Chosen's Free Bossing Service __________A9 UNDER 2 MIN?

Quick and easy to use service.
Would recommend.!
Thanks for helping me with my last portal. Didnt even ask what mod, go in get your reward and he left, like a superhero.

Thank you
Failed my Twisted invitation due to eradicator destroying me.
Ask Chosen for help and he joined superfast and deleted the bosses
Used his services before and he never dissapoints!
Best helper ,always on time
Uber done , Ty so much
Fast repply, Sirus in 2m, takes no loot.

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

Thank you.
Killing my bosses since delirium :D
sirus,maven,uber elder and everything and didnt failed single time
Thank you very much for free service and the fastest kills on my uber elder and A9 Sirus, you are the best!!!
100% Kill guaranteed!
Killed A7 Sirus easily!
Awesome service. Completely saved my Maven's Hidden Invitation!

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