[3.11] - Frost Blades - The power of the Saviour 10M (All content)

3.11 Comment: I believe this build as is keeping very good, there is no Clusters in this material, but feel free to add and share options.

This build is focused using swords (The Saviour and Paradoxica), I saw some guides focused using Claws, this space is to discuss the option using Swords like the Saviour and improvements that can be applied.

The Saviour is really a very strong sword, it`s really a VERY BIG damage burst to your dps and it`s funny to see two of your reflection applying your skills.

3s Kill

3s Kill

3s-4s Kill

Gear & Recomendations (Cheaper options)

Strongly Recommended / Cheaper options:
- (Mandatory) I`m using The Saviour + Paradoxica, you can try a Foil (400dps instead - Cheaper option), I had a 470pds foil and I replaced for this Paradoxica, in my tests and PoB, the damage of Paradoxica is much better.

- (Mandatory) to have or this Jewell or another one with Corrupted Blood, look this char has no Bleed potion, only CB is enough is the most of cases. But if you felt that is necessary to have a bleed potion and going more defensive, the build has enough DPS for that.

- (Strongly Recommended) I got a Lethal Price with 10% Double and Intimidate (It explains why I selected some skill nodes close the slot), try at least to get 10% double damage, it`s a BIG improvement, I bought mine and with 3 Divines I got 10%DD + Intimidate.

Detailed explanation

Let me explain, Lethal Pride with some attributes like Double Damage and Chance to intimidate, will give you a huge damage boost.

How this gem works, it will give you a chance of random attributes in your passives (small nodes will give you str, and notables nodes will give you a chance for many good attributes like Double Damage, Intimidate, Criticals, etc.

So the trick is:

Buy a Lethal Pride check if there is at least 5% Double damage in nodes that is a part of this build, I highlighted socket gems that you need to try, if there is no Double Damage, apply a Divine (will roll the gem numbers), and check again in all slots (highlighted), repeat it until you get DD in a good place.

If you get 5% in nodes that are a part of this build, save it and start using, buy another Lethal Pride and Divine it until you get 5% + Intimidate.

You can get in the passives another 4% DD, so 5 + 4 = 9% is a good improvement, you`ll see the differences killing bosses.

My gem has 2 5% nodes + 1 Intimidated node = 10% DD + intimidated, but I started with 5% until I roll a better one.

- This gloves should have Critical Chance + 1 Frenzy , if it`s expensive to get one, you can try the Shaper Touch +1 Frenzy (Cheaper option and more defensive).
The gloves hands of the high templar is good if you can afford buy one with Frenzy + Critical, if not there is another option:

Rare version with +1 Frenzy and at least some resists, it will work well and will help you with resists.

- I`m using this boots for damage burst and defensive (Tailwind + Elusive) , you can have a cheaper option that is Darkay:
(Damage and also defensive)

- This ring is about 7Ex, you can replace him for

- Farrus give you Frenzy and Power charges all the time, it`s really OP, but normally costs around 9-10Ex 6L , you can try a Cheaper option like:

#1 Lorewave 6L - Will give you Critical Chance, Atributes, Life and Increase resist cap. (2Ex)
#2 Rare armour with: Attacks have xxx to Critical Strike Chance + life, I saw some options for 1EX - 2Ex.

- Atziri is also a good and strong option, it`s cheaper and can replace Taste of hate or Bottled Faith.

The life potion with critical can be a very good cheaper option for someone can`t afford a Bottled Faith, I got this tip into another Frost Blades topic (Fiver - Frost Blades with claws).

you can search directly a life with Critical, and check for you the best 2nd status, the mandatory is the Life + Critical.

Videos 3.9 - Metamorph League

Drox - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlO1g4xXYF8
Cortex - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thlXXSsNMbs
Veritania (3s kill) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtUwG8mDLmU
The Hunter (3s kill) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhwj91T0AB0
The Baran - (3s kill) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lpxfhtX9Oc
T16 Minotaur + Metamorph - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWAHMJOznVg
T16 Hydra - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u9djdoKeP0
T16 Chimera - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRuQU_0LMcw
T16 Phoenix - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFotkUwPWsU
Uber Elder - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v7cmpkfJ8s ( due to the lag not deathless :( )
Sirius - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ratOrDhnIMw (After a stupid death :( , still trying deathless and improving my gameplay with him, it was my 2nd try with this build).

