Chosen's Free Bossing Service __________A9 UNDER 2 MIN?

Fast, Simple, Free......Thanks for the help bro!
what can i say .. best boss service . Tx mate :D
Helped me with Sirus challenge. Solid and Quick. Left loot for me.

Last edited by invaderwoo on Feb 29, 2020, 6:15:24 PM
great dmg and good behavior , nice man
kills anything
Did my Sirus with challenges, very fast, very reliable. Would use his services again.
Ty. Fast. I will definitely use this service again.

ty for kill
Fast Carry -
You get all loot
Have fun!
And again fast and clean sirus kill 10/11
Just changed realm to NA, and got Uber elder carried for free. Got a jewel too.

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