The Ghostflame Cyclone skill effect has just been added to our store. This skill effects lights up your cyclone with a ghostly fire so you can cut away the flesh of your enemies in style. You can check out how it looks in our video below, or purchase it here.

Since cyclone spins your character around, it’s a good opportunity to experiment with mixing colours. The Ghostflame Cyclone Effect is a nice bright green and will mix nicely with blue and white. We recommend using the Stygian Body Armour, Revenant Sword and Arcane Wings to get your blue in. Then for white the Pure Light Character Effect, Weapon Effect and Footprints fit well. Finally you can add the Ghostflame Helmet, Boots and Gloves to get your full colour blend even when not cycloning.

Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
More Cyclone Woot!!!!
Finally one that is green. Noice
n o i c e
Nice mtx
Not bad
nice gj!
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thx <3

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