Veritania 2s Kill - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH3_mPtGmM4
Veritania Full run - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYZfQUHHIfg (3s kill boss)
Drox Full Run - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evD_t5zDXIE (2s kill boss)
The Hunter Full Run - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PLgFh68i2Q (not the best one :( )
Baran Full Run - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLIdBWfECBg (3s kill boss)


6 link Armor:

4-Link (Boot/Helm or Gloves):

3 Links (Weapons):


I applied the fix for Multistrike (not sure if is correct) and the Lethal Price Mods.

Bandit & Phanteon & Ascendancies

Bandit choice: Alira (recommended)
Phanteon: Soul of Solaris and Soul of Shakari
Ascendancies: Way of the Poacher -> Avatar of the Slaughter -> Rapid Assault -> Avatar of the Chase.

Damage Mitigation

#1 -
- Taste of Hate grants you a very good damage mitigation, 20% Physical dmg as a Cold damage.

#2 -
- The Pandemonius grants more evade chance (Blinding the mobs)

#3 -
- Boots with a Chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike , it will grant you a very good defence initially grant you 20% chance to Doge and or Attack Hits, and also 40% increased movement speed, Buff reduces over time, and you can get again.
If you can`t afford, try
and try to cap resists on Belt.

#4 - Phanteon - Go Soul of Solaris and Soul of Shakari

#5 - Acrobatics Skills nodes.

#6 - Aspect of the cat , it a GREAT defensive mode granting:

15% chance to Avoid All Damage from Hits

#7 - Fortity - I use it with my Leap Slam, so jump inside the mobs, stum them (will grant you endurance charge) and also granty a Fortify. (which reduces incoming damage from hits by 20%)

Pros & Cons

* Tanky Rate (3.5/5) (Very Rarely I take one shoot, this build has no issues with that, but as it`s Acrobatics/evade defense, it`s not a fully tanky build)
* Funny (Clear everything in seconds)
* Strong and Fast (very strong build due to the Onslaught 100% effect and double damage in Lethal Pride + Big Burst DMG with The Saviour)
* Frenzy and Power charges always UP
* No Abyssus required :)

* Middle-Expensive (I made the build based on the saviour)
* Need some attributes on items to adjust Int and Str
* No Reflect Maps

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Feb 10th
Added Damage Mitigation Session.

Feb 5th
Added corrupted blood implicit as mandatory as we are not using Bleed potion.

Feb 2th
- Fixed PoB Calculation, please use the latest PoB. (The Multistrike still was not disabled, need to be disabled to use the workaround).
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Hey mate, interesting build however gettin error 522 while copying pastebin into PoB :/
Yloss wrote:
Hey mate, interesting build however gettin error 522 while copying pastebin into PoB :/

Let me check here.

Edit. Fixed
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afonsosp wrote:
Yloss wrote:
Hey mate, interesting build however gettin error 522 while copying pastebin into PoB :/

Let me check here.

Edit. Fixed

Worked like a charm, thanks!
Added to the videos session a new video:

Veritania (3s kill) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtUwG8mDLmU
Hello can i use Lorewave Elegant Ringmail armor ,i just made 6 links ?

captainrhein wrote:
Hello can i use Lorewave Elegant Ringmail armor ,i just made 6 links ?

Hello, you can use any Armor, but the best performance DPS is with Farrul + aspect of the cat.(no mana reservation)

Cat will give you:
Supported Skills have 100% increased Critical Strike Chance
15% chance to Avoid All Damage from Hits
50% reduced Visibility to Enemies
10% increased Attack Speed
10% increased Cast Speed

If you have any other question let me know.

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good build.
Rateline wrote:
good build.


I'm going to add more information to have cheaper options soon.

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