The Shadowstalker Elemental Hit Effect


i rly hope ggg will make better way for reward or aquire unique emperors jewel reward/drop/anything than current as lab reward that promote cheats and scams
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Works with totem? before i waste my money again
Secret sauce
not bad... for cold and lightning anyway. fire looks jank as hell though. colors are way too conflicting.

it figures i use a (outdated as hell) fire build.... gonna pass on this one.
Just because GGG doesn't do anything about scammers, doesn't mean they support scammers.

Complacency is not the same as endorsement.
looks nice but i think next league ele hit gets a nerf again for no reason

Yeah it looks good just spend money for it xD

Nerf a skill and make a mtx??not so smart
like this one really hope we can get a nice mtx for the less played skills like ground slam and stuff aswel i love these kinda skills but playing them everyleague with the same look gets kinda boring
First Lightning Spire, then this...
Let's nerf some skills then when less ppl play them - release new MTX

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