grinding Gear Games is Hiring!

Programmdude wrote:
Web Developer

I've done lots of that...



I want to apply but I can't move!
Would love to work for you guys. Truly.

Was happy when someone from GGG even looked at my linkedin from QA team despite my not living there.
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.

Mechanic's Post:
SenchuTen wrote:
You should look for a PR manager. You communication in your own forum is garbage and people are very frustrated how you reacted to problems this league. You just did not at all....

That's every single league ever. Not something new and unique.
After a few leagues of it you just expect it and take it for granted and keep repeating to yourself, "At least they are not owned by EA!"
Maverick31 wrote:
"At least they are not owned by EA!"

What's up with this stuff? There's nothing wrong with EA, just a lot of the people that work for it. I'm sure the guys in charge there weren't like "Alright everybody, new rules. All our games are now predatory P2W slot machines.".

They just want to make good money, douchebags in their development teams are the ones deciding to add all this terrible stuff.
Level 9999 Majin
I wish I could work without having to live in NZ, I would love to help with website support with answering support tickets so bad! GGG is an awesome company with awesome plans for the future! :)
What about experience with Mechanical Power Transmission?
This bit got me excited:

Web Developer
Adding additional payment methods

Dare I hope that we'll finally be able to pay through something other than Xsolla? It's been around two years since Chris said they were looking to add that to the game and I'd given up hope.
Game Over.

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