Today we're releasing another video recorded at ExileCon last November. Mark, Neon, Nick and Rory, developers you're all familiar with, gathered together on one stage to answer questions from the audience and discuss Path of Exile's mechanics and related topics (like Porcupines!). Watch the video below:

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First page!


GGG thanks for secret cheat codes!

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Didn't work in game :(


9139 Projectiles POGGERS :D
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thread/2526420 <-- Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Raider Build (8-13 Frenzy)
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Great to see the Exilecon videos coming out. :)
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Lol it's really late for this one. Really would've been best served to be released before 3.9.0.

At least the david brevik and schafer brothers interview should be timeless....
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better late than never
pvp loooooooool
Got to love the people who just have to complain about something, as if you guys are just sitting on all this free time to put out video after video. Certainly don't have your hands full with patches, bug fixing, trailers, league designs, and oh yeah, a major expansion.

Yeesh, can't you guys just enjoy the stuff and stfu about how long it took to get this video out.
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i love how Nick wants a tl;dr management summary for an answer and Mark comes up with very detailed and elaborate explanations instead. it also shows how overly complex some things are in poe. like the recent changes to leech where Mark filled entire tomes explaining how this will work.
is there a transcript? Not really listen-friendly video

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