[3.9] The Devouring Warchief | Chieftain | Facebreaker | 6K HP | ~8-12M Shaper DPS

[3.9] The Devouring Warchief | Chieftain | Facebreaker | 6K HP | ~8-12M Shaper DPS

Hey guys! This is my first post here and I wanted to share my take on the Facebreaker Ancestral Warchief. This will not be a beginner friendly build guide. I would highly recommend you to take a look at gugelhupf's build https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1694250 as a base. His build guide is the best out there and is what you should start with! I would suggest making the switch after you have some currency.

I got really sick of dying while using the Abyssus. The Deidbellow was a nice alternative, but I wanted to see if I could boost my dps further without having to Warcry for the extra Attack Speed. (Warcry is still used for Endurance Charges).

The Devouring Diadem offers a nice boost to Aura's and Herald's especially a corrupted version (+2 to Socketed Duration Gems) that takes Herald of Purity to lvl 28 (with Empower Support). It really takes care of the mana problems as well because of Eldritch Battery. This way we can reserve all of our mana.


8M Shaper DPS
Base version

12M Shaper DPS
Watcher's Eye + Lethal Pride
For this amount of DPS you need a good Watcher's Eye with Physical Damage Converted to Fire and Fire Penetration when affected by Anger. They can be quite expensive. Around 30ex. With Watcher's Eye and a good roll Lethal Pride we hit 3M Shaper DPS per totem. With the shield +1 To Maximum Number of Summoned Totems and Vaal we have 4 totems at best. Lethal Pride is just extra juice if you can divine a good one. Mine is included in PoB.

Watcher's Eye

Lethal Pride

The Devouring Diadem

Empower Support > Herald of Purity > Herald of Ash > Anger

Body Armour

Vaal Ancestral Warchief > Elemental Damage with Attack Support > Melee Physical Damage > Pulverise Support > Elemental Focus Support > Concentrated Effect

+1 To Maximum Number of Summoned Totems

Shield Charge > Fortify > Faster Attacks Support


CWDT > Immortal Call > Vaal Cold Snap > Increased Duration Support

Bubonic Trail

Enduring Cry > Flesh and Stone

Stygian Vise

Xoph's Blood

Circle of Guilt


Updated 2020-02-09

Skill Tree


Kill all!

Thank you for checking the build out!
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This looks impressive... I've run fb anc warchieftain more than a few times and while the playstyle does drive me insane sometimes, I love it for its versatility (e.g. all map mods possible, can spawn totems on the spot to abuse "enemy hasn't seen you yet" phases, etc.). While gugelhupf was always seen as the big-boy of this archetype, I applaud you for what you've done here. I've always hated the mana issues or being forced to run one aura with BM. Yet, your variant fixes both those problems, while achieving respectable DPS with endgame gear.

My plan is to leaguestart with this just because of how easy FB is to get rolling; I'm mostly just waiting for patch notes at this point.

small edit: What are your thoughts on reallocating Hinekora for Tasalio? I have to ask because it's one of my favourite parts about chieftain. I feel as long as you have Xoph's Blood, Hinekora becomes redundant.
yea, what about it
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