New Microtransactions and Super Stash Sale

Ianpact wrote:
The prismatic effect should be usable on multiple skills as all skill effects really.

The mannequins should be usable on the zombies too. No real reason you couldn't make raging mannequin heads as well.

This one skill per effect needs to end. They just don't hold the value that is charged.

Don't worry, they will release the zombies, spectres and srs for the same price.
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GGG..less sparky , shinny mtx...more dark, medieval, gloomy style ...please
That is great. Now, the 7 new players, that accidently chose Double Strike as their main skill, can buy a MTX, too.
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Man I hoped that it would've been a zombie mtx... Skeletons already have statues
I love them!
G.G.G. is Awesome!!!
wohooooo its a stash vaganza weekend
Can u maka an Arcane Raise ZOMBIE Skin pls) will be nice.
take it all
ห อ ม
The double strike one is my favorite out of these three. The other two aren't bad, just not all that exciting.
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