Chosen's Free Bossing Service __________A8 UNDER 2 MIN?

Saved my loot from sirus gready grasp thanks man
sirus a8 in notime 0 deaths. gg:)
Sirius AL8, clean quick and friendly as always.

many thanks
friendly as ever fast kill of catarina i feel sad for her...
ew hes so good kil sirus in a minute or 2 idont know once he enter then he kill it wtf, so strong :)
He saved me again from the elder =D
We're really lucky to have someone like Chosen
POGGG thanks bra
Last edited by GoodZlla on Nov 27, 2020, 1:16:21 PM
Nice sirius man, as always fast and reliable.
fast, clean, he lets go with him to get the completion, and of course, trusted!
sirus A8 less then 2 min...
another carry on a8, fastest ever.

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