Chosen's Free Bossing Service __________A9 UNDER 2 MIN?

Just ran my Aul and nail'd it. left drop and is legit!
Thanks for quick and smooth service- can recommend

+1 Sirus. Second time getting carried, got awakened spell echo. Ty!
+1 just carried sirius

awakened curse on hit dropped. legit carry
Thanks for the Eradicator kill. Got the fragment.
the for the double uber lab carry always a pleaser to play with ya
Help with Elder. Got watchereye.
Awesome Sirus carry, very friendly and helpful, would highly recommend. :D :)
𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣 SCARABS!

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