I guess your not to tell the truth

yeah thats fucking terrible. The same sort of shit happens on xbox, but it is like a 10-30 second freeze, and only happens so often throughout the fight. but god damn is it annoying. Literally the hardest part of the fight is the botched console implementation, not the actual fight itself.
Maybe they can reset your skill tree because that's not gonna get fixed anytime soon.
nothing wrong with my skill tree, its just away for a mta game to cheat you, my dps is on point my hp maybe needs help 5k is abit low 10k shield isnt 55c res is ok 100, 76 cap res is good, if they would fix the dam boss, forgot i have all awaked skills for my build also, i have over 200ex in my build
New video coming soon, same sh!t same fight tried my best to keep his health bar on screen to show how fast I was killing him then 4th phase and dead. 0 deaths till the first sec of phase 4
https://youtu.be/oIa315dyzVI Hope link works, did from my phone
He is really having freezes in the final stage, especially when he performs a bleeding totem.

Try a test, go to audio options and mute music if you need sound effects and other audios to mute. Are you already using the external USB HD 3.0 game?

To survive Sirus in the final stage, you will need flask that remove bleeding, even better if you have a corrupted jewel with "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted" status.
For better use of DPS, try to have secondary minions with the Death Mark gem, where you can keep using to mark the boss and also feeding frenzy.

In the final stage of Sirus, avoid going out quickly to hideout, wait for Sirus' mechanics to finish, mainly bleeding totem and labyrinth of stones. When you leave quickly and before the mechanics, they will make sure that when you return to the fight you will have to go through them again and you will end up dying without knowing what is happening.

I hope that sound and HD testing and the suggestions above help you.
I have a gem/jewel for blood/bleed already and pots for shock burn and ice and path is done I use no poison, I’ll try the sound thing but cans do anything about hd on ps4, kinda sucks really because you can on Xbox and pc...
What would help somewhat in dps for my zombies I have awake minion damage support 4/20 minion life support 21/23, impel 20/23, I can’t find a 21/23 and keep trying to make one and fail
Looking for people that want to farm maps 14/15/16 juiced hit me up

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